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Suits - "Quid Pro Quo" - Review: The Donna Show

Quid Pro Quo means something given in return for another thing, is a synonym of exchange, trade, substitution, reciprocity, amends, compensation, recompense... This episode revolves around this trade of services or favors in order to restitute the status quo. 

Episode 615 follows the aesthetic of the last half season even if the pace and switch between storylines felt faster at times. Like almost every other episode it solves the episode conflict but not fully, knowing there's another step to take, in a classic storytelling way of cause-consequence and so on.

Mike and Harvey work side by side, with a few bumps in the road to settle Velocity's employee case, but at the same time, there's a breach for Mike to make a deal for himself, and maybe become a lawyer. The plot line about this case, the questionable decisions Mike, Harvey, Rachel and Louis take, how they interact with each other, it's difficult to follow sometimes, every step they make you're waiting for the show to drop and drama to appear, but they see the next day, and everything seems to work out fine. But in the Suits universe you can never be 100% sure. Like it's shown in the last scene when Tara doesn't take well Louis' honesty and she leaves.

The episode is divided between the Velocity case and Donna and Benjamin trying to start their business. Instead of Harvey, Donna goes directly to Stuart, but even if he's amazed by the product, the rules he sets are too much for Donna. She keeps researching her possibilities, but after a meeting, where she had displayed all her "superpowers", she listens to the men she met talking about her. It's a punch to her self assurance and worth, they treated her well but she's seen just as a legal secretary and the meeting as a favor for Harvey. This moment where you see her walls breaking down, it's just a second, when Sarah Rafferty deploys all her talent and your heart break for Donna. Is a second when all Donna's insecurities are shown, and her true self is shown. All the questions about the void she's trying to fill with this app, how fast she jumped into a new endeavor, are answered. She tries to break her partnership with Benjamin, but her empathy and her amicable character give her compensation. Quid Pro Quo. They go back to Stuart again and he's on board. There are other things in her life now besides the firm, in a sense of achievements and career path there are insights and possible outcomes for Donna. And it's fun to watch this particular character, that helped everyone else grow, make her on her own.

What did you think of the episode? Are you excited for the season finale?