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Colony - 2.12 Seppuku - Review

Last week's episode focused heavily on Bram and let viewers experience a harrowing revelation marking what seemed to be some kind of turning point for the character, as he willingly took the life of a man, --a man who viewers glimpsed as someone who wasn't a real threat, and maybe even someone who could of helped Snyder turn around the ruthlessness that has been coming from Alcala's methods on governing the LA Block. So it's a bit of a surprise how Colony's penultimate second season episode side-stepped over a plot where Bram might of had to pay for the consequences of his actions, as Noa comes back empty handed.

Instead Bram is just prodded by his parents as means to make contact with the Red Hands. Bram at first doesn't give up any information, but changes his mind, which leads Will to make contact with the club and set up a meet with Karen.

The meet itself, at first, doesn't go to well, as Karen brings a lot of backup and in which she flat out denies them the Gauntlet and makes threats insulating that they could be considered colluders, but Morgan's tiny bee-drone comes in handy again, as it was able to follow Karen and her gang back to their operational base in an abandoned theater.  Realizing they have no other choice, this prompts an action to take Karen's cell out altogether, as they plot their way through the theater and to the place the gauntlet is hidden.

The action sequences of watching Will, Broussard, Katie, and Noa go room by room was action heavy and intense. An opening scene that featured Broussard having to live with a gilt in being cohered into lying about what happened with his men during a mission in Iraq, made viewers feel an imminent danger that something could happen to Broussard before the episode ends, but what exactly turns out to be a great surprise.

First Noa, becomes a casualty, much like her LOST counterpart, Naomi Dorrit, but being much more of throwaway character, since viewers have not made any in person contact to her resistance group yet, but more over Broussard risks his life to help Katie and Will escape, as he becomes cornered by a few remaining Red Hands on the roof of the theater building. Broussard, not either wanting to be taken and tortured or killed by these people seeks another avenue as he drops a micro chip that summons a few of the Rasps' drones, but surprising, just like with Will and Charlie when they were climbing the wall, the drones kill everyone, but Broussard!

The reason this is a such an amazing revelation, is because it does suggest that either the drones or the aliens do have some kind of plan that seems to work counter to complete annihilation of humanity. It means there is some kind of judgement the aliens or drones have initiated, as a means to specific end, goal, or outcome. That's not to say that their pursuits couldn't still turn out to be insidious, but it does give hope that maybe that's not exactly the case.

Other parts of the episode include the fallout between Maddie and Nolan, as Nolan is specifically told to end his relationship with Maddie coming directly from Alcala himself. We see a total manipulation occur, as Maddie is first coaxed into sending Hudson to an alleged prestigious school with the children of dignitaries, leaving her vulnerable with Nolan taking advantage, only to leave her in the morning to be arrested and taken to cell in Homeland, where then she will be taken to the factory.

However, Maddie finds an unexpected hero when Snyder shows up and persists she change statement, encouraging her to turn on Nolan! Snyder had been working pretty hard through the past couple of episodes to try and find some way to turn the political tide and it was fun not only to watch him come and rescue Maddie, but also to see him taunt Nolan, which wonderfully leads to Alcala becoming a "puppet" Governor under Helen's thumb, Nolan being removed from his position of power and probably sent to the factory, but also to see that Snyder was capable of climbing back to power sipping drinks with Helen in the backyard, only for it all to be dashed for them with one little phone call: "Total Rendition" has been put into action was a horrifically tragic turn around!

The season definitely hinted all along about the possibility of "total rendition", but what makes this so surprising is the timing more than anything else. One would think that labor camp blowing up would have given the Rasps the motivation right then and there, but instead it came at time where a big Red Hand cell was taken out, The Drones saved Broussard, when Alcala was demoted in power behind the scenes, and when Broussard's team, including Will and Katie, have the gauntlet.

It's hard to say what that really means either. On one hand one would think sparing people like Will and Broussard would suggest more than just killing all of humanity, would go against something like "Total Rendition", but then again, viewers might have been mislead in knowing what "total rendition" actually means, where perhaps it is not complete inhalation as it is about a cleansing and repostioning of Governmental power. If that's the case, then perhaps Will and Borussard were spared to run the block. 

Other plots to consider though are if Noa's people are still going to reach out to Broussard and the Bowmans, especially since viewers learned that they had made an interface of some sort to use with the gauntlet in order to be able to either communicate or control alien tech! Then we have consider if the Bowmans still want out of the block after this? If they find out about "Total Rendition", then I think that would re-set the clock for them and be easy to imagine a plot where Will sacrifices himself, getting into the pod, in order to get his family out of the block, but it's unclear if that deal would have to include the gauntlet too? But then again, I would also think that Snyder might be able to reinstate Will if he hands over the gauntlet, and maybe the Bowmans head to Greenzone, where Maddie heads back to middle class life and tries to use them or Broussard to get her son back, because none of them are told about Total Rendition! Then this leaves Bram. Will his actions really go unscathed? Are the Red Hands really gone? It all seems too easy, if you ask me! What do you think will happen in the season finale? Let us know in the comments below!

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