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Scene Of The Week - January 22, 2017 + POLL

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A weekly feature in which we're trying to find the most compelling, best acted, written, directed and just generally great, memorable scenes that we've seen in past seven days on TV.

COLONY, "Somewhere Out There", January 19, 2017, Actor: Amanda Righetti
The Scene: Maddie touches a cube (picked by Darth Locke)

EMERALD CITY, "Science and Magic", January 20, 2017, Actors: Adria Arjona, Oliver Jackson-Cohen
The Scene: Dorothy shares music with Lucas
Marko Pekic:
Goosebumps all the way. They really created beautiful magic between Dorothy and Lucas. The music just enhanced the scene and let the spark between them take over the screen. One of my favorite scenes of the season for sure.

FREQUENCY, "Harmonic", January 18, 2017, Actors: Peyton List, Devin Kelley and more, The Scene: The ending
Marko Pekic:
Raimy and Julie reunite and the Real Nightingale is revealed. Such a perfect conclusion to a gripping episode. Peyton and Devin share amazing chemistry on screen so the reunion combined with an amazing track followed by the creepy reveal of the real Nightingale made an amazing final scene.
Luana Arturi: Raimy gets Julie back. After so much struggling Raimy finally gets to hug her mom, Peyton List was amazing as she hugged her mother like she was holding on for dear life. I'm glad they finally get a win, and I hope it lasts.

GIRL MEETS WORLD, "Girl Meets Goodbye", January 20, 2017, Actors: Rider Strong, Sabrina Carpenter, The Scene: Shawn presents Maya with adoption papers
Klutzy girl:
Their relationship is one of my favorites on the show, and I'm so thrilled they're going to make it official because he is her father in every way that matters. And while it was a little weird to hear her call him "Dad" and be referred to as Maya Hunter, it was also amazing. They've come a long way in three seasons.

HOMELAND, "Fair Game", January 15, 2017, Actors: Claire Danes, Rupert Friend
The Scene: Carrie takes Quinn home
Darth Locke:
Carrie takes Quinn home and locks him in her lower apartment space.

IT'S ALWAYS SUNNY IN PHILADELPHIA, "Old Lady House: A Situation Comedy", January 18, 2017, Actors: Glenn Howerton and more, The Scene: The ending
Laura Markus:
It was revealed that the scene of the Gang watching back the tapes and laughing about it was also being watched and manipulated by Dennis. He truly showed what a creative genius he is in this very meta episode, and the ending solidified that. Also picked by Max Conte

LUCIFER, "Stewardess Interruptus", January 16, 2017, Actors: Diana Bang and more, The Scene: The introduction of Suki Price
The woman stepped out of her bathroom ready to demand why the cops were there, then she spotted Lucifer and ducked back in. When she emerged again she was spraying air-freshener over her shoulder so Lucifer wouldn't by what she'd just been doing in the bathroom. The actress' timing was perfect. I laughed so hard I couldn't breathe.

MAN SEEKING WOMAN, "Horse", January 18, 2017, Actors: Eric André, Katie Findlay, The Scene: Lucy and Mike get trapped in a mine
Max Conte:
Lucy and Mike go to a bar, which is actually a mine that collapses and traps them. After lengths of awkward silence and attempts from Lucy to start a conversation, they finally find some common ground: Josh. This scene is a perfect example of how the series so masterfully blends relatable scenarios with absurd humour.

MARVEL'S AGENTS OF SHIELD, "The Patriot", January 17, 2017, Actors: Jason O'Mara and more, The Scene: The reveal that Mace is NOT Inhuman
Tyler James:
I've been suspicious of Mace ever since he was introduced earlier in the season. It was obvious that he had secrets however I never once considered the possibility that this was it. I'm glad that he seems to be a good guy and isn't caught up in any undercover organisation such as Hydra or something similar as I had originally suspected.

SHADOWHUNTERS, "Parabatai Lost", January 16, 2017, Actors: Dominic Sherwood, Matthew Daddario and more, The Scene: Jace comes back for Alec
Justyna K:
Let me start by saying that for most of the show's run I've been a rather casual viewer, trying to make up my mind regarding the series. Thanks to the scenes like this one, I feel definitely more interested in the story and season two is already making a much better impression on me than the first one ever did. About the scene itself, it has to be my favorite moment of the show so far. It's beautifully written and acted (Dominic Sherwood's best performance yet), and it focuses on the incredible bond between two brothers and best friends, the Parabatai. And the Parabatai oath said by desperate Jace, as well as in the memory, was such a powerful part that it stayed with me since the moment I finished the episode. I honestly didn't expect to be this moved by the show but watching this emotional scene was truly heartbreaking. "Please don’t leave me, Alec." I'm so glad to see that despite all odds, Jace was able to reach Alec and bring him back from the edge. I'd love to see more of their friendship, knowing just how far they're willing to go to save each other. It makes me think of some of my favorite duos on TV and I'm very much excited to see what's going to happen next. Kudos to cast & crew for their great work on the episode!

SHERLOCK, "The Final Problem", January 15, 2017, Actors: Benedict Cumberbatch, Louise Brealey, Mark Gatiss and more, The Scenes: Sherlock's choice & The "I love you" phone call
Justyna K:
Once again, this was a brilliant episode and such an intense, wonderfully done season finale of the show. I would be absolutely heartbroken if it would be the end of the story, but if it was, I can at least say it was a great one. And in this fantastic episode I couldn't quite decide on which single scene to highlight. Until I thought of the part where Sherlock has to make a choice between his best friend and his brother. For anyone watching the show, it wouldn't be surprising to know that the one person that Sherlock Holmes was never quite able to stay without was John Watson. His relationship with his older brother was always a complicated one, making his choice a clear one for quite a few (like Moriarty or Mycroft). While Watson comes to understand it would make more sense for Sherlock to choose his brother over him, as he is his family and another genius to help stop their sister, Mycroft knows right from the beginning that if it came to such a choice, he would be the one to end up dead. And not only he accepts it without a word, he starts provoking Sherlock and diminishing John, just to make it easier for his little brother to shoot him. That's quite a sacrifice, a true act of love that we wouldn't necessarily expect from Mycroft. Which is exactly what makes this moment such a powerful one. But between John and Mycroft, there stands Sherlock Holmes. And he simply refuses to play Eurus' game and kill someone he loves. Even though he follows Mycroft's logic at first, he's not willing to end his life, instead choosing a sacrifice of his own. His choice is to ultimately take his own life. And while it makes sense that he expected Eurus to stop him, in that moment, it's quite clear he's willing to go through with his decision to save both John and Mycroft. Such an intense, powerful and memorable scene. Beautifully acted & written by all three actors and the crew. Kudos! I miss the show already.
Saloni: After Eurus tells Sherlock to shoot either John or Mycroft, and the latters tells Sherlock to shoot Watson instead. Luckily, Sherlock sees through Mycroft's act. SO SO SO intense. I was very nervous that Holmes would kill Holmes. Such phenomenal acting.
Donna Chidley: Sherlock trying to get Molly Hooper to say she loves him in order to save her from what he believes is a bomb, it's heartbreaking to watch as we know she always had feelings for Sherlock.

SWEET/VICIOUS, "Back to Black", January 17, 2017, Actors: Taylor Dearden, Eliza Bennett, Aisha Dee, The Scenes: Kennedy apologizes to Jules & Ophelia confronts Kennedy
Luana Arturi:
Kennedy apologizes to Jules. Finally Kennedy realized the truth and that she wasn't ready to accept something like that happened and she wasn't able to be there for her friend. Aisha Dee finally got her moment to shine and it was stunning, sharing the scene with Eliza didn't hurt either.
Samantha Benjamin: Ophelia confronts Kennedy over her treatment of Jules. It was a short but fantastic scene with Ophelia telling Kennedy some much needed home truths, and has gone a long way in redeeming Kennedy for me as I've previously found her attitude really off-putting & annoying.

TEEN WOLF, "Blitzkrieg", January 17, 2017, Actors: Linden Ashby, Joey Honsa and more, The Scenes: Sheriff remembers everything & Sheriff's speech to the pack & The montage of Sheriff bringing back Stiles' room
Justyna K:
It was one of the best episodes of the season and many powerful, emotional moments happened during this hour. I could highlight the disappearance of multiple fan favorite characters (Melissa, Argent!), Peter's surprising sacrifice or the gang's quest to find and enter the rift, but in the end, it's all the scenes with Sheriff Stilinski that truly stole the episode for me. And I'm so glad they're all included in the article. Each of these three scenes was beautifully done and acted, but let me focus on the one where Sheriff finally remembers his son and realizes his wife isn't real. First of all, Linden Ashby gave one of his best (if not the best) performances on the show. Once Noah Stilinski was able to bring back Stiles' room and the memories of him started to come back, all he wanted was to share the news with his beloved wife. The second she enters Stiles' bedroom and everything fades away, the truth becomes clear and Sheriff's excitement turns into sadness. It's absolutely heartbreaking to watch the two of them telling two different versions of their story, one they always dreamt about and the real one, where she died years ago. And with that one memory, Claudia's last good day before her death, with Stiles and Noah by her side, the Sheriff both loses his wife again and finally remembers his son. "...and when you finally closed your eyes, I knew you were gone." The fact that in the end he could only get back one of them might just be the most tragic part of this season's story. Gut-wrenching, perfectly done scene. Kudos!
Dahne: Sheriff realizes that Claudia is not real. Watching the excitement on Sheriff's face as he explains to Claudia that their son exists turn to sorrow as he realizes that she doesn't really exist was incredibly power and heartbreaking. He tells her that he doesn't remember their recent past and that all the things she's talking about were simply things they wanted to do before she got sick. Then, cradling a picture of his wife and son, he relives her final moments. It was gut-wrenching. Sheriff's tears make me tear up as well.
Klutzy girl: Noah finally remembers Stiles. This arc has been frustrating but Linden was fantastic upon realizing that Claudia isn't real but Stiles is. This was such a great scene.
Nirat Anop: Stiles’ name reveal. Mieczysław Stilinski, what a lovely story behind his name. I loved how mischief was used as a nickname of sorts, it was a great representation of a part of Stiles' personality. From the pilot Stiles has been mischievous, sneaking out, listening into police briefs, defying orders to help his friend and even now, being trapped, he still does the opposite of what he's supposed to do. Linden Ashby's delivery was full of emotion and made the scene that much stronger. This is definitely one of the best episodes of the season!
Tyler James: Montage of Mr Stilinski putting the pieces of Stiles' room back together by following the string. Such a powerful scene and a moment that I have been anticipating for quite a while now.
Prpleight: Sheriff Stilinski strings the red yard and rebuilds the memory of his son, Stiles. I waited all season for the Sheriff to remember his son. Stiles and the Sheriff are at the core of one of my favorite Teen Wolf scenes in the entire run of the series and that relationship was the center of this scene. Watching his presence return in layers (the red string, the cork board, desk, bed) was a beautiful way of illustrating what was going on in the Sheriff's memory.

THE BLACKLIST, "The Harem", January 19, 2017, Actors: James Spader, Megan Boone
The Scene: Red and Liz talk about Mr. Kaplan
Geo N:
Red tells Liz that Mr. Kaplan's sister is on the WITSEC list and Liz tells Red that she knows about what happened to Mr. Kaplan. It was a perfect scene that involved a great story by Red and a reveal that fans have been waiting for since close to the beginning of the season.

THE GOOD PLACE, "Michael's Gambit", January 19, 2017, Actors: Kristen Bell, Ted Danson and more, The Scene: The Reveal
Nirat Anop:
Holy fork! I never expected the writers to give us a cluster fork of a plot twist that was handled with the utmost brilliance! The writing was believable, everything just makes sense. The reasons why it happened was done with perfection and believability, nothing absurd like some dramas use to explain their divisive changes in narratives. I couldn’t be more happy with that finale, it was so strong and Ted Danson with his creepy smile and laugh were incredible. Every time I look at him now, I can’t look at him the in the same way. Michael was so sweet at first but now that we know he’s from the Bad Place and orchestrated this torture, everything is seen through a darkened lens. NBC, you have to renew this, bad points are watching you.
Klutzy girl: The reveal that they're actually in the Bad Place was so well done I'm still reeling. I didn't see it coming even though a lot of things make sense now. Ted Danson's transition from cheerful Michael to Bad Place Michael in seconds was terrifying and so good. And the fact that Eleanor managed to figure all this out was amazing.
Milo: The plot twist at the end of the finale was amazing. It worked really well with the whole built up to the reveal and the plot twist just stunned me. Really helped elevate this show from "good" to "great" and I can't wait to see where they go from here in Season 2 if it gets one. I'm kind of tempted to rewatch the season now with that revelation in mind. Also picked by Samantha Benjamin

THE VAMPIRE DIARIES, "The Simple Intimacy of the Near Touch", January 20, 2017, Actors: Ian Somerhalder, Paul Wesley and more, The Scene: The Miss Mystic Fall dance
Marko Pekic:
Ohhh my gosh all the feels. If you hear a Sara Bareilles song (She Used To Be Mine) in a TVD scene, it is certain to be one hell of a scene. Once again TVD went all out on their second Miss Mystic Fall dance, using the nostalgia and all the emotions to build up another memorable scene in the legacy.

THIS IS US, "The Big Day", January 17, 2017, Actors: Mandy Moore, Gerald McRaney and more, The Scenes: Dr. K cries at the graveyard & Rebecca talks to the triplets & Dr. K tells his wife he is moving on
Nirat Anop:
Dr. K cries at the graveyard. Just listening to the love he had for his wife and how the pain of losing her was so unbearable for him, he was struggling to live, made me so emotional. I don’t think there was a second where I wasn’t teary eyed. The stunning performance from Gerald McRaney made all the difference in the world. This Is Us has given us incredible male characters, with Jack, one of the best portrayals, if not the best father (and husband too) on TV right now, to Dr. K, an amazing husband.
Luana Arturi: Rebecca talks to the triplets about her fears and dreams. Mandy Moore has been killing it, but this episode that focused on the past, gave her the perfect oportunity to shine a light on her amazing acting skills, from her frustracion with the unexpected, to her realization that she was afraid she wouldn't be a good enough mom for her kids, fears every parent must face. This show keeps solidifying as one of the best family dramas in years.
Prpleight: Dr. K tells his wife he is moving on. After giving Jack the strength to take one of life's most difficult and sourest lemons and turn it into lemonade, he returns home determined to, at least, move on with his life.

TIMELESS, "The World's Columbian Exposition", January 16, 2017, Actors: Abigail Spencer, Matt Lanter, Malcolm Barrett, The Scene: Lucy rescues and reunites with Wyatt and Rufus
Tyler James:
Lucy rescues and reunites with Wyatt and Rufus (with the help of Harry Houdini). It was nice to see the team back together again and I'm really glad that the writers decided not to stretch that plot out over several episodes.

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