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Scene Of The Week - February 19, 2017 + POLL

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A weekly feature in which we're trying to find the most compelling, best acted, written, directed and just generally great, memorable scenes that we've seen in past seven days on TV.

BLACK SAILS, "XXXI.", February 12, 2017, Actors: Toby Stephens, Luke Arnold, Tom Hopper and more, The Scene: The final battle
The final battle at the end as Flint and Silver attacked Nassau earning the help of the civilians and eventually Billy as well. It was a great moment that really stood out for me as a scene stealer. And seeing Israel Hands unleashed on Captain Berringer was excellent, with a truly memorable ending to a great episode.

BONES, "The Scare in the Score", February 14, 2017, Actors: Ryan O'Neal, Emily Deschanel, The Scene: Max dies
Justyna K:
It's a final season of the show so I did expect a few goodbyes, with Max being one of the main possibilities. I didn't quite see "the how" though. And it made all the difference in the end. A few episodes ago we found out that Max is sick. No details were provided but it was pretty clear it was serious. I was preparing myself for his death in a way, so to see him in the best possible condition at the start of this week's hour took me by surprise. Turns out Max was able to fight with his disease and get better, almost giving the viewers "a false hope" regarding his fate. But later in the episode there's a chilling moment, when the killer going after Booth targets his kids and Max gets shot saving them. He saves them, makes sure they don't have to witness the fight and takes down the attackers on his own. It's a heroic stand, one truly suited for a character who always cared about protecting his family the most. At the end of the episode he gets a peaceful moment with his daughter, Temperance. Their history is a long and complicated one, they spent so much time apart yet it's absolutely clear how much these two love each other. And with a story about his dream and a beloved memory, Max suddenly dies, without a warning for Bones who looks truly hopeless and heartbroken standing by his side until the end. Such a moving scene with great performances by both actors. Kudos to cast & crew for such an emotional episode!

CHICAGO PD, "Seven Indictments", February 15, 2017, Actors: Patrick John Flueger, Marina Squerciati, The Scene: Ruzek's back
Luana Arturi:
I'm so happy he's back, I get that it's a bit sudden but I honestly love them together. I did not like what they did with Ruzek and Burgess' story when they called off their engagement in one of the dumbest ways I've seen, and didn't even have a proper discussion. I guess it had something to do with convenience, but I really hope now they decide to get things right, have them face the past between them, and be realistic about their possible future.

COLONY, "Fallout", February 16, 2017, Actors: Josh Holloway, Alex Neustaedter
The Scene: BB pleads with Will to end his life (picked by Darth Locke)

HOMELAND, "A Flash of Light", February 12, 2017, Actors: J. Mallory McCree and more
The Scene: Sekou's truck explodes (picked by Darth Locke)

HOW TO GET AWAY WITH MURDER, "It's War", February 16, 2017, Actors: Viola Davis, Karla Souza, Jack Falahee, The Scenes: Laurel and Annalise talk & Connor tries to save Wes
Marko Pekic: Annalise seeks out the conversation with Laurel. Since Laurel exited the hospital she was majorly overcompensating and didn't take the time to properly grieve and Annalise finally allowed her to do so. The tears felt so real and so powerful at the same time.
Laura Markus: Karla continues to prove she's just as Emmy worthy as Viola.
Saloni: Connor is trying to save Wes at the house!! Or so it seems. Did not see that one coming.
Milo: The final scene between Laurel and Annalise was excellent and really benefited from some great performances.

IT'S ALWAYS SUNNY IN PHILADELPHIA, "PTSDee", February 15, 2017, Actors: Rob McElhenney, Glenn Howerton, The Scene: Mac has "erotic nightmares" about Dennis
Laura Markus:
Oh, RCG. Fans of the show might recall the multiple times Mac has tried to kiss Dennis before. But now that Mac is officially out of the closet? Well, they wasted no time in showing us its effects. After the horrifying actual nightmares about the VR game and seeing his visions of his dad, Mac dreams about walking in on Dennis, who is practicing his stripper dance moves. The dream is ruined by Mac waking up, I was almost sure that this time they were actually going to kiss. But no dice. And then he's actually awake for the next one, but Dennis closes the door on his face. Oh well. Maybe the finale will give Mac better luck.

