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Suits - "Admission of Guilt" - Review: Plot Twists

Previously on Suits: Jessica left leaving Harvey and Louis to manage the firm on their own, her departure made them see eye to eye and both managing partners learn to work together, childish gestures asides, most of the time. Meanwhile Mike tried to do some good and is working on a clinic, while Rachel deals with the ramifications of her relationship with him.  Donna work with Benjamin on a estrange device that replicates her sassy remarks. 

"Admission of Guilt" Suits season 6, episode 14 title doesn't only work for the new developments of the case Harvey and Mike take on, but their own behavior regarding how they practice law.

The episode picks up with the new conflict introduced last week. Rachel is being denied to be examined and sit for the bar exam thus Harvey making a deal not only for her to be able to do so, but Mike so. At the end of the episode, because Mike couldn't defend the Clinic's client when Oliver messes up he accepts this.
The problem is this is not an ethical deal from what we see. The case grows on the viewer as it evolves. Craig Sidell, the committee member that "offers" this case, needs Velocity's (his company's nemesis) stock shares to drop. To do so, Mike takes on a class action lawsuit but soon finds out, there's real reason to defend this group of people. Working for this company made them sick, with the supervisor on board and PSL as co counsel it looks like they can actually do something. While mentoring Oliver that believes in Mike, and fighting for the case, he makes decisions that Nathan doesn't know and when he finds out, he's not only unhappy but doesn't trust Mike's motives.
In the end, Mike doesn't take the settlement he should have and when Harvey tries to fix it, he finds out Craig has sold the information he was fighting for, so old Harvey like he intimidates him to get his way.

The problem is, Rachel made him promise that if the case got too dangerous he would pull the plug, and it did, but he doesn't stop it. And at the same time he's putting everything he has for this case and helping Mike, he ignores Louis; who has to reach for Katrina and Rachel's help to impress and old client of them. The dynamics between these two and their chemistry takes over their screen time they got. There's not only banter and funny moments but they really show how great they are at their jobs. Sadly is not enough, the client wanted to feel cherished by both managing partners, and Harvey's absence makes PSL get fired. After a bad day Louis arrives home, and after a rocky start, and not completely emphatic storyline, Louis and Tara show an intimate, healthy couple's moment. (They're growing on me, and Louis's arc, besides Rick Hoffman stellar performance is a joy to watch).

The episode  goes back to Suits fast paced, complicated case driven style, and even if the aesthetic is precious, it makes this new development problematic. I can't see how this will get solved, unless there's some deus ex machina archetype solution. Will Mike finally stop being a fraud? Is this what viewers want? In the beginning of this mid season arc it looked like he had grow, but after the risks he's been taking, has he learned anything at all?

Last but not least, there's Donna's storyline. Sarah Rafferty shines delivering witty lines as much as showing compassion for her colleagues. The problem is not that this plot is obviously being used as comic relief, but the fact that after 6 seasons, when she gets to have her own character development, not tied to other of the leads, it's still related to another character. Benjamin has a moment and a possibility of growth, but what about Donna. Why is her not freaked out by the IT worker recording her, why did she jump on board with the construction of this device. It can't be just for a narcissistic reason, because Donna is the selfless character, is the one that is there to help the rest. From what this story is giving us, there's some void she needs to feel, but what are her motives, her dreams, her needs?

There's a lot of questions arising after the last two episodes, and there are only another two left before this season finale. The void Jessica's departure and Mike's imprisonment left was dealt in the first episodes, leaving space for this new plot. I'm hoping it gets solved in a coherent way.

What did you think of the episode?