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The Middle - Escape Orson - Review

Happy New Year everyone! With the new year comes new episodes of The Middle, and I'm so excited to see what 2017 has in store for the Hecks. It doesn't seem like 2017 is off to a great start for anyone- they have all as given up.

While the family is being lazy and lying on the couch, Frankie discovers that she has coupons for the Orson Escape Room. The coupons expire today so she forces everyone else to go. While everyone is complaining about having to get out the house, they run into the Donahues. The Donahues brag about helping the homeless, and they also mention that they did the Orson Escape Room 18 months ago. They also casually mention that they hold the record for the fastest time (not that they're bragging or anything).

The Donahues dig on the Hecks inspire them to beat their fastest time. They're finally motivated about something! However, the Escape Room quickly turns into a disaster. Sue, who is usually amazing at solving puzzles and winning board games, is useless. She can't figure anything out, and her family is frustrated with her. While she and Axl try to discover a clue, she starts to act strange, and blurts out that she's cheated! All of her life she's cheated at board games because she wanted to win. Winning became on obsession. She begs Axl to keep her secret, and he does agree. But basically because he feels sorry for her.

The Hecks keep trying to escape and they keep failing. Axl runs into a wall he thinks is fake, Brick is obsessed with figuring out if Milt, guy with them, is a writer, and Frankie and Mike keep discussing her dream about Frank Sinatra. When Sue can't solve the puzzle for the key and Axl is convinced he's right, he blurts out that she's a cheater. Sue decides that the cheating stops today. As she declares she will solve this puzzle, time expires.

Frankie says that they will not enter 2017 through the fail door. Mike convinces the Escape Room to give them two minutes back on the clock, and they make it out in time. They beat the Donahues, and the Hecks celebrate. They finally won something! I loved how happy they all were which is something that rarely happens on this show. Sue is ecstatic that she will finally have a certificate showing that she won something, and she and Axl high five. The best part was when they were bragging to the Donahues about beating their time. Brick even got in a little dig about using apostrophes the correct way.

"Everyone has a different kind of escape. Sometimes we escape into a good book. Sometimes we escape into our dreams. But one thing you can't escape from is the Hecks after a rare victory."

I'm really happy that the Hecks were able to have some fun especially after all the drama from Axl's marriage and annulment. This wasn't my favorite episode of The Middle, but I still enjoyed it.

Favorite Quotes:

Frankie: "Don't you think I'd rather be back on the couch watching tv instead of trying to make memories with my stupid family?"

Axl: "Come on, Sue. You're the game master here. Get in the zone. We gotta beat the Donahues. If we don't, it's all your fault and civilization as we know it is destroyed. But, hey, no pressure."

Axl: "Fine, I'll keep your secret. Partly because it's so pathetic and partly because I am really impressed you're able to cheat at Marco Polo."

What did you all think about Escape Orson? How do you feel about Sue cheating all these years? Were you glad the Hecks were able to beat the Donahues this time? Let me know in the comments section!

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