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Grimm - Trust Me Knot - Advance Review + Teasers

Hi guys! Can't believe we're already at the second episode of this season. The sixth installment is full of action, as you might have seen. The episode will be focused on Sean Renard's arrest and all the consequences this is going to bring to the plot. Also, the episode provides some good scenes with Bud (one of the best recurring characters in the show).
A quick synopsis for Trust Me KnotHank and Wu find a solution to stop Renard while Nick is still on the run. Adalind receives a phone call that throws her into the middle of everything. Back at the spice shop, Monroe and Rosalee's adventure in babysitting takes an interesting turn when Diana demonstrates her power. Meanwhile, Eve and Trubel work to solve the mystery of the cloth found with the healing stick.

Some teasers from the episode:

- The action takes place right after the end of the season premiere.
- Monroe drops the bomb about Rosalee in an absolutely funny way.
- Eve wants to do something for the Scoobies.
- Finally they're talking about that magical stick which can be as powerful as dangerous.
- So Diana actually speaks and she can be nice. Watch out: she's too much curious.
- Please, give Bud more scenes. He's priceless.
- There's a rope and three people involve. Not what you think, don't be kinky.
- At some point, the Scoobies learn something about Diana's powers and it's something very crucial for the plot.
- Oh Captain, my Captain Renard, what have you done?

Some quotes from the episode:

"Whatever happens to Nick, it's gonna happen to you".

"How are you feeling?" "Different."
"You know where cinnamom comes from?" "Do you?"
"You are SO like Nick is your dad."
"What about your wife?" "Uh, well probably she won't like live down here."
"I like him. He doesn't talk much."
"Hey. You better be alive when I'll come back."

I hope those teasers are enough for you. As always, I'm here to answers your questions, if I can.
Remember to tune on Grimm tomorrow night on NBC.