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Top 25 Original Streaming Shows of 2016

16 Feb 2017

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Top 25 original streaming shows of 2016 (based on first 35 days of release):

Orange Is the New Black (season four)—23 million viewers
Stranger Things—21.7m
Fuller House—21.5m
Marvel’s Luke Cage—12.1m
Marvel’s Daredevil (season two)—11.6m
House of Cards (season four)—8.8m
Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt (season two)—8.4m
The Ranch —5.8m
Amanda Knox—4.96m
The Get Down—4.91m
Gracie and Frankie (season two)—4.5m
Narcos (season two)—3.8m
Black Mirror (season three)—3.7m
The Crown—3.5m
Bloodline (season two)—3.3m
Longmire (season five)—3.2m
Chelsea Does—2.7m
The Path—2.06m
Bojack Horseman (season three)—2m
Marco Polo (season two)—1.9m
Bosch (season two)—1.6m

NOTE: SymphonyAM's data is based on engagement in the first 35 days of the show's release in the US. Netflix, Amazon, and Hulu don't release viewership numbers for individual shows.

Source: symphonyam