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Chicago Med - Graveyard Shift - Review

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All in all, it was a pretty dreary hour, which makes the title “Graveyard Shift” more applicable than the simple fact that some of our favorite doctors and nurses work the night shift in the latest episode.

“So much of my work…it’s dark, man. The worst of human nature. But animals, not to say they don’t kill each other, but they don’t do it out of malice. They’re innocent. They’re light.”

There’s something you should know—I love going to the zoo. Seriously, it’s one of my favorite things to do. And who doesn’t love pandas?! They have to be one of the most adorable animals on the planet (don’t Google adorable animals unless you’d like to get sucked into a black hole of cuteness for several hours). That being said, this case was absurd. I appreciate the show drawing attention to the tragic fact that pandas are endangered, and also the semi-realistic way they justified having a panda at the hospital (good publicity, donations, saving human lives). Other than that, I didn’t care for this story. But, I’ll discuss it nonetheless!

Ethan first brings the high profile case to Sharon, and their initial conversation leads us to believe some high profile, foreign diplomat will be having a procedure done at the hospital. But no, it is, in fact, a giant panda. They bring in Connor, who was out with Robyn at fancy function, and he reluctantly agrees to operate on the giant panda. Not surprisingly, Connor successfully performs the heart surgery.

While I didn’t care for the story, I did enjoy a few byproducts of it. Ethan and Connor started developing a friendship late last season, and it’s something that has been lacking so far this year. This case brought them back together and should serve as proof to the writers why they need more scenes together! I also loved what the story revealed about Ethan. He adopted the parrot last year, but we haven’t seen much of it this season. It’s comforting to know that having the parrot (along with the tough job he has) inspired Ethan to volunteer at the zoo.

“Their lives are over.”

Will works with Clark and Dr. Wheeler to save three teens in the hospital with strange symptoms. All three continue to deteriorate, which isn’t helped by Dr. Wheeler’s inability to handle the case. Will later realizes Dr. Wheeler is drunk, and as they attempt to move Wheeler to the lounge, he pukes right in front of Dr. Stohl. Yikes. He’s not likely to let that one go. I imagine Will going relatively easy on Wheeler won’t impress Dr. Stohl either. This story isn’t over.

“I’m tired of living in a world I don’t understand.”

Dr. Charles begins working with Dr. Latham to assess his emotional responses, going off of Dr. Latham’s questions in the previous episode. Among other things, Dr. Latham is unable to detect sarcasm. Dr. Latham believes himself to have Asperger’s, and Dr. Charles agrees. It all makes sense now! Watching this, I’m almost kicking myself for not seeing this sooner. What develops after the diagnosis though is where the true story lies, and if you’re like me, it completely broke your heart.

The nurses know Dr. Latham isn’t in tune with his emotions as well, and go so far as to call other doctors (Sarah, in this case) to call time of death and interact with the patient’s families. When Dr. Latham finds out, he makes up his mind—he’s going with TMS, a new and potentially harmful treatment for his Asperger’s. All Dr. Latham wants is to understand and be understood, which makes his eagerness to try the riskier treatment all the more heartbreaking. For someone who is so cautious, so intelligent, and so by-the-book, it seems he’ll do anything to just feel. He’s so desperate, in fact, that he insists Dr. Charles calls the TMS specialist at 3 am to perform the first session. After the treatment, Dr. Latham has a new understanding of the video he previously watched—he understood the sarcasm. Might this be the beginning of a different Dr. Latham?

“I just wanted more of you.”

Things are looking pretty good for Robyn. Not only is her relationship with Connor clearly going strong, but she and her dad take some giant steps in the right direction to repair their relationship. The two finally have a heart to heart and realize there’s a lot more love there and desire for a relationship than either realized. And when he pulled out her pebble from when she was a kid? Tears. I love it.

“They all died.”

Sarah is on call for the night and has pretty much the worst night imaginable. After finalizing instructions for her own patient with the nurses, Sarah pockets her espresso beans, refuses Dr. Charles’ advice to be on the “other side” and undergo therapy, and settles in for the night. Unfortunately, she’s paged to call time of death for several patients, and her emotional state understandably deteriorates as the night progresses. By the end of the hour, she breaks down in Dr. Charles’ arms and agrees to have therapy. Look, everyone could use a little therapy. Good decision, Sarah!

Other thoughts…

Clark and Natalie are awkwardly cordial. Also, Natalie’s absence in this episode was felt. Never again!

I understand and respect April’s desire to work. But I think she was way too hard on Tate for being concerned. He loves her and their baby and he has every right to be concerned.

What is with this random doctor who creepily comments on how much she learns from Connor every time we see her? Is this the beginnings of a stalker story? What is happening?!

Line of the night
“One parrot and he’s Dr. Doolittle!”

What did you think of the episode? How will Dr. Latham’s story continue? Are Connor and Robyn the real deal? How will Will’s handling of Dr. Wheeler affect his standing with Dr. Stohl? Share your thoughts below!

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