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Rosewood - Puffer Fish & Personal History - Review: “Surprise, She’s Not Dead!”

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Rosewood - Puffer Fish & Personal History - Review: “Surprise, She’s Not Dead!”

2.13 - “Puffer Fish & Personal History”
Directed by James Roday
Written by Marqui Jackson
Reviewed by Kelly Anne Blount

The episode opens with a montage of clips. One is of a woman running down an abandoned street with a baby in her arms, another is a man with a shovel, a twenty-something year old woman driving her car, and the last is Rosie getting ready for the day.

The woman crashes her car into an outdoor market place as Rosie takes several pills, combatting his health issues.

Villa and Rosie head to the market place to investigate the crash. The driver, Naomi Bauer, didn’t even slow down as she approached the heavily populated area. She died at the scene, but not from the crash.

Interesting! Rosie has invited Mitchie to the crime scene. It looks like he’s preparing to get his “house in order,” just in case.

The cause of death isn’t obvious, so Rosie orders the body back to the lab.

Rosie heads back to the lab, where Donna is waiting for him. She tells him that they need to find an investor for the lab. Rosie has turned down the previous investors, so he asks his mother to help find him an investor.

Naomi’s body is on the table at Magic City Labs. OMG! NAOMI IS STILL ALIVE! They started to cut into her and she bled! Pippy starts CPR while Mitchie grabs the peddles for Rosie to use. Naomi bolts upright and gasps for breath. DANG! Talk about things you didn’t see coming!

Naomi is transferred to the hospital and is put on a ventilator.

Rosie isn’t sure if Naomi’s condition was due to poisoning or a medical condition.

Per Slade, the case has been deemed as an attempted murder and will stay that way until they can prove otherwise.

Rosie and Villa head to Naomi’s apartment. Villa noticed that Rosie was acting a little bit different at the hospital. Rosie tells Villa that he’s getting used to his new meds. He assures her that he’s okay. Oh, Rosie! Why won’t you be honest with Villa?

Turns out Naomi is a documentary film maker. Naomi’s film crew shows up to her apartment. When they are asked if Naomi had any enemies, Emmett Townsend is named. He’s a director and chased the same story as Naomi, but Naomi got it first. Is that cause for murder? We’ll soon find out!

Villa reveals her biggest to Rosie, while Rosie remains coy and says that he doesn’t have a rival. Their conversation is cut short when they find out that the victim checked herself out of the hospital. That sounds dangerous!

Naomi is at the police station. She said that since she was poisoned there’s no point in being in the hospital. That seems like the opposite idea of safe, but we’ll see where she’s going with this… She wants to know what’s going on with the case. When Villa tells her that she’s taking her back to the hospital, declares, “People have a hard time saying no to me. It’s a gift.” Slade laughs and replies, “She’s like a lady Rosie.”

Villa and Slade ask Naomi about Emmett Townsend. She’s surprised that he is a suspect. They have known each other since high school.

Slade and Hornstock are throwing passive aggressive rival zingers out left and right. Ouch! Hope these two can work their issues out soon, even though I kind of like them bumping horns.

Emmett is on to a new documentary, but no one knows the details.

Naomi has done a lot of exposing in her documentaries. She could have a long list of enemies, yikes!

Rosie heads back to the lab, where Donna is waiting for him. She tells Rosie that she has an equity partner who is interested. He agrees to meet the investor.

Pippy found out that Naomi was given puffer fish poison. It’s rare. Mitchie tells the lab crew that his mom used to call him a, “little puffer fish.” Aw, Mitchie. So adorable!

Villa calls Rosie. Emmett’s toll booth pass has just been used. They head over to Emmett’s house, which is insanely nice, and look for him. Everything is eerie and quiet.

They find footage of what appears to be a murder. They search the house further and find Emmett’s body.

They bring his body back to the lab, where Naomi is waiting. She identifies Emmett and refuses to leave the lab. She wants answers and she’s not going anywhere until she gets them.

They found a puncture mark on Emmett’s neck, cuts on his arms, and he was poisoned with the same puffer fish poison that someone gave Naomi.

Naomi thinks that Emmett might have continued to investigate the same story that she had covered. Maybe that’s what got him killed?

Rosie, Villa, and Naomi head over to Len Corp. Naomi covered Len Corp in her last documentary and said that there are accusations of Len Corp kidnapping homeless people and testing out new medication on them. EEK! That’s scary! Oh, and guess what? Len Corp makes a synthetic version of puffer fish poison called TTX.

The team brings in Mr. Alexander, from Len Corp in for an interview. He comes with a prepared statement. That doesn’t look good and Slade calls him out on it! Alexander looks to his three attorneys for advice.

Mr. Alexander tells Slade that Naomi is harassing his employees. He claims not to know Emmett Townsend. When the interview concludes, nothing new is learned. Slade ends it with, “I appreciate you guys coming in with your brief cases, very helpful!” Ha ha ha!

Rosie, Villa, and Naomi head to a friendly judge’s boat. They bring him a Cuban in hopes that he’ll sign a warrant for them. Judge Diaz isn’t interested in helping until Naomi inspires him. They get their warrant, but the results are bad news. The TTX that Len Corp produced does not match the poison found in her system or in Emmett’s system. Rosie and Naomi come to the same conclusion, Emmett must have been working on a new story, a story that might have led to his death and the attempt on her life.

