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APB - Signal Loss - Review: Undercover Brandt

APB is still on a strong curse, trying to tell strong stories, keep the audience invested and keep a solid level of acting and storytelling. The episode was directed by Ami Canaan Mann and written by Krystal Houghton Ziv

APB changed its pace and kept the show fresh by shifting the primary focus from the Gideon Teresa relationship and gave other characters and relationships the well-deserved attention. This time in the center of attention was officer Brandt who went undercover to bust a bullet dealer. The Captain was totally opposed but was persuaded by Gideon to let Brandt go with his 7 minute super wire and of course, it went wrong.

It was a nice touch to use such a delicate wire process and it was the perfect plot point to stir up some trouble between Captain Ned and Gideon. It was really nice to see the writers give Ernie Hudson more meaningful material. Also, it was nice to make us all remember that the transition to Gideon's ways. Gideon's emotional reaction to Brandt's abduction was great, its simplicity gave it a lot of honesty. The show is getting a bit repetitive with this plot point and I hope that Gideon won't be needing to explain his motives after his final speech this week, at least not to the people in the station. It was a strong speech and Justin Kirk gave a lot of power and soul to it.

I loved the 7-minute wire thing, even though it screamed failure from the get goes. It gave the show some weird but entertaining pace and created an intensity that pushed the episode forward and helped to form a stronger bond between characters

It was also very nice to see Brandt and Teresa interact and letting us know they were at the Academy together. I felt a couple of sparks between them and it was nice to see them in regular clothes.

Back to Brandt's undercover mission which as said already went completely wrong. Brandt and his informant Tico went to the bullet dealer only to get captured cause Tico worked his big mouth how he scored a big deal. Isaac went berserk and captured the two of them to find out where his bullets were. A very solid performance from the Tim Griffin and Taylor Handley who played very well against each other and created an intense atmosphere. Tico didn't survive the captivity much, as he spilled the beans about Brandt's undercover mission rather fast.

The rescue team involved Murphy, Gosh and Cobb and they interacted very well together. The rescue was a bit easy after Gideon helped triangulate the signal but I loved the little blinding gadget Gideon invented for them.

Meanwhile, Teresa's ex started his task force mission to take Gideon down. And he began his hunt on a sore spot, Reyes shooting. I dislike Scott but I'm fine with that, cause at the end of the day he is just doing his job. The writers gave his agenda a nice touch with the revelation of lawsuits being filed against the city cause of the drones and the APB not covering everyone the same way. It gave the whole situation a bigger picture. I hope the writers are brave enough to carry this story out

APB is still doing a good job and didn't disappoint me with either outing. Did it disappoint you? Feel free to share your opinions in the comment section and don't forget to tune in tonight for an all-new episode of APB