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Colony - 2.09 Tamam Shud - Review

In an opening scenes that can only conjurer up images of Naomi Dorrit's arrival on the Island for any seasoned LOST fan, we are introduced to yet another pair of young people embarking on a mission to get in into, yes, get into--the LA Block!

The young pair of pilots are able to start a plane and actually get over the wall from their side, but once in the LA Block, the plane is immediately shot down by the drones and the government is alerted. Unfortunately the young man didn't make it, as Red Hats and Government Officials  arrive on the scene, but the female pilot was able to eject and escape!

The Bowmans are informed of this through Will's work and just like in last week's episode, they set out again to see if they can find another young soul, the remaining pilot. Katie goes to Broussard and Will goes on his own planning to meet up for lunch as a randevu point, but unfortunately for the Bowmans, Burke continues to be dog with a bone and although one loose end with Emmet gives Burke significant justification to prove to Bennett that both Bowmans work with Broussard and the resistance, it's also other footage he is able to require after noticing Jennifer had hidden it, that allows Bennett to believe in Burke's claims.

Will sets out to go a machine parts store where he is hoping to find an encrypted radio thinking that he might be able to reach out to the Pilot. He makes an attempt on the store owner's radio, but doesn't get any results. Katie and Broussard set out to find Hennessy, whose unfortunately dead on arrival! They go back to his place, which has been ransacked, including the safe that held the alien gauntlet!! They too find a radio and do make contact with someone, but they don't have the proper code, which seems to leave them with radio silence.

In the meantime to ensure they have leverage, the Red Hats are ordered to go to the Bowmans safe house and hold their children hostage there. Trying to reach Katie, Will realizes he is being followed and about to get picked up, but he is able to make contact by phone to warn her and tell her what he knows!

The Government wants to use Will to flesh out the Pilot and he is able to make contact with her through their encrypted radio. Katie in the meantime learns that kids are leverage and she's not going to stand for it! She, with Broussard willing to help, invades the safe house, kills all the Red Hands, and saves her children! They then go back to Broussards underground hideout.

Will tries to lead the Government off the track, but once he hears his family is no longer leverage from their radio devices, he makes a run for it to a near by building. The Pilot is there waiting for him and tells him she had come for the gauntlet and the two run through a series of tunnels together. Eventually Will alone meets up with Katie at Broussard's hideout. Holding Gracie, he looks grateful towards Broussard and mouths, 'Thank you." He tells them about the Pilot, explaining she has to do things her way.

The episode also briefly shows another escalation between Helena and Proxy Governor Alaca with Helena willing to downplay her hand, but clearly her telephone call to Snyder teases viewers with a role for Snyder in Helena's game.

There are a few questions left unanswered by the episode's end. We do learn that there is another resistance team in another block--seemingly a powerful one, who believes they can actually use the gauntlet. It's unclear what Block this is, but both the Santa Monica Block and the San Fernando Block were named dropped. My guess would be the San Fernando Block, only because the Santa Monica Block seemed so desolate and disorganized. I don't imagine unused airplanes sitting around. Plus It would be interesting to keep world-building. In addition we learn that Hennessy had contacts to this other resistance group and someone else stole the gauntlet. It seems likely, because he helped Emmett, that The Rad Hands would be the ones behind the death of Hennessy and the stealing of gauntlet--but I do wonder if the Red Hands and this other non LA Block resistance group are at all related? After all, there were so many call backs this season, especially this episode to the end of LOST's third season (Catch 22, Naomi Dorrit, Not Penny's Boat/Charlie's Hand Print) and with preludes to LOST's fourth season, that both groups feel all to familiar to the Kahala freighter crew with the unsuspecting science team and the the mercenary team, whom eventually initiate that deadly second protocol!

The episode tried hard to keep up with the pace of the previous episode. It may have been a little slower, but almost more rewarding seeing things come further down to the wire for the Bowmans and wondering how in the heck are they going to get out of it, while starting to push for potentially a new kind of story, assuming at some point the Bowmans are going to make a deal to get off the Island, errrr I mean get out of the Block! ;)