LEGION, "Chapter 2", February 15, 2017, Actors: Dan Stevens, Rachel Keller and more
The Scenes: The escape & David's first "memory work" session & Syd and David's talk on the swingset

DarkUFO: Last 5 minutes as they escape.
Darth Locke: David's First "Memory Work" Session.
Justin Valdes: Syd and David's talk on the swingset.

MARVEL'S AGENTS OF SHIELD, "The Man Behind the Shield", February 14, 2017, Actors: Iain De Caestecker, Elizabeth Henstridge, The Scene: The revelation at the end
The revelation at the end of the episode when Fitz and Simmons discovered everyone on the rescue mission was now a LMD. It was a great, chilling moment that will hopefully see them take a bigger role in the next episode.
DJRiter: Final scene where Fitz and Simmons put the pieces together and discover that their teammates have all been replaced by LMD's. A great cliffhanger leading into the end of this storyline.
Saloni: FitzSimmons realize that all those who came back from the mission are actually LMD's. While I'm glad the arc is ending next episode, I'm sure it's going to be a very exciting one.
Tyler: I've been waiting for Fitz and Simmons to get something to do during this whole LMD storyline. It appears that scene is just the start of what I've been waiting for!

MARY KILLS PEOPLE, "Raised By Wolves", February 15, 2017, Actors: Caroline Dhavernas and more, The Scene: Mary admits she likes killing
Luana Arturi:
This show is getting really interesting, it was great to see there's more to Mary than just a self perceived angel of mercy, and the introduction of Nicole and their mom's story makes it all a lot more intriguing, I'm excited to see what's next for the twisted little sisters. Also picked by Laura Markus

RIVERDALE, "Chapter Four: The Last Picture Show", February 16, 2017, Actors: Lili Reinhart, M├Ądchen Amick, The Scene: Betty finally stands up to her mom
Samantha Benjamin:
I love Betty. I love that they didn't make her exposing Grundy/Archie all about jealousy, but instead her caring for her friend. I love that she threatened to expose herself because not a lot of people would, and the way she silenced her mother with comments about their family was so powerful. Also picked by Justin Valdes

SCORPION, "Keep It In Check, Mate", February 13, 2017, Actors: Elyes Gabel, Ari Stidham, The Scene: Sylvester beats Walter in chess
Sylvester beats Walter in chess nearly blowing their mission. When I was a kid and I did something unkind that was followed by some bad karma, my mother would tell me “God don’t like ugly.” That was this scene in a nutshell. Walter and Sylvester’s competitiveness leads them to descend into childishness. Just as I was growing tired of their bickering Walter sneezed on the chessboard. That got me laughing hysterically. The perfect way to freak out. But Sylvester brought gloves. Sylvester, the better player, is so worked up when he wins the match that he bangs his fists on the board yelling Caw-Caw. This is where my Mom’s saying comes in… Sylvester is disqualified for disrupting the board before the victory can be certified. That's not all though... Walter still loses. It was a hilarious scene complete with consequences for bad behavior.

SUPERGIRL, "Luthors", February 13, 2017, Actors: Chyler Leigh, Melissa Benoist, Katie McGrath and more, The Scenes: Alex comes out to all of her friends & Lena tells Kara she's her hero
Aimee Hicks:
This scene was the official end to Alex’s coming out journey. She had told everyone in her family and was met by nothing but love and support. Still, she was afraid to tell her friends. It’s almost like she wanted to keep Maggie to herself for just a tiny bit longer. When they walked up to the table Maggie let Alex take the lead, but she stood protectively by the side of the woman she loves as a firm beacon of support. When she introduced Maggie and all of her friends were super supportive she even turned to Mon-El and was once again met by nothing but support. I think that in this moment with all that love around her Alex was finally able to relax. She pressed back into Maggie with a content look on her face and seemed to relax immensely. I love how in the moments leading up to Alex and Maggie’s arrival that Kara didn’t spoil the news. It wasn’t her news to tell and she let Alex be the one to reveal her new love and have that moment. The way everyone responded was amazing and kudos to the writers and creative team for crafting the story to be one of pure acceptance and love. This scene was outstanding because it delivered a very important message that love is love and if two people are happy that should be enough. Also picked by Justin Valdes
Samantha Benjamin: Lena tells Kara that Supergirl might have saved her but Kara's her hero. I like their friendship & the fact Kara never gives up on people even when everyone else does.

