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Steven Universe - That will be all - Review:

The Steven Bomb is concluded with its final and (best) instalment yet. Catch up on the previous episodes:

1. Steven's Dream
2. Adventures in Light Distortion
3. Gem Heist
4. The Zoo
5. That will be All

The big amethyst dumps Greg and Steven in a giant chamber full of Amethysts, chilling in their cubbies. They find Amethyst captured and calling for help. She tells them they won’t believe what she’s been through and all the gems including her burst out laughing because, of course, she’s just messing with them. The Big Amethysts are cool and bonded with her because most of them came from the Prime Kindergarten as well. Before Steven can explain what’s happened, Holly storms to scold the Quartzes, ordering them to go back to their stations in preparation for Blue Diamond’s arrival. She manages to be even meaner as she demands that they show a little gratitude to the diamond that kept their "worthless sorry gems" in service.

As Steven and Greg run away they get locked inside a pink temple filled with bubbled gems. Greg remarks it’s kind of like a Birthday party and Steven’s eyes get filled with tears as the giant woman enters the gate in her cloak and kneels down crying. “Please tell me you’re joking” the menacing authoritative voice of Yellow Diamond echoes as she follows Blue into the room. Yellow announces she’s here to bring her back to reality, unable to understand why on earth Blue still chooses to preserve Pink Diamond's Rose Quartz gems. Blue disagrees, choosing to believe that the zoo and these gems are all she has left of Pink. The parallels between Pink Diamond's demise and Rose's passing are everywhere.

Why can’t you just let me grieve? she cries. Yellow orders her Pearl to cheer up Blue Diamond and the best musical sequence follows. What’s the use of feeling Blue? Yellow asks the same question over and over again, with its meanings. “Start looking forward and stop looking back” Even though she misses her too she doesn’t see the point in feeling, in grieving, in drowning in regret, in preserving her memory. They both stand tall and beautiful as Steven and Greg run up and down to hide behind them. Her song ends as Holly enters to present Sapphire. Yellow is as condescending to her as Holly is to her subjects and upon hearing about Sapphire’s special delivery Blue raises her eyebrow. “I never asked any Sapphire to go to Earth”, she growls. Sapphire starts freezing up but when Ruby holds her hand, she lies that her future vision instructed her to bring another human.

Yellow asks if the cluster’s emerged, still oblivious to its inactivation. Steven and Greg get out and join the Crystal Gems as they all follow Holly Blue back to the ship. Holly is so absorbed in Yellow Diamond she fails to notice what's happening under her nose Even though she’s blinded and brainwashed by them, it’s nice to see her admire Yellow’s strengths. The way Steven Universe manages to humanise its biggest villains always amazes me.Right when they’re about to enter the Ruby ship she freezes. “WHAT IS THE MEANING OF THIS?” She blames it all on the Amethysts and summons her weapon: an electric whip. While she’s about to grab Steven, Garnet refuses and the crystal gems show Holly who’s really in charge.

The Amethysts all wave goodbye to their new friends and my heart MELTS because I wish they could have rescued all of them. Holly threatens to tell the Diamonds about them but Pearl reminds her that she’d have to first tell her diamond that she let a band of traitorous rebels break into the facility. Steven apologises to Greg and tells him that in the end, what he was looking for was to find him and back to earth they went leaving the zoo and the giant Diamond arm spaceships behind.

- The design of the diamonds is phenomenal and I can't wait until we see Pink (and White) in the flesh. Notice their Diamond shaped pupils, so beautiful!I also love the way they call each other by their first names, it makes it seem like they really are family.
- Patti Lupone shines brighter than the sun this episode, she has such a presence and the song managed to convey all of Yellow's conflicted emotions. I can't stop listening to it. This bomb, of course, highlights Blue more than anyone: She's a very vulnerable and empathetic character while still maintaining the vicious facade of Diamond who ordered Ruby and Sapphire to be shattered all those years ago.

"These amethysts, they're really really... GREAAAAT"
"My Diamond, my gracious, wondrous, luminous, lustrous Diamond...s!!!!!!!!!!!"
"Don't misunderstand me of course. I'll always be in Blue's confidence but if I had been made for Yellow... you wouldn't see me complaining"
"Doesn’t sound like a wise thing to do, Holly Blue. So do yourself a favour and keep your mouth shut. That will be all." MIC DROP
"That has to be like the third craziest weekend I've ever had"

Grade: 5/5
An incredible song, the return of Yellow Diamond, Pearl being saltier than ever, what more could you want? I will bet anything that Blue was in love with Pink.