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2 Broke Girls - And the Turtle Sense - Review: "I'm Going On A Night Date Like A Person!"

In the most recent edition of 2 Broke Girls' strong 6th season, Caroline is prepping for a date with Bobby, but seems to be feeling more nervous about leaving Max in charge of the dessert bar for a night than she is about going on a date with a guy she really likes (despite how rusty she is at dating). That night, Max ends up squaring off against a group of sorority girls who come to the dessert bar and Caroline ends up almost ruining her date because she is too distracted by the thought of Max burning the dessert bar to the ground. In the end, Bobby and Caroline rush to the dessert bar (after sharing an adorable kiss) only to find that Max has everything covered and even found a way to please the terrible sorority girls.

So this week’s episode had some pretty good character development for the girls. Let’s start with Caroline. Part of the reason Caroline hasn’t had a boyfriend in 4 seasons is because she always prioritizes the dessert bar/cupcake business, so it was great that the writers didn’t ignore that as she prepped to go on a night date (like a person!). It makes total sense that she would not being able to loosen the reigns at all and just enjoy herself. More importantly, it was essential that she rushed back to the dessert bar to see Max's eventual success in running it by herself as this will help Caroline relax in the future and throw herself into her new relationship with Bobby. Speaking of Bobby - WOW I LOVE HIM. He was patient, charming, and understanding of all of Caroline’s anxieties. He may just be the perfect goofy zen counter part to Caroline’s (also) goofy Type A crazy personality. Plus that kiss was so cute! GAH, okay I’m gushing - can’t wait to see where the writers take this!

Now let’s talk Max. We’ve seen little flashes of Max being forced to work in the past but nothing prepared me for how funny it would be to see a whole episode dedicated to it. Not only was it hilarious to see Max have to deal with the most obnoxious sorority stereotypes of all time, but it was also so rewarding to see her absolutely crush it and conquer them. Fresh off her break up with Randy, this type of victory was super important for Max’s growth. I’m hoping she is going to throw herself into the dessert bar to help her get over Randy - this will help the business, her emotional state and give Caroline the chance to really go for her relationship with Bobby: three birds, one stone.

The supporting cast didn’t really have much of their own storyline in this episode, but that ended up being a good thing. If there had been any more story here, it would’ve felt over stuffed and none of the plots would’ve been developed enough. Instead, the writers used the supporting cast well by having them weave in and out of the main stories and pop up at perfect times to add comedy (like Sophie and Oleg eating chicken at the hipster movie theater or Earl dropping by the dessert bar to say funny lines about Blockbuster and pot). The writers shouldn’t use the supporting cast like this every episode, but it was a smart idea in an episode that had a ton of ground to cover from a story perspective.

Overall Grade:
A. An adorable next step in the Bobby/Caroline relationship + Max dealing with her own personal nightmare, but succeeding + some great one liners = an awesome episode!

Favorite Quotes:
Caroline: (On the phone) I can’t wait for our date either, Bobby. (Beat). Okay, I’ll see you tomorrow. (Beat). You hang up first, no you hang- …He hung up.

Bobby: Are you not having a good time? Do you not like movies? Please tell me you don’t like plays?
Caroline: No, I’m having a great time. And please tell me you don't consider musicals “plays”!

Sorority Girl: What’s going on? We’ve been waiting for our next round of drinks for, like, ever.
Sophie: Wow, Max! Are you really going to let the cast of Pitch Perfect talk to you like that?

What did you think of 2 Broke Girls’ date night? Let me know in the comments!