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Supergirl - The Martian Chronicles - Review: Lockdown

Supergirl 211

Written by Gabriel Llanas & Anna Musky-Goldwyn

Directed by David McWhirter

This week we have another episode that seems to have split fans, from some loving the episode to others not liking the road they took.

It had Alex not putting her sister first on her birthday, Kara losing some of her Sunny Danvers sunshine, M’gann leaving, and an Invasion at the DEO (which has you wondering for a secure government base its lax on the whole security). One question that wasn’t answered either is where has Vasquez been and it was nice to see her back even if only briefly.

Kara goes to the Alien bar …. (I really think they should run a competition to name the Alien Bar). Mon- El still seems to have his job by some miracle and has learned the art of pouring a club soda. After Kara suffers from a case of a foot in mouth with him, Alex breaks the bad news that they won’t be able to celebrate her Earth birthday (the day she landed on Earth) as Maggie has got them Bare-naked Ladies Concert tickets. Of course, Maggie butts in saying she got them upgraded. Alex is excited as clearly she loves the band and Kara tries to be pleased for her sister but you can see she is upset.
M’gann is working as well and outside she discovers J’onn disguised as a homeless person. We all know Martians can shape shift. Suddenly they are attacked by a white Martian Before things turn nasty Supergirl arrives but the Martian gets away.

At the DEO things are a little tense between Supergirl and Winn, she tells him she is worried about him going out with James. They are intent on trying to track the White Martian, M’gann walks in saying the Martian is after her, wanting her to pay. J’onn wants her to stay but she leaves and at the bar is confronted by the Martian in human form.Turns out he's not only after her but was her mate Armek. He gives her time to give up or he is going after her friends. J’onn stops M’gann from fleeing and takes her back to the DEO.

Alex and Maggie are all in their T- shirts and ready for the concert. Maggie can tell something is troubling Alex and sends her to go speak with Kara.

Alex and Kara talk but Kara hides how she feels and tells Alex she is pleased for her. M’gann is talking with Winn and J’onn so everyone is surprised when she walks into the DEO. It wasn’t M’gann with Winn but the white Martian. J’onn fights the intruder but when the fight causes the DEO’s lights to go out we are left wondering where did the Martian go and who it might be. J’onn locks them all in. A surprise return for one former cast member at the DEO in Agent Vasquez clearly she works the night shifts!

It seems a trial by fire or rather putting your hand towards a flame reveals who you are. I thought Winn was acting a little off. Yes, he is the White Martian. We learn they create a psychic link so they know everything about the person as they morph into them. The Winn clone has hacked into the system and the reactor that powers the base is set to explode.

Alex and Supergirl head to the basement as J’onn and M’gann team up.
It’s a time for a heart to heart. Alex and Kara talk, Kara admits she is feeling abandoned. Their sister moment, I love the Danvers sister moments, is soon interrupted when they hear something.
J’onn also is in a sharing mood and reveals he has feelings for M’gann but a discovery not only of a captive Winn but someone else leads them to believe Armek isn’t working alone.

J’onn tells Supergirl there are two White Martians the other one shape-shifted into Alex. I can’t help but wonder when did Alex get switched?

Kara once again fights her sister, well, a clone of her sister. I kind of liked evil Alex. An epic fight ensues.

Winn is a little dopey, J’onn needs him to help shut down the reactor. Alex still seems groggy so M’gann stays with her.

Soon J’onn is fighting Armek and Supergirl is fighting the other White Martian as Winn tries to focus on stopping the explosion. I loved this fight sequence and ultimately M’gann and Alex show up in time.
Alex clearly loves her new gun (a souvenir from her trip to Maldora) and saves the day.

The DEO is no longer in trouble thanks to some nick of time-saving from Winn, Alex gets a reminder about the concert and goes to call Maggie leaving Kara looking deflated. I guess nothing was said between her and the real Alex.
She also has a new-found respect for Winn but as he leaves to go help James you can see Kara is feeling very alone.

M’gann tell J’onn she is going to return to Mars, hoping others feel like she does. The scenes between J’onn and M’gann were once again played beautifully by David Harewood and Sharon Leal.

Kara is at home celebrating her birthday alone watching old movies. A knock at the door and using her x-ray vision it reveals Alex and a cupcake. You can tell there have been times Alex has had the candle and the cake on her face when she tells Kara to blow the candle out gently.
We also learn the psychic link was two ways and the talk Kara had with Martian Alex, Alex can remember parts due to the fact. Once again, we are treated to one of the scenes that make this show stand out for me. From the heart, as always, Alex tells Kara she will always be there for her. Alex also gives Kara some advice knowing she is hiding her true feelings for Mon- El.

J’onn says goodbye to M’gann. It is sad to say goodbye to her as I did like the character and feel she would have been a welcome addition to the team. Poor J’onn looks like he needs a hug as much as Kara. It's a lonely road being a hero.

At Catco Kara literally, bumps into Mon- El aka Mike again who is now dating Miss Teschmacher! Seems he moved on rather quickly once again leaving our Hero feeling unwanted.

I will admit I enjoyed this episode and the tension created in the DEO. I also like the shifts between high action to heartfelt confessions.

The two Martians, did anyone see that coming?

So, did you enjoy the lockdown at the DEO?

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