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Shadowhunters - How Are Thou Fallen - Review

This week on Shadowhunters Izzy continues to spiral and, in need of Yin Fen, gets herself in a bad situation with a few vampires. Alec wants to take his relationship with Magnus to the next level, but Magnus wants to take things slow. Simon has his first date with Maia, which gets ruined by Jace’s bad advice. Maia wants to stay friends because she realized that Simon has feelings for Clary. Speaking of which, Clary gets caught up in one of Valentine’s schemes and after a run in with Cleophas, whose loyalties changed so fast I got whiplash, discovers that Valentine is holding an angel captive. She and Jace manage to free him but not before the angel gives Clary a strange vision. 

The good: It seems like the writers realized there hadn’t been enough Malec this season and decided to make up for it. Thank you! They were my favorite part of this episode. Both seem to be in uncharted waters for entirely different reasons. Alec has never been in a relationship and wants to take things with Magnus to the next level, but doesn’t really know how to take it from there. Magnus, on the other hand, has been in many relationships, none of which have worked out and wants to try a different approach (taking things slow) to ensure his relationship with Alec lasts. 

Biggest jerk: Well, Jace was full of something this week, himself. From moving in with Magnus, without asking, to sleeping around and neglecting his Shadowhunter duties, to almost destroying Simon’s relationship with one of the few friends he has left. I’m sorry, I have nothing good to say about him this week. Is all of this because Aldertree managed to push him out? He needs to get his act together, preferably before the start of next week’s episode. 

Oh boy: I guess it’s too late for common sense to reach Izzy. Magnus finally made the Jem connection (which I’d been waiting for ever since Yin Fen was mentioned) but by then it was already too late. She’s aware of the dangers but already starting to suffer from the extreme withdrawal symptoms. The only thing that could help her now is for someone to figure out what’s going on with her and forcibly stop her. I had hoped that it would be Magnus, but judging from the promotional pictures for next week it might be Raphael (or Simon, haven’t ruled that out yet). There’s a reason why the vampire angle is being mentioned so much (which it wasn’t in the books). We’re supposed to get a Lightwood reunion next week, seems like a great opportunity for some things to come to light. I really want Maryse to channel to fury she seems to have and direct it at Aldertree. 

Confused: Each week that the writers veer further and further away from the books’ storylines, I get more and more confused. It’s not easy to separate the two in my head. I still have trouble accepting that the main storyline (aka Valentine’s plan) will be different. The writers seem to be playing things out like Valentine has had two separate plans. First, he tried to use the Mortal Cup to create an army, which failed. Now he’s using the Soul Sword to annihilate Downworlders. While in the books, getting both of those items were all part of a bigger plan. I still have my suspicions about what’ll happen in the end but am very curious to see how things unfold. 
Progress: So Simon’s story seems to be moving along. Simon had a very complicated track record when it comes to relationships in the books. However, the writers seem to be simplifying things a (little) bit. At first, I didn’t think Simon and Clary’s relationship was ever going to go further than friendship because there just didn’t seem to be time for it. However, after his recent conversation with Maia, I’m reconsidering. Now, it seems that it will be Maia and Simon that won’t progress past the friendship stage. I wouldn’t really mind this since I never did like the way the books dealt with that relationship and I’m really enjoying them as friends, which they both desperately need right now. Anything else would just complicate things. 

Best quotes: Alec: “Seriously, why do they call it fatty tuna? I mean, it’s a little degrading.” Magnus: “Well, I don’t think obese tuna sounds any better.” 
Izzy: “Alec is this your first time with a man? Your first time ever? It all makes sense now. That’s why you didn’t want me to meet Jessica Hogbloom. Wait, was there ever a Jessica Hogbloom.” Alec: “Are you done?”

That’s it for this week. Check in again next week for an all-new review and let me know in the comments what you thought of this week’s episode.