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The Royals - O, Farewell, Honest Soldier & To Show My Duty in Your Coronation - Reviews

Hey Loyals! Season 3 has officially come to an end, but good news for us The Royals has been officially renewed for season 4! Now lets dive into the last two episodes!
I’m going to highlight key points from the last episode that proved crucial to this week’s season finale:

Highlights from O, Farwell, Honest Soldier:
-Jack invites Helena to go to America with him.
-Jasper’s back.
-Sebastian offers Len an interior design position with his hotels.
-The Privy Council meets to choose the next King.
-Robert urges Liam to say negative things about Cyrus at the meeting.
-Cyrus makes a speech about tradition at the hearing, however Robert makes a much more appealing speech.
-Liam refuses to speak at the hearing, so Len bashes Cyrus for Robert.
-Jasper tries to explain to Len why he disappeared.
-She doesn’t care.
-Liam attempts to win Willow’s heart (Too little too late).
-Robert lays into Liam for never having the family’s back
-As the clock strikes 12:00, the Royal family learns (along with the rest of the world) that Robert is the new King of England.
-Kathryn tells Robert she loves him. Instead of saying it back he kisses her and leaves her in the middle of the night, like usual.
-The episode ends with a cliffhanger of Jasper telling Liam the dirt on Robert

Now that we got a quick refresher on the last episode lets move onto this week's season finale:

It’s coronation day at the palace and everyone is on high alert, except Liam who is not there. Turns out after Jasper gave him the info on Robert, he went back to the island that Robert crashed on. He learns what we have known all season long, Robert had the chance to return home multiple times, but he chose not to. Liam obviously furious, sees this as betrayal to the family. He believes if Robert would have returned home, he might have saved Simon. When Liam confronts Robert he wants to hear none of it, he is sick of his brother never putting the family first. Liam finally reaches his breaking point and pushes Robert to the ground (deservingly if you ask me). Jasper comes in and breaks the two brothers up, but not before Robert shares that Jasper is now his bodyguard. Just another person Robert has stolen from Liam’s life.

Helena is delivered bad news from Spencer that Jack’s plane went down (the plane that she was supposed to be on!). He’s dead, not that any of us were invested in him anyways, but still it’s sad. Helena doesn’t seem to distraught over the news, but still Spencer becomes her shoulder to lean on and Robert takes a strong disliking to that. Boy does he have mommy issues, along with many other issues.

Len’s preparing to leave the palace after the coronation and has packed multiple trunks worth of clothes, boy I wish I could take a peak. Jasper tries to tell her not to leave, but she’s had enough. She also finds out that Robert was the one who invited Sebastian to the charity gala and I was hoping that this would open to her eyes to his manipulations. However he comes up with an excuse saying that if he told her, she would have never given Sebastian a chance, she agrees and drops her suspicions. However she lets Robert know that she’s really hurt by the fact Jasper never responded to her letter, he says maybe he never got it, but Len assures him he did.

Everybody except for Len can see the love that Jasper has for her, even Rosie who’s been there what, a week? Sarah Alice being the bright young girl that she is, gives Len the fairytale book that Jasper made for her (This should have been done 3 episodes ago), and Len finally sees that Jasper does care for her. With Rosie’s interference, Jasper pleas with Len one last time not to go and to stay for them. He tells her he loves her and she lets him know it’s too late. She brings up the letter and he has no clue what she’s talking about, if he did he would have never left. In my heart I know Len believes him, she’s just letting her trust issues get the best of her and she has every right to. I think that she’ll probably go with Sebastian, but just as friends. This project will be good for her and she really needs to get away from her slime of brother. I’m hoping when she returns her and Jasper will pick up right where they left.

