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Good Behavior - All The Things (Season Finale) - Review "She's Very Special" + POLL

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All The Things was written by Blake Crouch & Sarah Berry and directed by Magnus Martens. A fitting close to a very enjoyable season. One too few tried.

Opening the episode with a dream scene was a good choice, it showed how Letty's guilt was eating away at her. Also implied that this precursor to a future outcome was going to be altered.

As Letty wins custody of Jacob, I liked how Michelle Dockery portrayed the character's reaction ever so genuinely before realizing it was a result of Letty's deal with the FBI.

I wasn’t a fan of Sean’s reaction to Letty winning custody, (he did get visitation rights) especially that look in his eye, “the same look he has when he’s about to hit” Letty, yet another small tidbit into the toxic relationship they used to share.

“I think it’ll be better if he’s with us”

Back at home, I liked that Jacob wanted Javier to be with them. They definitely had developed a bond whilst he was around and I enjoyed their dynamic. I hope to see more of it if we get a second season.

I’m really glad we got a few Letty and Christian's hijinks. Their first scam together was a lot of fun. I absolutely loved how Letty explained to Christian that the Rhonda was clearly attracted to him, “Christian, she thumb f*cked your mouth”. The entire exchange was hilarious, especially Christian's obliviousness.

“I know who you are idiot, I arrested you”

Letty miming out how to ask out Rhonda to Christian whilst he was on of the phone was great. On a serious note, I think it's important to note that Christian was excited to have another duplicitous adventure once more, I think it shows how susceptible we are to danger and the rush of adrenaline that follows it. He mirrors Letty in that way, unable to escape who you are. Once on the date, quite a few more amusing moments played out but I did find it funny when Letty sent a fake cruise trip winning text to Rhonda, who responded with "Kill yourself". So, in the end, Letty got the details from the phone and Christian found a connection in someone.

“But if we do sleep together, that’s also work related”

Letty arriving at the hotel, searching for Javier was one of the best parts of the episode. I loved her dark-haired wig, her long black dress, the whole ensemble looked very cool and noir-inspired to me. The discussion between the front desk lady and Letty was also another fun moment, from trying to spell Pereira to the role playing reveal. Michelle Dockery does some of her best work in these comedic moments and I love watching them.

One of the best pieces of cinematography throughout this beautifully filmed season - besides the excellent noir influences - have been Letty walking down hallways in hotels, I never knew such a mundane act could look so good. Her clothing, the lighting, it all compliments one another so well. Yet another entertaining scene was watching Letty go from floor to floor, knocking on each room, trying to find Javier. That one lady really wanted her room service.

“We're a good team”

I was really glad to see that Javier was found so quickly. It was a bit disheartening to see their relationship so fractured. Juan Diego Botto showed a new side to Javier through this distance between the two, Letty really hurt him and it was exceedingly evident. Letty’s relentless in leaving Javier was admirable. She followed him around like a child in a store. Both sort of throwing tantrums in the store as they fight to get what they want.

“I’m happy for you, please, go and be happy”

I’m not sure if it was a conscious act but I loved the clear delineation between Letty and Javier, for a lot of the episode, Javier is dressed completely in white (which suits him quite well), the color has symbolic reference to patience, calmness, control and honesty amongst many other elements whilst Letty was all in black, representative of darkness and destruction. It may have been the costume designers choice or not but I really adored it. They were yin and yang, two pieces of a whole.

It was interesting to see Letty try to reignite the romance between the two, the physicality was more rough and devoid of affection as we've seen before, there was less connection. I think Javier's expressions throughout the scene were bold, this forceful way to reconnect wasn't the right way but I suppose that's all Letty could think of to unite once more. The simple question of was Sean or Javier better was a clear tell that Letty moved way too quickly when the heart only heals slowly.

“You will treat them with respect”

Moving on, I wasn't a fan of how Sean getting aggressive with Estelle plus then swearing her too. Rob defending her was really fantastic, showed more of his character and that he really cares of both Estelle and Jacob.

I was worried about Letty walking into a bar, was this her undoing, yet again? I enjoyed what the bartender had to say about change and how most people don't want to. It's a fascinating discussion, change needs to happen, without it, how can evolution occur, will progress survive. Surviving means you must evolve to the occasion. Changing isn't bad unless you are forced into it and it harms you. The change that both Letty and Javier were experiencing was a beneficial one, they changed together, becoming better people who could then help better those around them.

“When you're with someone, they always want to change you, and who really wants to change”

Change is perceptive and change isn’t easy. There are symbols for change throughout the world and in history. Give a person someone they want to follow, they will change. People only don’t want to change when they feel they are perfect themselves, which is fine depending on your circumstances. Society, of course, forces people to act in a certain way (for some sort of acceptance), one that is normalized into this fabric of manufactured perfection rather than allow people to thrive individually, so change is both forced and natural.

“Maybe, but I can’t do it alone”

The shots of Letty crying in half of the frame with the other half being the reflection of Javier in the mirror with a cold response was excellent!

“If you don’t want to be with me then that’s fine but please don’t walk in there and throw your life away.”

Letty trying to undo turning in Javier by telling him the truth hoping he'll alter his course in life was a striking scene. Michelle Dockery and Juan Diego Botto were both incredible during this moment, the emotions and the way the camera just let them express themselves were spectacular to watch.

“If you’re going to raise a kid, you’re going to have to be totally selfless and that’s something you’re going to wanna try on”

“He needs time alone, like you” - Seeing Estelle break down over losing Jacob, a somewhat son to her was heartbreaking. They’ve grown together for so long and you could feel her sadness in losing him. Lusia Strus was really strong in this scene. It was really nice to see them exchange stories, Estelle being supportive, they've shown such growth this season.

When Javier left Letty in the elevator at the hotel, I thought it was because a part of him wanted to be arrested so he could atone for his sins in a way. Seeing him show up at Letty’s door was sort of like a fairytale. I guess he decided he also didn’t want to be a separate person and that Letty, as messy as she is, was something he needed and wanted, someone rare that mirrored him in ways, challenged him and accepted him.

It was nice to see mother and daughter embrace in a hug, one that could be their last as Letty leaves with Jacob and Javier (in a sort of Bonnie and Clyde way).

“She’s very special”

It was a beautiful ending, kind of perfect. Letty was happy, as was Javier, even Christian found some joy with FBI Agent Rhonda Lashever. Judge Judy brings people together I guess.

“She is always honest. I don’t mean with words, words are easy."
“If she’s not honest with her words, what is she honest with?”
“With her actions, the way she lives her life, your genuine action will explain itself, will explain your other genuine actions. Your conformity explains nothing.”

“Your genuine actions explain everything, you’re conformity explains nothing” - Stunning dialogue, acting recklessly, being who you are are all a showcase of your honest self but conforming to societal constructions, being something you are not, is nothing but a figment of what you really are. Don't become sewn into the replicated sameness of life, be free and uniquely you. It's with this audacious, raw truth that few will accept but in it, will reveal another's truth. I just found this dialogue to be such a brilliant way to close the season. As hard as Letty fought, the mistake she made, it was her true self and only Javier, amidst his human faults, recognized it and in turn, accepted it. And I think that's love.

Thank you TNT, this show has been such an enjoyable ride, I dont think I’ve loved a duo as much as Letty and Javier in a while. When so much on TV is lifeless, rebooted and uninspired it was a joy to watch something so original and unexpected as Good Behavior. I enjoyed it immensely. Thank you so much to Michelle Dockery and Juan Diego Botto for your award worthy performances and to Chad Hodge and Blake Crouch for bringing this show to life, it's from your vision we found something beautiful in this cluttered TV landscape. Fingers crossed TNT will renew this show for a 2nd season, it’s been my utmost pleasure to review this show for you. Thank you for commenting, reading and being wonderful people.

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