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This Is Us - Episode 1.13 - Three Sentences - Promos, Sneak Peeks, Interviews, Promotional Photos & Press Release

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01/24/2017 (09:00PM - 10:00PM) (Tuesday) : Jack and Rebecca get in over their heads when they decide to throw Kate, Kevin and Randall three separate parties for their 10th birthday. Randall struggles to make time for William as things intensify at the office. Kevin makes a major decision in his romantic life. Kate's gastric bypass journey takes an unexpected turn.

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A lot of new, contextual information is given to us. What was your favorite revelation during these 24 hours?

I love that it’s revealed that Rebecca is terrified of becoming a mother, and she’s terrified to ruin the perfect lives these children deserve to have. She really puts so much stock in Jack, and he’s already the perfect husband, and she knows he’s going to be the perfect father. It was so fascinating to me that this woman who I feel like is so instinctively maternal — and I’m inspired by that aspect of who she is — was terrified the day before she was about to give birth and had no idea whether those motherly instincts were ever going to kick in. And I loved that she was a crabby crabapple and completely forgot Jack’s birthday and was having an emotional meltdown. All of that adds so much more color, because the way that I played it in the pilot — and every bit of information we had at that point in time — pointed to her being prepared in her heart and her mind. She just, to me, felt like a woman who was on the precipice of so much change, but she was embracing it and she was more prepared for it than anybody. So, the idea that that wasn’t the case was a lot of information, and I really loved that.

Why was this the time to do a standalone episode?

I felt like we had this little break in the middle of our season and it felt like a nice place to come back to. We knew we were going to start the back half by going earlier to Jack and Rebecca’s pregnancy so the natural place chronologically in the following week was to go a little deeper into the pregnancy. Even though we’re jumping around in time a lot, we don’t want to ping-pong so much that you get dizzy. The next episode we’ll pick up with the 10-year-old kids, so a little further down the line, and then the next episode we’ll pick up with the older kids — so even further down the line. Then that’s pretty much where we’ll remain for the rest of the season with them. We try and always make it so we’re not going all over the place.

Will Miguel ever get a big backstory?

We’re getting a lot of Miguel coming up actually. I’m editing right now and I’m editing a ton of Miguel in upcoming episodes. You’re going to learn a lot more about Miguel, about his relationship with Jack, about his own marriage. So yes. There’s a lot of Miguel stuff coming.