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MacGyver - Hook - Review

I absolutely loved this episode! Mainly for The Colton's who made an appearance in this week's episode, and for those of you who has not watch the original MacGyver, they appeared in many episodes including one which supposed to of been a pilot for a spin-off show.

The episode started off with Mac and Jack stuck in quick sand and we finally got to see Mac slightly panic as he didn't have a plan. Once the opening title finishes, we also get something that we haven't seen in a while...out of work hanging out. It was nice to see them all together as friends. I've missed seeing this as it gives the team a sense of that they're still humans and can have a wind down after working.

The story was very normal and a little predictable, because of that it felt very long. The mission they had today was to find Aaron Deckard. However, they find that Billy Colton, a bounty hunter, has him. They track Billy to a diner, but unknown to them it's the Colton's family business. Mama Colton knows the story Mac told them is untrue and ties them up. They call Matty to tell her what happened and she sends Riley and Bozer to d the job for them. the pose as a couple who had their honeymoon money stolen and wants it back. The whole scene was cringy and on my rewatch I had to skip it. I would have hoped by now Bozer would have been acting a little more, well, less Bozer.

While Bozer and Riley act all couple-like to distract Mama Colton, the agency break in and retrieve Aaron Deckard. It's not all over and done with yet as the men who put the bounty on Deckard arrive. It's not a U.S Agency but Armenians who will kill the Coltons for not having deckard. Mac goes in and saves them all using Mama's moonshine as a possible explosion.

When they get back, Jack apologies to Matty to fix their rift. It was nice to see that but I wish we would have seen the whole conversation of that.

At the end we see the team sitting around the fire like earlier but Matty now joins them, still telling her serious jokes. As it nears the end of the season with about 6 episodes to go, Id like to see a bit more of Matty's 'off the clock' side and the team hanging out but I'm not too hopeful we will.

I'm really happy to see the Colton family in the reboot and I do hope they will be re-occurring in other seasons. I would like to see maybe an episode like 'The Coltons'.