Villa calls Rosie and Naomi. She found out what Emmett’s was investigating… He was investigating Naomi! He has a room covered in pictures of Naomi and articles about or written by her. The plot thickens!

Naomi says that she can’t think of any reason for Emmett to investigate her. She grew up in foster care, bounced around a lot, nothing sticks out to her that’s story-worthy. Before she can think any further, Naomi smells something funny and sudden light sensitivity. Rosie tells Villa to call 911 right away! Uh oh, Naomi has a seizure.

Back at the hospital, Rosie tells Naomi that the TTX is out of her system, but that when she was previously poisoned with it, that it triggered a previous dormant medical condition. They aren’t sure what the condition is and they can’t check her family history, because she grew up in foster care.

Naomi wants to leave the hospital. Rosie and Villa don’t think it’s a good idea. Naomi asks Rosie what he would do if he was told to, “get his house in order.” OUCH! That cut deep, Naomi… If she only knew! A few moments later, her film crew shows up and she tells them that she’s leaving. They’re pumped.

Back at the lab, Rosie pictures himself on the autopsy table. He snaps out of it when Mitchie and TMI tell him that they found nematodes in Emmett’s cuts as well as other clues that help narrow down the location Emmett was last searching.

Naomi, Hornstock, Villa, Rosie, and Slade head out to the area they believe Emmett had visited shortly before dying. They find a super creepy and abandoned house.

Slade recognizes a picture on the wall. It’s of John Teller, a religious cult leader from the 80’s. His followers thought they were supreme beings. Unfortunately, the cult turned to murder and many of the members were never found.

Naomi finds a disturbing picture. She finds a picture of a baby and it has the same birthmark as she does. Is Naomi the baby the woman was running with in the beginning? She says, “I was born in the John Teller Murder House.”

Villa identified Naomi’s mother. They aren’t sure where she is and Naomi’s maternal grandparents have passed and were cremated. There’s no way to find out what’s medically wrong with Naomi unless they find her mother.

Villa thinks that Naomi’s mother may have gone to the police with info about the cult, info which lead to her death. The team thinks her body could be buried in the woods near the house, but where?

Oh wow! Emmett was looking for Naomi’s mother’s remains at the murder house! That’s why he was investigating Naomi.

The team is able to narrow down the possible locations for the body based on Emmett’s autopsy results. They find human remains in the greenhouse. Do they belong to Naomi’s mother?

The team gets the skeletal remains back to the lab. They confirm that the bones on their autopsy table do indeed belong to Naomi’s mother. They find out that she died of blunt force trauma to the head. They also find out that she had bone cancer and other pertinent information, which lead to the discovery of the disease that is plaguing Naomi. By removing a tumor and being monitored by medical staff, Naomi should recover and be back to normal very soon!

Rosie and Naomi head over to her house. Rosie spots a humidifier, which he thinks the killer could have used when he tried to poison Naomi.

Naomi invites the film crew and Rosie over to watch Emmett’s documentary. Uh oh… Did one of her film crew try to kill her? EEK! It looks like that might be the case!

Rosie explains to the film crew who Naomi’s mother really is and the motivation behind Emmett’s documentary, which was to help Naomi learn more about her past. They were able to track down everyone in the Murder House, including one of John Teller’s sons, who was sent to foster care when his father was arrested.

OMG! One of the film crew is John Teller’s son! He was angry that Naomi’s mother went to the FBI and gave them information that led to the arrest of his father. When Emmett started researching Naomi’s life, he tracked down Dimitri, John Teller’s son, and told him about Naomi. Dimitri used that information and tried to kill Naomi. He also killed Emmett, because he knew that Emmett would be able to piece everything together.

They found TTX on the water reservoir and Dimitri’s finger prints. He is so busted!

Rosie is waiting in the lab when Donna shows up. He figured out that Donna was the investor. She has money from when she refinanced her house to help Gerald with his defense. Gerald received a settlement for his wrongful imprisonment and paid Donna back, with interest.

The episode ends with Rosie visiting Naomi at the lab. She’s getting ready to have her life saving surgery, which she can do because they figured out what was wrong with her from studying her mother’s remains. She tells Rosie she figured out that he is his own rival, “more accurately, your health.” Rosie says that he’s, “tired.” Naomi tells Rosie that he’s “beat” this before and that, “he can do it again.” She sure is inspirational!

Rosie asks Naomi what she’s going to do once she recovers from her surgery. She tells him that she’s going to continue to make documentaries and track down some of her long-lost family members.

Aw, Rosie found some of Naomi’s long lost relatives! That’s sweet!

The episode ends with Rosie picturing himself in the hospital room, surrounded by his family and friends.

My Thoughts:

The writers nailed another episode! Their quips were on point! Also, Katharine Isabelle totally kicked butt as Naomi! She’s such a great actress!

I have a question and would love to know your thoughts! Does Rosie need an investor because Tawnya robbed him or because he just needed an investor?

One more question, how long will it take for the insurance to kick in and pay Rosie back?

I lied, I have one more question! Do you think we’ll see Gerald again? I would love to see Gerald and Donna together, they both deserve to be happy!

Okay, that’s all! I’m excited to hear your thoughts on the episode!

Let me know what you thought of this episode with a comment below!

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