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American Crime - Season Three: Episode Two - Advance Preview

American Crime “Season Three: Episode Two” was written by John Ridley and was directed by Julie Hebert. While the major threads of the plot still seem pretty separate, this episode starts to deepen our understanding of the characters, their motivations, and their relationships.

It seems likely that the thing that will bring the story elements together is the mention that the DA in the town is on a mission against prostitution and drug trafficking. Both these things would seem to merge with Shae (Ana Mulvoy-Ten). Kimara (Regina King) does her best to help her but continues to struggle with her own problems. Complicating matters is the fact that Shae is clearly the opposite of stupid.

King and Sandra Oh (Abby) share a very good scene. Heroin in the suburbs is being referred to as a “crisis” – a term neither Abbey nor Kimara agree with. Kimara also goes to see a friend about a non-work related request.

There is a fire at one of the worker camps. We learn that picking tomatoes is very hard work. Fighting the fight is also hard.

Jeanette (Felicity Huffman) struggles to find meaning and purpose in her life and focuses on family. Huffman does a wonderful job with this character as we start to see that maybe her life isn't perfect. She sticks her nose in where it’s not appreciated.

We get some background on Luis (Benito Martinez). He begins the search for his son, and a secret he’s been carrying is reveals. Diego (Clayton Cardenas) has some advice for his brother Isaac (Richard Cabral). Cabral is excellent and brings real depth to his character in just a few scenes.

There’s some good banjo music at a BBQ, and someone is pregnant…

Here is some teaser dialogue to get you thinking!

Talk a lot. Tell good stories. Make people laugh.
You tell me that felt right to you.
Call them! Call the police.
39% of 150,000 farm workers report abuse.
It’s all about sex.
There are rules you have to follow.
Bosses only want people to work.
You feel like you’re burning out?
Laurie Ann has enough crap to worry about without this.

“Episode Two” airs tonight on ABC at 10/9c!