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Rosewood - White Matter & the Ways Back - Review: “The Importance of Family”

Rosewood - White Matter & the Ways Back - Review: “The Importance of Family”

2.14 - “White Matter & the Ways Back”
Directed by Eric Laneuville
Written by D. Harrington Miller
Reviewed by Kelly Anne Blount

Time to recap my favorite show!

The episode opens with a man chopping up meat with a bloody butcher knife. Ew! He’s watching “The Ways Back,” on television. Something suspicious is going on. He retrieves paperwork from his safe, only to show up dead in the elevator a few minutes later.

Over at the station, Hornstock is acting strange. He makes a comment like the weather being a warm hug. Villa quickly reminds him that he hates hugs. He’s in a great mood; however, he admits to having some pain radiating from his neck to his bum. What’s up with Hornstock? Did somebody drug him?

Slade skips Hornstock and assigns Villa to the new case. She and Rosie head over to the building where they found the body. The building is beyond secure and a break-in seems unlikely.

Rosie and Villa are confused, Bobby Huff, the murder victim was killed in the elevator; however, it appears that there isn’t any way on to the elevator without security being alerted. Is the killer a ghost? Rosie and I want to know!

In the victim’s apartment, Rosie and Villa find meat, gadgets, delinquent payment notices, and The Ways Back memorabilia. Eek! They found a wolf too! Perhaps that is who the meat was for?

Back at Magic City Lab, Mitchie is singing “The Ways Back,” theme song. I love Mitchie. They figured out cause of death, someone smashed him over the head with something heavy. He also has been bit by a tick and he has a strange scratch.

Interesting! The scratch appears to match a ring that was found in the victim’s house. He recently had it resized and Rosie knows just the jeweler to go ask about it. Aw, Rosie was looking at jewelry with Tawnya, that’s how he knows which jeweler to visit. Poor, Rosie!

Uh oh! Someone else comes to visit the jeweler, but when Villa shows her badge and tells him that she has some questions, he runs through the glass door.

Villa brings Alan Rast in to the station. He claims he had nothing to do with Bobby’s death. Three additional men, Micah Holmes and Rick Wu, join them. They claim that they were all best friends and that they were like family. All three of the men have the same ring that was possibly used to scratch Bobby the night he was murdered.

Back at the lab, Pippy, Mitchie, and Rosie are summoned by Donna Rosewood. As the new investor, she wants to generate some cash flow and to put a stop to the superfluous spending.

Rosie interrupts and tells her that they are in the middle of a murder, her meeting is going to have to wait. Tox screens are back, Bobby had high levels of opiates in his system and the CT scan shows that Bobby had a history of drug use.

Villa is still trying to figure out what is up with Hornstock, who has been, “smiling all day.” Rosie claims that he has been “Rosified,” and, that Villa, “is next!” Ha ha!

Footage from the security system is in and it only shows Bobby getting on to the elevator. Someone must have tampered with the camera.

The owner of the property is convinced that his property is safe. Villa and Rosewood quickly prove him wrong by finding someone living on the 11th floor, which is supposed to be empty.

Ooh! The woman in the room is a mistress to the property owner. As soon as they put two and two together, Chuck Furwell, the property owner makes a run for it.

Furwell is hiding in his office building. He’s shredding documents, that’s never good! Villa arrests him and brings him in for interrogation.

Uh oh, Hornstock is interviewing Furwell… I wonder how this is going to go? Furwell asks for a lawyer and Hornstock leaves immediately.

Slade wants to know what’s up with Hornstock. He wants the old Ira Hornstock back. I hope he doesn’t have a brain tumor.

One of Bobby’s friends comes back to the station. Micah tells Rosie and Villa that Bobby had relapsed and used drugs. Bobby called Micah and asked for help. When Micah got to Bobby’s place, he had the mark from the ring on his face. Bobby could have passed out and scratched himself, meaning his friends might all be innocent.

Turns out that Bobby was the group’s chef. They had all fallen on hard times, but after hitting rock bottom, it gave Bobby purpose in life. When he didn’t show up to dinner the night of his murder, Micah was really worried, but he didn’t know how to tell his other friends a.k.a. brothers that Bobby relapsed.

EEK! Donna Rosewood is trying to sell several pieces of equipment, but Rosie has an epiphany and uses a 3-D printer which had been in storage for ages, to figure out what was used to murder Bobby. Oh my, the murder weapon was an acting award.

Rosie and Villa head over to Micah’s house, where the three remaining best friends are fighting. Villa pulls out the cuffs and arrests everyone.

In the interrogation room, Villa asks Micah why he and his three best friends were fighting. Turns out things weren’t so peachy between the four best friends. Bobby had harsh words for all of them before his death.

Hornstock said he’s trying a new tactic, empathy. I’m not so sure that’s the only thing up with him right now, but we’ll see!

Rick, one of the four friends, finally admits that they were fighting about the reboot of “The Ways Back.”

Micah admits that he was going to be in the reboot and that he hadn’t told his friends yet. He wanted a fresh start. His friends are pissed; they can’t believe he didn’t tell them about the reboot.

Rosie, with the help of two paparazzi photographers, has proof that the three friends weren’t with Bobby the night he was killed. They have multiple picture of the three of them at Micah’s house.

Slade has found the murder weapon, but Rosie, Mitchie, and Pippy are struggling to find what happened during the murder.

Rosie and Villa head back to the murder scene. Rosie figures it out! Someone sabotaged the elevator and caused it to descend rapidly, which shot Bobby into the air. He hit his head on the top, dying from the impact. Ooh, the elevator was the murder weapon! Now that’s a first!

Rosie and Villa had to Rick’s place. He is a computer genius and Rosilla thinks that Rick hacked into the security system and took over the elevator, killing Bobby. Bobby was getting ready to write a tell all, which would have exposed Rick and his friend’s secrets. Yikes!

Rosie heads back to the lab. He’s upset that he missed the clues that Rick was the killer. Wait, he has another test to run, he suddenly thinks Rick is innocent.

Rosie goes to the jail to talk to Rick. He has a heart to heart with him.

Rick tells Rosie that he was worried about Bobby. Bobby was a really good friend to Micah.

Rosie, Villa, and Hornstock head back to Bobby’s apartment complex. Villa tells Hornstock that she, “didn’t see what was wrong with the old Hornstock.”

Rosie finds out that someone messed with the elevator from inside the building. So, who’s the killer?

Villa and Rosie head over to the developer’s office. Turns out Furwell’s assistant killed Bobby. She was robbing Furwell’s tenants. Bobby caught her and that’s why she killed him.

Miach stops by the station and thanks Rosie and Villa. He is heading to Los Angeles for “The Ways Back,” reboot. He’s bringing his friends, because friends always stick together.

Rosie has Donna and Pippy over for a family dinner. They are adorable!

Rosie and Hornstock head over to the lab. Hornstock tells Rosie that he knows he’s sick. Hornstock says that his new attitude is to show Rosie that, “he can beat anything.” Aw, Hornstock is the best! Rosie admits that he hasn’t told his family yet, there has been too much going on. He still has three weeks until he starts dialysis, plenty of time to tell them. Hornstock tells him, “I’m here for you, Rosie,” and “I’m your guy.” Hornstock heads out while the camera pans down to Donna, who just heard everything.

My Thoughts:

What a great episode!

An elevator being used as the murder weapon? Brilliant!

I really liked how the episode highlighted Hornstock’s commitment to his work family. The writer’s did a great job showing his ability to detect the unsaid!

Plus, a guest spot by Mario Lopez? Who doesn’t love that?

Let me know what you thought of this episode with a comment below!

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