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The Royals - More Than Kin, and Less Than Kind - Review

It’s Christmas time at the palace!

So our episode begins with a Len inspired Christmas number. I’m sorry what is happening to this show? It’s become abundantly cheesy! I feel like they are making Len into a joke and that offends me, because this show is from the creator of One Tree Hill. The show that inspired millions of teens across the world, I expect more from Mark Schwahn and Co. we deserve better, not some lazy ploy to show that Len is happy.

After the unnecessary musical number, Jasper has a run in with Robert, who now knows about his past. Sure Jasper’s past isn’t the best, but this is just another excuse for Robert to look down on him. Once again Len reassures him that all is well between them (she even writes to him that she loves him) and this seems to ease Jasper, as him and Sarah Alice starting working on a storybook for Len’s Christmas gift.

It seems that in the Royal’s eyes Liam is the “Grinch”, for sending the staff home. Liam wants Christmas to be the same as always, the way his father used to make it. Of course his family is not exactly too thrilled, but they have no choice. Robert takes this as another opportunity to swoop in save the day, he needs to go back to the Island he came from…

Spencer is back and offers to help Helena make the food. Obviously the two get distracted with one another and some figi pudding, but what can I say those two are cute and quite entertaining. I hope their romance continues and we see more of the fun side of Helena.

Jasper receives a phone call and rushes to go meet the person on the other end. I thought for a minute it could have been his parents, but no it was a reporter who had gotten tipped off from an anonymous source about Jasper’s past and his relationship with Len. In order to stop the story Jasper broke up with Len. To us this was expected, but Len was shocked and heartbroken. She couldn’t understand why Jasper was ending things and obviously blamed herself. She figured it was because she finally opened up and let Jasper in. This is definitely going to scar Len for future relationships, but I have a feeling that this will make her stronger.

As for Jasper he assumes it was father who tipped the reporter off, in order to make a quick buck. I have a strong feeling it was Robert. I don’t think it’s a coincidence that as soon as Robert discovers Jasper’s past, a reporter is tipped off. Robert also has the resources to get in contact with the reporter, so for me Robert is prime suspect.

In a touching moment the family finds gifts from Simon before he died and proves once again that he was the glue that was holding the Royal family together. He even brought a smile to Cyrus’s face, which is hard to do.

Liam still cannot shake Kathryn or being back in the shadows of Robert, of course Cyrus constantly reminding him doesn’t help either. Liam finally cracks when Robert refers to him as Sparrow and the brothers finally seem to be showing their true colors toward one another. Kathryn chooses Robert, which in my opinion is a mistake, but this finally lights a fire under Liam. He challenges Robert to a sparring match for charity and tells Robert that he’s a new person and he’s not changing. I cannot wait to see the two brothers go head to head next week!

Side Notes:
-I’m glad Liam opened up to Len. It was nice to see the two siblings bonding again.
-Love that Len gave the King’s speech.
-Hate to admit it, but Cyrus was a tad annoying this week.
-James Hill saves the day once again.

Who do you think tipped the reporter off? Which brother do you think is going to win the sparring match? What were your thoughts on the overall episode? Comment below!

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