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Colony - 2.10 The Garden of Beasts - Review

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As the end of season two approaches, Colony slows down a little, but continues to pivot towards possible new directions, as the Bowmans lives continue to be placed in peril!

From early in the episode the female Pilot from another block sets out to find the Red Hands, believing they are ones to have stolen the gauntlet from Hennessy's safe, but before she leaves, she makes a deal with Will and Broussard. She'll take them with her back to her block, if in return they find the means to get them out of the LA Block! It's clearly a relationship of convenience, but despite not knowing the Pilot very well, both tasks seem like a tall order to fulfill, which viewers find out is more certain for Will and Broussard, as they team-up mid-episode to find a solution.

In the meantime Maddie becomes the target of the Proxy Government, but one that is seemingly more divided than previously thought. Viewers are introduced to new group of government agents called, "The Blackjacks", whom, despite are apart of the bigger Global Authority, seem to be in the hands of Proxy Governor Alcala. It's under Alcala's influence that Maddie comes under such scrutiny with her life for herself and her son being threatened shortly after Katie pays her visit, offering Maddie a way out.

Amanda Reghetti hasn't had a lot to do this season and it's been a little disappointing not using the her association to the alien cube more to the writers advantage in sending Maddie or her identity down a rabbit hole, but her performance was good in this episode! Maddie's a character I find at times hard to like or feel for, because I find her disloyalty to her sister and her trust in The Greatest Day misplaced without a lot of family backstory to make her viewpoint more understandable, but at the same time I know Katie has misused Maddie and perhaps hasn't shown her the respect Maddie deserves. After all Maddie lost her husband and should have a right to care about her son's future. But I found the scene where she contacts Katie on the phone crying, as she begins to sell Katie out to the Blackjacks, moving and heartbreaking. I could feel for her betrayal in feeling betrayed. Also, even though we may not have yet seen the full outcome of what is going to happen to Maddie, considering the Bowmans and Brousard killed many Blackjacks and escaped, I have to say I was surprised to see that Nolan supported her and didn't just hand her over. It made him seem more genuine than I had thought, unless something is still missing from viewers awareness??

The scene at the parking garage was the most intense scene. I had really thought Broussard was going to be a goner, but the shocking reveal came from Broussard telling Will that he's on a list to be put in one of the space capsules was also intense and worrisome, especially since Broussard had struggled to tell Will, as their relationship seems unstable--and because the two had failed in trying to find a way out of the block. In addition this scene is coupled with the opening scene--a rather intense scene of government operatives raiding a warehouse, everyone dead, except the one person they carelessly beat down and shove into one of the capsules!

Going back to the Pilot's search for the Red Hands, there seems to be another way into that plot, as Bram finds being told to stay behind and watch his siblings is no longer suitable for the person he has become. Bram sets out to fulfill a promise he made to Maya. He finds her mother and tells her mother about her. Interestingly, Maya's mother is a complete opposite to his own parents, as she seems rather detached, and engaged in any sentiments or solace Bram tried to give her. Bram finds himself in Maya's room finding a sketchbook full of art depicting violence of her resistance team, but also a clue about where her comrades or handlers might of been. Bram sets out and finds a club full of people dancing listening to individualized headphones, that may or may not be brainwashing or a way to listen to instructions, but he finds his way to table and there sits Frankie's mom, Karen!! Already doing her homework on Bram, she acknowledges his efforts with Maya. She embraces him the way he wished his own parents would!! It's unclear though if Brams newfound association will help either the Bowmans leave the block by getting the Gauntlet back, and/or if he'll completely turn on them or just help them to a point in which he will separate from them, should they leave the block???

And lastly, Snyder finds himself back in the political game helping Helena try to gain the upper hand over Alcala. He goes to Bennett and seemingly is able to turn him. It's clear that he still finds Will an asset, but whether that means, he'll help will escape or make a deal with Will that involves removing Alcala and giving Will his job back all remains to be seen, especially since Helena wants the gauntlet too and with Bram joining the Red Hands!! It seems hard to predict how the winds might blow in the final episodes of the season!

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