SUPERNATURAL, "Stuck in the Middle (With You)", February 16, 2017, Actors: Misha Collins and more, The Scene: Castiel almost dies
Justyna K:
It was a great hour! So unexpectedly revealing, expanding the show's mythology and answering some old (and almost forgotten) questions. I really loved the way it was done, the concept, editing and direction of the episode were unique, creative and so well done. Kudos to the entire cast & crew for that! Felt like the good old times but from a completely new perspective and it made me want to re-watch at least a few of the old episodes. In such a wonderfully done episode it's always hard to choose a specific scene to highlight but I couldn't have picked differently after seeing Castiel's speech before his (almost) death. It's been a few extremely tough and emotional hours for fan favorite angel and it feels like he's been slowly falling apart for a while now. And though I honestly didn't expect to see him die, I found his struggle and desperate attempts to convince his friends to leave, to be truly moving and beautifully acted by Misha Collins. It's been clear for years that Winchesters are his friends, the people he cares about and would be willing to give his life for, but him admitting they're his family and he loves them all was quite unexpected, emotional and exactly the heart of this week's story. Can't wait to see what's next.
Klutzy girl: A dying Cas tells the Winchesters that he loves them and they're his family. This is a big step - he's said he cared about them before but he's never specifically told them he loves them. It was quite unexpected, and just perfect.

THE 100, "The Four Horsemen", February 15, 2017, Actors: Eliza Taylor, Bob Morley, The Scene: The List of "the 100"
Justyna K:
After last season, when I intentionally missed quite a few episodes, I've been hesitant to really get involved in the show's story once again but after these first three hours I'm really interested to see what's next. With the focus more on the general threat and not the fight between clans, as well as the return of Clarke and Bellamy's co-leadership the show feels like it's back in its great rhythm from the early days. I always loved the unexpected close friendship between these two and it was clear that they were stronger and balanced each other well every time they worked together, so I missed this partnership greatly. Near the end of the episode, there's a moment when Clarke has to keep a promise made to Raven and write down a list of a hundred people they can save at this point. It's an impossible task which I wouldn't wish on anyone. Somehow Clarke is able to get through most of the list, placing Bellamy's name on it at the end. But even though it makes sense to include herself, she can't bring herself to do it, to put her own life above anyone else's. It's a very emotional and powerful moment and Bellamy shows up by her side to support her on this decision. He knows the weight on his own shoulders and understands where Clarke is coming from, so he does the one thing he can to help her, he adds her name to the list and offers her hope that they might never need to use it. Despite everything, in this moment he reminds me of the character he once was, the development that once happened... It's a very quiet, yet such a significant scene, well acted by both actors and important for story as well as the relationship between these two characters. Kudos to cast & crew for another great episode!
Diana: Bellamy decides Clarke's name needs to be in the survivors's list too. I think their relationship is one of the best in the show. This moment proves how much they care about each other and it was a scene so powerful that shows once more they could be either friends or lovers. Doesn't matter if you ship them or not, you can't deny there's something between them. Also picked by Tyler

THE GOLDBERGS, "The Spencer's Gift", February 15, 2017, Actors: Hayley Orrantia, Troy Gentile
The Scene: Erica admits that she was jealous
Klutzy girl:
Erica admits that she was jealous of how good Barry was at his job and gets him a stethoscope. I love her telling him that he's going to be a damn good doctor. This scene was just perfect, especially as "True Colors" - one of my favorite songs - played over it.

THE VAMPIRE DIARIES, "The Lies Will Catch Up with You", February 17, 2017, Actors: Candice King and more, The Scene: Caroline listens to the consequences of Stefan's actions
Luana Arturi:
To be honest I had already dropped the show when I learned this would be the last season, and right now I'm glad I decided to see where they wanted to go with the ending. They seem a lot more focused (except for a few missteps) and willing to finally address one of the show's bigger problems, the fact that consequences don't seem to last (or at least only very few of them do). They've decided to go down this road and it truly feels realistic (ish) for the first time in a while, the people Stefan killed, and their families, are not just a distant cloud in the past, they are real and heartbreaking, and it's honestly the first time I've been on Matt's side. No matter how much I love some of these characters, I think it's great that they finally have to endure the consequences for their actions. I really hope they stick with it, even if the path down this road doesn't seem too hopeful.

THE WALKING DEAD, "Rock in the Road", February 12, 2017, Actors: Andrew Lincoln, Danai Gurira
The Scene: Michonne and Rick cut the walker hord in half
Michonne and Rick cut the walker hord in half with their cars and razor wire!