It seems that everything finally makes sense and we were finally able to piece everything together through Robert’s flashbacks of him and Simon. From a young age Robert and Simon would sit down to play a game chess, this was a way for Simon to see the type of man and leader Robert would become. Simon kept beating Robert, but that didn’t stop Robert, he kept training and training to beat his father. When he finally did and I’m assuming this was right before Robert’s accident, Simon let his son know that he has all the skills to be King. Basically from my understanding, was Simon could see that Robert could say and to do the right things, basically like a trained monkey (we’ve seen this throughout the season), but he lacked the heart and compassion that Liam haa. I’m sure this part of where Robert’s jealousy of Liam stems from, but I mean it’s got to hurt to know that his own father doesn’t believe in him. Simon also lets Robert know he plans of abolishing the monarchy! I know, shocking! The show it utterly predictable, but I did not see this coming! We were led to believe that Simon was abolishing the monarchy because Robert died, not because he didn’t think Robert could be King! Now I know some of you have commented that Robert could possibly be Allistar’s son and with another season on the horizon this could factor into Simon’s choice. This is the drama and plot twist that I watch this show for, so please writers continue to do this more often next season.

Kathryn continues to whine to her sister about Robert leaving after she said I love you, so what does her sister do text Liam, because that’s smart right? Liam sees how visibly upset Kathryn is and talks to Robert about. Not suspicious at all. Through another set of flashbacks we see that palace wasn’t the first stop on Robert’s welcome home tour, Kathryn’s was. Bearded Robert watched from afar as he saw Liam and Kathryn kiss. I do not blame him for being mad and this probably just fueled his resentment of Liam even more, but his reaction to Kathryn was just awful. He used her this whole time and then has the nerve to call her a whore. It just shows how vile Robert is. While people like to think of Cyrus as an awful person, the difference between Cyrus and Robert is…Cyrus doesn’t pretend to be anything he’s not. Robert pretends to be this knight and shining armor, when he’s just a jealous, psychopathic control freak. For we know Robert could have been working with Ted to have Simon killed. I do however have a feeling that Kathryn is going to attempt to get Liam back. I mean she deserves Robert leaving her (not the whore part), but I just hope Liam is smart enough not to take her back.

Unfortunately Liam is the only one smart enough to see through Robert’s lies and tries to tell Helena that he’s manipulating them all. She will not listen and thinks that Liam is being entitled and spoiled. Liam doesn’t take it though and blames her for Simon’s death. She slaps him and he lets her know that she better hope Robert is as good as she says he is, because she’s only going to have one son at the end of all of this. You tell her Liam! Helena’s behavior towards Liam has been childish and cruel. So it was nice to finally see her realize that Robert is not the son she thinks he is during his coronation. Robert firing Sebastian, is just glimmer of the hell that he’s going to bring onto the palace.

Cyrus was pretty irrelevant this episode, he kept reminding everyone that he was going to kill himself, but then the moment I’ve been waiting for all season happened. Liam came to his uncle for help! I couldn’t be happier, these two are going to be force to reckoned with and I can’t wait to see them take Robert down.

Side Notes:
-Cyrus got a call from his doctor. Pretty sure the doctor was telling him he’s in remission.
-So Robert stole Len’s letter and burned it.
-While Robert didn’t tip the reporter off about Len and Jasper, he did tip off Jasper’s dad, so technically Robert did.
-Len looked so princess like in her gown, absolutely stunning.
-Um Willow is the first name on Robert’s Queen list? They spoke for two seconds…this is just something else he wants to take away from Liam.
-I still don’t understand why Robert willingly stayed on that island. Was it because he didn’t want to be a commoner? It just doesn’t make sense.

MVP of the Season:
-He’s matured throughout the course of the series. He wasn’t my favorite character, but I think he’ll make a great King.

My final thoughts on the overall season:
This season was ultimately disappointing. The show has become so predictable and cheesey. I expect better, we deserve better. With the news of a season 4 renewal, I really hope the writers step up their game, because I feel as each season progresses the writing gets sloppier and sloppier.. Sure there were some shining moments in the season, but they were very rare. I understand that this show is meant to be a guilty pleasure and not be too realistic, but some of the shenanigans that went on this season were just unbearable to watch. Also enough with introducing new characters every week, the thing that makes the show so good is the core cast, so the show should really just be focusing in on them I have faith in Mark Schwan and Co, I hope to see them take this show back to the season 1 glory days.

What did you think of season 3 of The Royals? Predictions or hopes for next season?

It's been great communicating with all of you throughout the course of the season! I hope to see hear from you all again during season 4!

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