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The Royals - Together With Remembrance of Ourselves - Review

Loyals welcome back to another exciting season of The Royals!

The season picks up right where last season let off and boy were we in for a treat!

It seems that Queen Helena was still on the search for King Simon’s remains, but they are still no where to be found. I’m not going to lie, at the end of last season I thought there was a possibility that he could be alive, but Cyrus stealing the remains makes perfect sense. Cyrus is no dummy when it comes to Helena’s antics, so when he planted a decoy and rolled around the palace in a “bubble", I honestly wasn’t too surprised. The show is still focusing on Cyrus’s cancer storyline...and I get it they want us to feel sorry for the character, but the story line is dragging on. There is no way they are going to kill Cyrus, as much as we love to hate him, he’s the heart of the show. I have to say though, Jake Maskall (the actor who plays Cyrus), can rock a Mohawk and kudos to him for being dedicated to the role.

Queen Helena seems to be on the straight and narrow path, but she still seems bored with her Royal duties. She enlists Rachel to set her up with one of her male doms. Now this part seems unrealistic to me, because Helena is one of the most eligible bachelorettes in the world, so I honestly doubt she would have this much trouble finding a guy. In true Queen Helena fashion she assumes that the first guy she sees is Rachel’s friend. She brings him into bedroom and doesn’t even question him. This part also was a little too unrealistic for me, I get that Helena made a mistake, but the new Lord Chamberlain didn’t even question the situation or speak up either. Even though it was totally unrealistic, it was nice change in the show for Helena. I like to see the fun side of her and hope they continue to do that this season. Oh and trust me that wasn’t a one time thing for Helena, I’m sure we will be seeing a lot more of the Lord Chamberlain this season.

Liam is as boring as ever. He feels responsible for Ted’s death and I mean yeah he should. It’s haunting him and he’s confiding in Wilhelmina. They are just “friends” though, I'm calling it now by episode 4 they end up being more than friends. Also haunting Liam is Robert, he feels as though he’s stuck in his brother’s shadow and can’t live up to him. Ha wait till he finds out Robert’s alive….should be like Simon vs. Cyrus all over again. Look William Moseley is really nice to look at and he plays the part well. I just feel that his storylines are too generic and the role needs to be a little juicer. Hopefully once Robert is found, then we can see an edgier Liam.

Speaking of Robert, we finally got to see what he looks like. Instead of struggling on the deserted island, Robert actually seems to be doing quite well. I’m sure that is due to his training. