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Switched at Birth - Season 5 Premiere - Advance Preview & Teasers

“Switched at Birth” will return to Freeform with its final season at the end of the month, consisting of only ten episodes, with a really enjoyable season premiere, “The Call,” that will leave you wanting more.

With its season four finale airing in October 2015, SAB will grace our screens after more than a year. It’s been so long since it aired, so here’s a quick catch up on where we left off:

Bay and Daphne head to China for the summer after the former gets caught up in a love triangle with Emmett and Travis. Daphne takes a break from her relationship with Mingo after he gets jealous of Quinn, who was interviewing her for the summer program. Regina has to say goodbye to Eric when he leaves for Atlanta with his son, Will. Toby and Lily welcome baby Carlton. John and Katherine face their own issues with the car wash deal.

In the final moments of the finale, we saw that Bay and Daphne extended their stay in China. They’ve been there for ten months now when Bay gets a call, which makes her pretty frantic, and she runs to Daphne telling her that they need to get home right away!

Instead of keeping you waiting, here’s a little something to tide you over for what you can expect from our characters in the season premiere.

The episode does a great job of getting us all caught up with the Kennish-Vasquez family and their friends while also boosting potential storylines for the final season. The best part is the focus on the really solid bond between Bay and Daphne, which has only grown stronger because of China. I love how they’re so supportive of each other now. Both of them have their own set of complicated relationship drama. Just when things seem to be going smoothly, something goes wrong.

This may or may not be the case for the older Kennish couple, too. John and Katherine, after last season’s ups and downs, will clash again but not in a husband-wife capacity. The latter’s new job title at UMKC requires her to interact with John on a whole new level. It’s interesting how they find new ways to improvise on the relationship they share.

Regina, as we know, is also in a relationship with Luca. He’s a younger man and a classmate of hers. However, she may not be very forthcoming about it with anyone else just yet. I did like Eric last season and I do miss Angelo so much, let’s hope this new affair helps lighten up Regina’s very heavy emotional stuff.

The premiere ends on a little cliffhanger. They build up on a story that is sure to have greater ramifications on some friendships for the rest of the season.

Without further ado, here are some teasers to hang on to as we wait for the episode to air:

*Warning: mild spoilers*

— Bay isn’t in the best condition as the episode opens and Daphne truly does come through for her “sister”

— The first few minutes quickly catch us up to what the two have been up to in China for the last 10 months before Bay gets the call

— The reason they have to get home is… well, can’t disclose that detail, let’s just say it has to do with someone’s health

— Bay does resolve her love triangle by choosing to be with someone, although I have a feeling it might not be the end of that story.

— What happens when Daphne can relate to Luca more than Regina? Her insecurities about their age difference will flare up. The question is how her new guy responds to all of it.

— Melody, once again, proves just how amazing she really is

— Daphne will realize everything she missed out on when she was away…friends, classes, Mingo…but maybe not for long when it comes to the latter?

— Two characters decide to move in together

— The show has never shied away from tackling serious topics. Towards the end, we see two of our characters in a pickle when a racism and cultural appropriation issue crops up on campus thanks to the overwhelming power of social media.

How happy/sad are you for the final ten episodes of the show? Which character did you miss the most? Which of these storylines are you most excited to see play out?

“Switched at Birth” returns January 31 to Freeform.

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