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Chicago Med - Uncharted Territory - Review

“You can’t control ignorance, only how you act.”

Two MMA fighters are brought to the hospital, Ricky and Cyrus, after their fight was stopped by a doctor. It’s more than just a match between these two, there’s serious hatred there. Sadly, a lot of that hatred seems to stem from religious differences. Ethan treats both patients and is clearly affected by the tension and hatred. Things get a bit personal when Ricky’s brother makes racial assumptions about Ethan as well. Can’t Ethan catch a break?! The poor guy gets the most difficult cases with the most difficult people. Please, can’t we give him someone nice? Even though it’s tough to watch Ethan deal with some of humanity’s worst, the way he handles it time and time again make him more and more lovable.

And you know what? Perhaps no one is beyond redemption, beyond forgiveness—even those who don’t deserve it. There’s a saying that goes, “Forgiveness doesn’t change the past, but it can change the future.” Cyrus takes a turn for the worst, as in a coma that he won’t wake up from. Even then, his family doesn’t give up hope. Instead, they pray. I believe people can change, even the worst people. Ricky, though initially hateful toward Cyrus, seems to have a change of heart upon learning he won’t wake up from his coma. It’s one thing to feel remorse, it’s another entirely to accept someone’s remorse and offer forgiveness. Cyrus’ father, a man of faith, asks Ricky to pray with them and offers a hand. Taking a note from him, Ethan offers an olive branch to Ricky’s brother as well.

“We are not terminating this pregnancy.”

Tate and April have their first ultrasound, as they made the decision to move forward with the pregnancy despite the risks. Confession time—if these two don’t make it as a couple, I will be crushed. I love them so much. I will also be crushed if this baby doesn’t make it. It was adorable to see Tate and April banter over having a linebacker or scientist, but more importantly, the OBGYN discovered their baby’s brain development might be slow, which could be a side effect of April’s TB meds. The option to abort resurfaces, but April’s not having it. Tate is understandably concerned, and I’m worried this will divide the two.

“If you’re going through hell, keep going.”

Sarah astutely observes Daniel’s feelings of inferiority around Connor, specifically Connor and Robyn. It’s a battle Daniel’s been fighting since Robyn made her first appearance, but it appears that he’s conceded and at least somewhat accepted that Robyn and Connor are an item and that he isn’t the main man in his daughter’s life (not that he really ever was). I’m on board with the relationship between Connor and Robyn as long as it finds a place to exist that doesn’t include Daniel. And by that I mean the focus of the relationship being on Daniel’s issues with it needs to be over—let this relationship be about the two people it actually concerns. One, because that’s how it should be. But two, because Daniel’s involvement has made him less likable and I can’t stand that!

Daniel is tasked this hour with assessing a heart patient’s likelihood of becoming an addict again if/when she receives a transplant. Perhaps his own life—his issues with his daughter and her relationship with Connor—led him to his final decision regarding his patient. Instead of looking at everything that could go wrong, he chose to look at what could go right. Let’s hope he carries that attitude into his personal life.

“I’m getting a second chance. I’m not wasting a day of it.”

Natalie and Jeff seem to be doing really well at the start of the hour, like really well. So naturally, something’s going to go wrong. But before things go wrong, the two start treating Ted Baylor, a young guy initially in the ER for diabetes. Natalie then finds gallstones and later lung cancer. The bad just keeps piling on for Ted, someone who’s easy to root for right away. He’s sweet and awkwardly charming and his immediate desire to make lifestyle changes is inspiring. But when Connor diagnoses a heart problem, Ted’s odds suddenly don’t look so good. Operating is a risk because of his pancreatitis, but not operating is a risk because, well, your heart is kind of an important organ. Sadly and a bit shockingly, Ted dies. For whatever reason, this one really stung. To make matters worse, it’s later confirmed he died of tumor lysis syndrome, something unbelievably rare.

Ted’s fate might be tied to Jeff and Natalie’s. Before Ted downward spirals, Jeff comes clean to Natalie about something in their past. Natalie earlier wondered why she lost touch with Jeff, and he reveals it was because he somewhat revealed that he might have feelings for Natalie…to her husband. She’s furious, and her reasoning makes sense. “I was terrified to move on from Jeff, even more afraid to get involved with you, my husband’s best friend. And yet I thought, there is no one Jeff would approve of me being in a relationship with more than you.” Methinks this is the beginning of the end of Jeff and Natalie, as her only reason for being with him is gone. I’m ready for this relationship to end (too soon to start chanting for Will and Natalie?), but I also don’t want to lose Jeff, or Nina, for that matter.

“Talk about sudden onset disasters…”

Though Nina doesn’t make an appearance in the episode, things are somehow still going well between her and Will. Will doesn’t get to enjoy his romantic surprise for long either, as Dr. Stohl makes his first and memorable appearance. He’s annoying but also hilarious, and happens to be the Chief of Emergency Medicine (also goes by “The Troll”). I get the feeling Dr. Stohl will pop in now and then moving forward, much to Will’s chagrin. Seriously, he hates the guy and it’s entertaining to watch.

What did you think of the episode? Has Daniel finally accepted his daughter’s relationship with Connor? Is this the end of Natalie and Jeff? What does April and Tate’s future hold? Share your thoughts below!