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Performers Of The Month - Nominations For January 2017

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When Performers of the Month began a year ago I wasn’t sure how popular of a feature it would be. I certainly never expected it to be as big a deal as it has become. Throughout 2016 this feature garnered well over a half million views! Thanks to every person who took the time to place nominations, vote, and comment, SpoilerTV is bringing back POTM for another year! The rules remain mostly the same, but there are some changes, so be sure to familiarize yourselves with the rules for 2017. Changes will be highlighted in bold. Please read these rules carefully to ensure that your nomination will count.


-Only 1 nomination submission per person per round.
-Nominations without a username will be deleted and not counted.
-Each submission must be for a different performer. In 2016 I allowed users to use both spots in a category to nominate the same person if they wanted to, but to be fair, this year both actress and actor nominations must be for different performers. If you don’t have two performers to nominate in a category then you can just leave that spot blank.
-While there is a preferred nomination submission format each nomination vote must at least include the full performer name, the series they appeared in, and the episode number where their outstanding performance took place. Any nominations lacking any piece of that information won’t be counted.
-Performers who appear on a streaming series where the whole season was released at a time are eligible for the month the show released and the following month.
Example: If a season releases in January the performers from that show are eligible for the January and February rounds.
-Only performers from shows officially covered on SpoilerTV are eligible for reader nomination. This is to ensure that all the necessary resources are available to be able to produce a strong article for the winners.
Note: SpoilerTV staff members will be allowed to nominate anyone regardless of this rule with the understanding that should their nominee win they are responsible for providing all the necessary materials and information to produce an article.

-Guest stars are eligible. The nomination format is particularly important for these performers. To submit a guest star as a nominee they must be noted as a guest star in the nomination.
-Performers from international shows are eligible, but if they also air original episodes in the US then the eligibility is based on the US air dates. Otherwise, eligibility is determined by the first original international airing. The show must be covered on SpoilerTV.
-Nominations made for episodes that did not air in the nomination month will be deleted and not counted.

-Only 1 vote per person per poll is permitted.
-In the name of fairness, every vote must be submitted using a valid social media account.
-Performers can only win 2 times in a year. Once the 2 wins have been met that performer will not be eligible again for the rest of 2017.

Performers can only be nominated for performances that occurred in the month of January! Please note that a performer can only win 2 times in a year before they become disqualified for the rest of the year.

2016 SpoilerTV Performer of the Year: Chyler Leigh
2016 SpoilerTV Reader's Choice Performer of the Year: Amy Acker

December Winners:
Outstanding Actor: Tarjei Sandvik Moe (Isak Valtersen) - Skam
Outstanding Actress: Melissa Benoist (Kara Danvers/Supergirl) (Guest Star) - Legends of Tomorrow

All winners throughout the year earn a place on our year-end Performer Of The Year poll which will determine the best performer of 2017!

Preferred Nomination Submission Format:
Performer Name (Character Name) (If a guest star please state “Guest Star” here) - Show (Episode # In Which Outstanding Performance Took Place)
-ex: Jane Doe (Jane) (Guest Star) - Jane Doe (1x1)

Performers Full Name and episode number you're nominating them for are mandatory! Nominations lacking this information will not be counted.

Nominations will be open until February 7th at 6 pm ET. The polls will go live at 6 pm ET on February 8th.

Only the Top 5 from each category will move on to the voting round next week. After you place your nominations be sure to hit the comments and convince others why they too should nominate your nominees!

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