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Colony - 2.11 Lost Son - Advanced Preview

It's hard to talk about this week's episode of Colony without giving too much away, but suffice to say it's a Bram-centric episode and executes it's events in slightly different format. It features five or six scenes that basically chronicle the episodes events, mostly taking place in The Green Zone, with Bram at it's center, but through points of view of other characters and presented in nonlinear fashion, all in order make viewers wonder about how far Bram is willing to go and how, and if, Bram or his family will get out of the situation alive?

It's an episode that not only uses Bram as a lynch pin to continue pushing on the survival of his immediate family, but also to his aunt and the efforts of Snyder. There are also small heart to heart moments that all seem to come much too late, but make this prelude to a possible up-coming swan song all the more tragic, especially if one looks at the lack of good parenting skills that Bram needed from his parents at this time in his life, even though it's no doubt true that Katie and Will are trying to do the best they can in an almost impossible situation.

I can tell you what the episode doesn't address. We don't get any update on the Pilot or the Gauntlet. No advances on the Red Hats or Blackjacks moving in on Will. No Helena or Alcala appear. There are no advances on mythos or technology. 

It's an episode that makes viewers feel more deeply for accumulation of the tragic circumstances the Bowmans find themselves in and a realization to how complicated their story has become. It also doesn't end with any kind of resolution, but a kind of cliffhanger that leaves viewers to wonder how the season is going to end and if THIS is the end for at least one of the Bowmans?