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The Walking Dead - Hostiles and Calamities - Advance Preview

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   After a couple of great episodes, The Walking Dead will continue its 7th season next Sunday on AMC, and next Monday on FOX UK, with an all new episode titled "Hostiles and Calamities", which will mark Negan’s return since the mid season premiere.

   I must confess I didn’t miss Negan during the first two episodes, it felt actually so refreshing to focus only on Rick and the other communities trying to find a deal and way to get rid of their common problem. But of course, he had to come back, especially since Daryl escaped the Saviors sanctuary.
   And last week, Daryl left the Kingdom too, after his emotional reunion with Carol. I must say it was one of my favorite moment of the season so far, Carol has finally expressed her fears and what pushed her to leave the community and Daryl lied to her to protect her. As she said, if she joined the war against Negan and the Saviors, it would destroy herself.

   Anyways, Daryl has left the Kingdom, which was his best option, to get back to Maggie, Sasha and Jesus at the Hilltop. It might not be a great idea, since Negan and his men are looking for him. As shown in the sneak peek, Dwight will be the first one to connect the dots and understand that Daryl has escaped. And as we’ve heard him on the talkie walkie in the mid season premiere, Negan won’t be pleased about his escape. It's no surprise, Negan tried to break Daryl and make him one of his pet, he failed and now he lost him.
   Also, "Hostiles and Calamities" will mark Eugene’s return since he was taken by Negan in the mid season finale. Negan knows now Eugene can make bullets (thanks to Rosita shooting Lucille), so he’ll try to recruit him, and we all know how that works. You can expect to see more of Negan’s psychopathic traits, with Lucille, the whistling, the "who are you/I'm Negan" and of course the iron that burns faces ! But you can expect some surprises, as Eugene won't be treated exactly as Daryl was.
   And here some other teasers about "Hostiles and Calamities" :

- Eugene will get a tour of the compound from a female Savior.
- Someone will lock his door.
- Negan will question Dwight’s loyalty and his possible involvement in Daryl’s escape.
- Someone will get a letter.
- We will finally meet more of Negan’s wives and they’ll probably surprise you.
- Someone else will be missing from the Sanctuary.
- Dwight will go on a mission.
- There will be talk about suicide.
- Someone will end up in Daryl’s cell.
- A cigarette will be meaningful.
- Dwight and Daryl's common points and resemblance will be mentioned by more than one character.
- Eugene will get several nicknames.
- There will be lot of conversations about food.
- Someone will get beaten.
- The human genome project will be mentioned several times.
- One walker will be particularly disgusting and his scene will be really gruesome.
- Someone will revealed to be a licensed therapist in the pre apocalypse world.
- There will be a death
Austin Amelio will give an outstanding performance. We’ll learn more about Dwight, his reasons for being so cold and brutal and who he was before becoming a Savior.

   "Hostiles and Calamities" will be a good episode of The Walking Dead. It won't be my favorite episode of the season for sure. Maybe because I'm not a big fan of Negan and Eugene but I don’t think they can carry a whole episode by themselves. There just isn’t enough material about their characters, they aren't complex enough. Still, Hostiles and Calamities" will be a solid episode and Amelio's performance is definitely worth watching. His scenes will be the highlights of the episode.
   Don’t miss "Hostiles and Calamities" this Sunday on AMC and next Monday on FOX in the UK.
   Are you happy to reunite with Eugene and Negan ? What do you think of Dwight ? Which parts of the episode are you looking forward the most ? Hit the comments !

   And finally the quotes game ! Guess which characters will say those quotes (each character can have only two quotes) :
1- "Not only it is practical, it is just badass"
2- "You will find out"
3- "Where the hell do you think this is"
4- "Did he break you ?"
5- "You think she did ?"
6- "Thanks"
7- "What do you want to talk about ?"
8- "You forgot to tell me you have a shitty memory"
9- "That is a correct assessment"
10- "I wish I could wait for you now"

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