THIS IS US, "Jack Pearson's Son", February 14, 2017, Actors: Sterling K. Brown, Justin Hartley, The Scene: Kevin rushes to Randall's side
Marko Pekic:
This is Us overwhelms us with so many emotions week after week but this week's final moments just hit really into the tear centers. Randall and Kevin's relationship was very wacky so far but the flashbacks and present time events of this episode just proved that no matter how big their differences are they are brothers first.
Klutzy girl: Kevin ditches his play to help Randall. He definitely should have said something before he left but I think he panicked and knew he had to get to his brother right away. They've come a long way in their relationship and this scene just killed me. Kevin putting his hands on Randall's legs and then pulling him in for a hug was absolutely amazing.
Diana: I cried like a baby in that scene. Maybe because I have a sister and when we were children, we used to act in the same way. I got too personal when it comes this show, but This Is Us is one of the best series on television nowdays. It hits your heart.
Samantha Benjamin: That end scene was fantastic, and it made me cry. I like the fact the writers are taking their time with Kevin & Randall's relationship, not trying to fix it all at once & gently peeling back the layers in both the present & flashbacks.

TIMELESS, "Public Enemy No. 1", February 13, 2017, Actors: Abigail Spencer and more
The Scene: The trio outsmarts Rittenhouse and steals the lifeboat
Such a great and daring moment that could have gone horribly wrong. It really showed how much the trio have grown considering how teriffied they once were of Rittenhouse.

TRAINING DAY, "Trigger Time", February 16, 2017, Actors: Katrina Law, Justin Cornwell, The Scene: Rebecca confronts Kyle
When Rebecca has followed Kyle to police HQ and confronts him in the elevator after he's reported to Lockhart. She has no qualms telling him if she finds out he's Internal Affairs out to get Frank, she'll kill him. Kyle says "Did you just threaten me?" Rebecca's calm and cool, "I'm sorry, did I not make myself clear?" as she exits the elevator is just another example of why Rebecca is by far the most interesting character in this young series. Katrina Law is doing a great job portraying her.

YOU ME HER, "Sex Fairy and the Eternal Flames", February 14, 2017, Actors: Priscilla Faia, Rachel Blanchard, Greg Poehler, The Scene: Emma confesses her fear that she’d almost lost Izzy
Aimee Hicks:
Last season showed Izzy, Emma, and Jack trying to figure out how to be together in a polyamorous relationship. They stumbled and screwed up many times to the point where at the end of the season they briefly lost Izzy before an epic race to the airport to win back their girl. This season seems poised to show how this throuple will work now that all three of them have committed to being together. Izzy has finally been given the clear to move in with them and their journey together has begun. With that part of their journey complete now they will have to tackle typical relationship issues in an atypical relationship. While Jack started off this whole thing by seeking out Izzy last season it became quickly apparent that Emma was the one that seemed to be driving them to continue seeing her. She fought to have the first date and was the one that was the most reluctant to let Izzy leave. In fact, she’s the one who invited Izzy to move in with them when they finally got her back. In this scene, they are resting on the floor after vigorous makeup sex and Emma is in the middle. She is caressing Izzy and seems almost afraid to take her eyes off of the other woman for fear that she’ll disappear. It is a soft and very beautifully intimate moment. When Emma admits to being fearful that she’d lost Izzy forever the looks on both Izzy and Jack’s faces said everything. Izzy was overjoyed to be back in the arms of the two people she has fallen madly in love with. Jack, on the other hand, while happy to have Izzy back, sees that his wife may actually be more into their girlfriend than him and a bit of jealous fear might be starting to creep in for him. That is sure to cause some drama throughout the season as these three learn how to curb their jealousy and just be in love with each other. Rachel Blanchard was the only one with a line, but Priscilla Faia and Greg Poehler were spot on with their responsive expressions. Rachel delivered Emma’s confession with the right level of emotion and relief that it really fit the tone of the moment perfectly. As the scene ended Emma snuggled up against Izzy and she just seemed content. This show is unconventional and hilarious and it works so well because of this cast. Priscilla, Rachel and Greg have incredible chemistry. To get that level of chemistry between two performers is hard enough, but to get three people to be this connected and with this level of organic chemistry is unheard of. They just work together and make this show what it is.

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