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The Middle - Sorry Not Sorry - Review

"Sorry Not Sorry" was a little different than the episodes we've been having lately, and I think I liked it. It was nice having all of the Hecks under one roof and all the action happening in their house. It was like the old episodes.

The episode begins with Mike and Frankie having issues with the faucet. They hear a very bad sound which turns out to be the basement flooding. While they are trying to deal with the mess, Brick is panicking because his history paper is due in just a few minutes, and he can't get it to load.

"It's fifty percent of my grade." - Brick

"Well, fifty percent of the basement is under water, Brick, so you're going to have to figure it out yourself." - Frankie

Mike insinuates that it's Frankie's job to keep Brick on top of his homework, and the two start bickering again. Brick calls Sue and Axl, and the two return home to have a discussion with their parents. They are concerned with all of the name calling and how Mike and Frankie have been talking to each other. They apologize to the kids, but Axl sees this as an opportunity.

"I'm a business major who attended nearly half his classes. We have what the french call 'lev-er-age'."

The three have a hilarious discussion about what they want. They briefly mention getting a kidney from each of their parents, but decide on a vacation. Not Kentucky or North Dakota, Axl demands. I can't blame him- I'm from Kentucky, and I wouldn't come here on a vacation, either.

When the three go to tell their parents about the vacation, Brick says he wants ice cream sandwiches. He didn't even know he could have ice cream without asking permission. Axl and Sue are mad that Brick said ice cream sandwich instead of Florida, and they don't understand his logic. This whole conversation cracked me up. And honestly, I think it's showed how the show has aged. I used to think Axl and Brick were closer, but I think Axl and Sue are more on the same page now that they've gotten older.

Sue and Axl think their parents are the winners, but they don't look like winners when they are cleaning the basement with old rags. Mike and Frankie are still fighting like cats and dogs, and they decide that most of the fights are because of the kids. The two march upstairs and tell them they are tired of cleaning up the basement, but Brick falls down the stairs. This starts the cycle all over again with Frankie apologizing, and Axl thinking he can get something out of it.

Frankie thinks that the kids will come down and help, and Sue does eventually. Mike is tired of waiting for Axl to do the right thing and intends to give him a lecture. The lecture becomes more of a heart-to-heart. Axl says he's learned from Mike because Mike never says he's sorry. Axl tells his father that he should have been more mature and just got wrapped up in himself. I was really surprised and proud of Axl. Bringing his parents dinner and realizing that he was wrong shows how much he's grown in the last eight years.

Frankie and Sue also have a heart-to-heart, and Sue tells Frankie she should slow down. She thinks that the drama and the panic keeps her from actually feeling things. That was also very mature of Sue, and Mike and Frankie discuss how smart Sue and Axl are becoming. And then Mike apologizes for forgetting to buy soap. He says not to make a big deal about the apologizing, and she says she's working on it.

There were so many things I loved about this episode. Everyone seemed to grow and learn something. Brick even learned that he can eat ice cream sandwiches without asking his parents. Like I mentioned above, I definitely see how much everyone has grown since the show first started. I hope The Middle continues for many more seasons!

What did you think of "Sorry Not Sorry"? Did you enjoy all of the heart-to-heart talks? Did you like that all of the episode was in the house? Leave a comment and let me know!

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