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Colony - 2.09 Tamam Shud - Advanced Preview

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Trying to keep up the pace and the intensity from the previous episode, Colony's ninth second season episode does it's best to do so, as the noose tightens for the Bowmans.

Emmett remains captured by the LA Proxy Government supervised by Bennett and Burke, but it isn't Emmett alone that pushes Burke to prove to Bennett that the Bowmans are working with the resistance.

The episode starts out though with yet another young couple trying to get their hands on the alien tech, one of which comes with a lot of familiar LOST allusions stemming mostly from the end of LOST's third season. Like the last episode, Will and Katie decide they need to find one of these people before the Government does. They spit up. Will goes to a local machine-parts store looking for a radio with encryption and Katie goes to Broussard and they go to find Hennessy.

From there the Bowmans find themselves in a situation that seems mostly hopeless, as their children become leverage, but, especially for Katie, that only provokes her to take action!

Helen and the LA Proxy Governor Alcala also get into it again too, but it seems like Helen has more political clout than he does, teasing viewers a role for Snyder to play in the next episode.

Overall the episode continues to build momentum from the previous episode, but with this one fixating on the Bowmans more exclusively, giving it a bit more heart in preparing for whatever exactly is coming in the season two finale! Where this episode might be lacking is on any major mythological reveals, but there are some things name-dropped and one little mystery that may give viewers clues to where both the final episodes and the third season will be going.

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