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Chicago PD - Seven Indictments - Review

“You don’t know what hurting is. Do you want me to show you?”

Intelligence is called when there’s a suspicious fire next door to an LGBT house for youths. It’s one thing to search for a killer when you know who was killed. But with a case a mistaken victim identity, the unit is left circling a wide pool of potential suspects while also trying to solidify who the second victim actually is.

Burgess annoyingly kicks things off at the scene when she assumes Voight doesn’t know what LGBT stands for. Seriously? Are the writers trying to make her worse on purpose? She was making such progress, but since her move to Intelligence, her ego has been in full swing. But back to the case—Rixton finds a John Doe in the rubble, barely alive (who dies at Chicago Med), in addition to a deceased victim from the LGBT home and the case of mistaken identity begins. I’m all for cases like this—it keeps the mystery and confusion going which keeps us intrigued. But once again, a story like this would have benefited from two episodes instead of one. Keeping up with who the victim was/wasn’t and who the prime suspect was/wasn’t was tough!

Meanwhile, at the request of an officer, Platt steps outside to assist with a homeless man who refuses to move. He has some sort of speech impediment (I think?) and rambles on about his missing dog and “Jupiter”. But the officers didn’t think to frisk the man, and Platt ends up getting poked by a needle he’s carrying. At the hospital, April tests Platt for Hepatitis C, among other things. Thankfully, she’s fine, but that could have been serious.

When all is said and done, Bill Johns/Curt Framingham/Curt Forrester becomes the likely deceased victim. He not only has multiple identities but a shady con record as well, which makes him actually being the victim fishy. Sure enough, it’s Marvin, the homeless man Platt reunited with his dog, who confirms Bill/Curt is not the victim, but the criminal. But the true criminal mastermind is Jane Framingham, who cons the entire unit by playing the victim. She was in on the con with her husband the whole time, and nearly got away with it.

“You’re a solid dude and a good cop. Whatever happened in the gang unit doesn’t matter.”

While re-qualifying for weapons, Erin and Jay are given an ominous warning about Rixton. No! Rixton has been such a wonderful addition to the unit, I’d hate to see him disappear because he ends up being shady. With indictments coming down on Rixton’s old unit, who better to get information from than Antonio? Antonio! His appearance was much too brief. But thanks to Antonio, we know Rixton’s apparently not getting an indictment, and it could be because he turned on everyone else.

Jay, with support from the rest of the unit, confronts Voight about Rixton. It’s a gusty move, and he doesn’t back down! Is it just me, or is Jay gaining some serious confidence? Meanwhile, Voight knows exactly what went down and seems to be helping Rixton keep it secret. Voight’s not backing down in his defense of Rixton—when Rixton approaches/is ambushed by the unit, Voight threatens transfers for anyone who continues to discuss the matter. Seriously, what happened?!

But just as Jay took the lead role in making a gutsy accusation, he once again took the lead role in apologizing to Rixton for making assumptions. Jay saw less screen time in this episode than the previous one, but I think it did just as much (if not more) for his character. It takes guts to go up against Voight—something he wouldn’t have done when the show began. But it takes even more to admit when you’re wrong, especially in front of your entire unit. He’s a natural leader and while I don’t think or hope Voight will leave any time soon, I think Jay is Voight’s clear successor. And Rixton? Turns out he is a good guy, and hopefully a guy who’ll stick around Intelligence.

Just a side thought: I love that Erin is spot on with her shooting, it’s fantastic! But Jay was/is a military sniper…shouldn’t he be better than her (and everyone else in the unit)? Erin doesn’t have to be better than Jay in every category—give this one to him.

“I ran from Intelligence…It’s like my family up there. I’d really like to come back.”

The medical examiner congratulates Burgess on moving up to Intelligence and then asks about Ruzek. Burgess awkwardly asks if they can move on, but come on, Burgess! The poor woman examines bodies for a living. Give her a little gossip! Well here’s something to talk about—Adam finally makes his return at the end of hour as Burgess leaves the district. He’s coming back to Intelligence, huzzah! He kissed Burgess! Lord have mercy…here we go again with these two.

What did you think of the episode? Will Rixton stick around now that Ruzek is back? Are Burgess and Ruzek officially giving their relationship another go? Share your thoughts below!

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