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Chicago Fire - Trading In Scuttlebutt - Review

“I saw something, I acted. Simple as that.”

On the first call of the night, 51 responds to an accident where another firehouse is already on scene. Chief Anderson, who ranks above Boden, calls the shots. But when Boden sees something Anderson can’t—a potential deadly situation for the firefighters—he doesn’t hesitate in taking over command. And so begins what will likely be a storyline for the next several episodes. Never underestimate the power of a bruised ego…

Rumors quickly begin to circulate and Boden’s not having it. Sure, he saved his men from a deadly situation, but because he’s a good man, he doesn’t want Anderson’s ego to suffer. The rumors unfortunately reach Anderson, who chooses not to take the high road, to say the least. “You don’t want to make an enemy out of me, Chief,” threatens Anderson. When will these people learn? If you go up against Boden, you will lose. So bring it on, Anderson.

Verbal shots are fired at a party by Anderson, who threatens to add gross insubordination to Boden’s file of already-questionable activity. Are you kidding me? How damaged does your ego have to be? Boden saved lives that would have been on Anderson’s hands and Anderson cannot handle it. He’s not letting this one go—Anderson shows up at the firehouse to observe how the house operates. “Your ego is so bruised you’re going to dig around until you find something else.” I’ve said it before, but the quickest and easiest way to make me, and I’m assuming viewers in general, mad is for a character to attack Boden. Anderson has got to go!

On a call, Anderson orders Severide to use a different saw on a ladder impaling a man. This is when I lost it—as in, I was yelling at my TV. Anderson’s need to be right is so strong that he willingly risks the life of a man to assert his power over Boden and Severide. Clearly, though, Anderson doesn’t know Severide. Severide flat out ignores Anderson’s order, and Boden’s in full support of the decision.

While I stand by my earlier statement that no one goes up against Boden and wins, Anderson certainly isn’t going down without a fight. In the closing moments of the show, Anderson arrives at 51 with the last bit of news anyone wants to hear—aside from officers, everyone is reassigned to different houses. Yikes! This can’t last, right? What’s Chicago Fire without everyone at Firehouse 51? I think it’s safe to say that in the end, everyone will be back where they should be. It’s how they pull it off that will be interesting.

I’ve always loved the relationship between Mouch, Herrmann, and Boden. I wish we saw more of it, and we thankfully received a little nugget this hour (talking about the wives). And is it just me or has Boden spent more screen time with Casey and Severide this season? I’m loving it. He’s clearly a mentor for those two and as they’ve grown and developed, that mentorship has turned into a friendship as well. Keep it coming, writers!

“You have no idea how much your gesture meant to me.”

I’m just going to say it—there is no better human being on this show than Christopher Herrmann. He’s more than earned that title over the past four and a half seasons, and this episode was no exception. When a disheveled man comes into Molly’s afterhours asking to borrow a few hundred dollars, Herrmann is understandably reluctant. But he asks the man his story and feels compelled to give him the money. Will he ever see that money again? Who knows. But Herrmann did the right thing.

Naturally, everyone in the firehouse teases Herrmann for giving money he’ll never see again. “Drugs, he’s using it for drugs,” comment Otis, and sadly, that’s the connotation these situations have garnered. Nigerian prince jokes are made, con movies were discussed, and I am appalled that Cruz has never read The Giving Tree. How has he not read that book?!

But it’s Herrmann who gets the last laugh—the man, Greg, shows up at Molly’s to pay Herrmann back. He got the job! And the money? Herrmann lets Greg keep it. I think we all have had those hesitations in giving, because sadly, there’s the stereotype that the money will go to alcohol or drugs. But you know what? Who cares? Herrmann proved it’s better to believe in the good than assume the worst. Even if Greg had been lying, Herrmann still did the right thing.

Aside from giving to a man in need, Herrmann also fulfills his “Dad of the Week” duty for his son’s class. When he can’t do the firefighting job any more, Herrmann should consider teaching. He’s a natural!

“Today is someday, somewhere.”

Still contemplating the job offer from the previous episode, Severide takes a trip to Springfield to check out its potential. But before he heads out, he has a brief talk with Casey about the future. It was small, but any scene(s) with these two is a winner. I was hoping the firehouse in Springfield wouldn’t be so stellar! It is first class, that’s for sure, which makes that offer all the more enticing. But let’s be honest; if Severide takes the position in Springfield, it will be for Anna. Though the job does sound like a dream.

Severide stops by the hospital to see Anna and their reunion was perfect. You can’t deny the chemistry between these two, and I’d be disappointed if we don’t get to see these two at least give a relationship a shot. I don’t know how a relationship would work—would she transfer to Chicago Med? That would have to be it, because he’s certainly not moving to Springfield. I’m thinking these two are more star-crossed than destiny.

“Your Casey is out there, but you don’t have to change who you are to find him.”

Gabby and Stella try to help a heartbroken Sylvie through her recent breakup with Antonio, and Sylvie is feisty! Sylvie’s looking to make a change, and not that her heartbreak is something to laugh at, but she was definitely entertaining this episode. From potentially going with a smoky eye look, to learning German, to offering to marry a man to help him with his green card situation, Sylvie did not disappoint. Hang in there Sylvie, you’ll find your Casey! (I’m still betting on her “Casey” being Severide when all is said and done.)

Side note: The brief glimpse into home married life for Gabby and Casey was perfect. She’s determined to set Sylvie up with someone, and he’s determined to watch hockey. Did anyone else spot the wedding ring Casey’s wearing now?

What did you think of the episode? How will 51 bring down Anderson and get back together? When will Severide choose, and what will guide his decision? Share your thoughts below!