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Charmed - In Development at The CW *Updated with Character Descriptions*

Character Descriptions

Tina: African American. Whip-smart, Tina is one dissertation (and one dissertation advisor) away from a PhD. She can be reserved, even standoffish, in uncomfortable situations, but she picks up on
everything and she’s definitely making quick, accurate judgments about you.

Paige: Caucasian Cheerful, curvy, wholesome and as all-American as the apple pie she can’t wait to serve to the husband she has yet to marry. Paige’s main goal in life is to marry a rich doctor and be a wife and mother.

Annie: Caucasian. Intense, smart, and quick to anger. She dresses neutrally, though she could give two s–ts if you like her outfit, so stop wondering what “neutral” means. But under that tough fa├žade, well… there is a fragility. A person desperate to be loved, and love.


Following a prolonged negotiation, the network is reteaming with Jane the Virgin showrunner Jennie Snyder Urman for a Charmed reboot, The Hollywood Reporter has learned.

The drama is described as a reimagining of the original TV series set in 1976. The reboot will be connected to the original series in some fashion, though it's not entirely clear at this point how that will come to pass.

Jane the Virgin writers Jessica O'Toole and Amy Rardin created the story. The script will be written by O'Toole and Rardin. Propgate Content's Ben Silverman, who exec produces Jane alongside O'Toole, Rardin and Urman, will serve in the same capacity. Jane director Brad Silberling will also exec produce and direct the pilot.

The project, which received a script commitment, hails from CBS Television Studios where both Urman and Silberling are under overall deals.

More than three years after CBS passed on the Charmed reboot they were working on -which is still talked about a lot by fans all over the world- The CW has landed a prequel to the cult WB series produced by the team of critically acclaimed dramedy Jane The Virgin.

Jane The Virgin creator Jennie Snyder Urman, as well as producer Brad Silverman, are behind the project which will follow three witches who fight evil in a small New England town during the eighties (1976), possibly the Halliwells’ ancestors from the Warren Line, the most powerful line of witches in history introduced in the original show.

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