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The Walking Dead - New Best Friends - Advance Preview

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   After a great mid season premiere, The Walking Dead will continue its 7th season this Sunday on AMC, and next Monday on FOX UK, with "New Best Friends", written by Channing Powell and directed by Jeffrey J. January.

   Last week episode was a great way to start off the second part of the 7th season, with Rick and Co trying to convince the other communities to join them in their war against The Saviors. It felt so good to have all the characters, but Eugene and Negan, appeared in the same episode, interacting with each other. I thought convincing the Hilltop and the Kingdom would be easier, I get they want to protect what they have, but clearly the Saviors will never stop, and they will always ask for more. Destroying them is the only way to get their freedom back.
   Last week episode ended with Rick smiling, surrounded by all those people with guns. Was he smiling for Gabriel or because he thought he could recruit all those people for his upcoming war against Negan ? "New Best Friends" will answer those questions as we’ll be introduced to this new community as seen in the sneak peek. They are strange people, so you can expect some surprising and a bit scary moments.

   Also, at the end of "Rock in the Road", Daryl left Rick’s group to stay at the Kingdom, as King Ezekiel cleverly offered him asylum. The Saviors are looking for Daryl, and as they don’t set foot in the Kingdom, it’s definitely the best place for him to hide. But for how long are they going to stay away from this community ?
    And the more important question : is Daryl really willing to stay there ? He sure didn’t seem to like the idea at first. In "New Best Friends", he will spend some time with a member of the Kingdom, but they won’t agree on everything. Just like with Morgan, Daryl and him have very different opinions and their interaction will get quite intense sometimes. IMO, they’re both very different characters, even opposite ones, but "New Best Friends" will show they might have more in common than it first appears. And here some other teasers about "New Best Friends" :

- The Saviors are coming to the Kingdom and things won’t go very smoothly.
- There will be a very intense fight with a walker.
- Melissa McBride will give a phenomenal performance during one of her scenes. Get your tissues ready.
- There will be a handshake, but the people will use their left hands, and there’ll be a very good reason why.
- Someone will list how another character could die, and there will be many ways. But it won’t be creepy...
- New deals will be made, and as always some people will get angry about them.
- There will be small talk about a dress.
- Daryl will learn from an unexpected source, and at an awkward moment where Carol is.
- There will be a fight between two characters, and neither of them will be a Savior.
- Someone will get very close to Shiva, and she’ll be quite affectionate.
- Rosita was quite angry last week, especially at Sasha. Well, this week, she’ll get angry at another female character. She’s on fire.
- More than one character will lose their weapons, but at least one will get his/her back.
- There will be a sweet and emotional reunion. (and hugs).
- Someone unexpected will make a great convincing speech.
- Rick and Michonne will hold hands in a very stressful situation. I really like how they always look after each other, they are sweet.
- Carol will get some visitors and that will led a funny moment.

   "New Best Friends" will be an exciting and captivating episode. The pace and the structure of the episode will be quite different from the first half of the season, making "New Best Friends" a truly entertaining and emotional episode.
   Don’t miss "New Best Friends" this Sunday on AMC and next Monday on FOX in the UK. How excited are you about the episode ? How do you think Daryl will react inside The Kingdom ? And what's the deal with this new community Rick just met ?  Hit the comments !

   And finally the quotes game ! Guess which characters will say those quotes (each character can have only one quote):
1- "It can’t be me."
2- "We’re sticking together !"
3- "Goodbye your Majesty."
4- "Grow up !"
5- "Enemy can become friends."
6- "You know what they are."
7- "Rick can do anything."
8- "You know what needs to happen!"
9- "Just because you know how to fight, it doesn’t mean you should seek one."
10- "What did you do ?!"

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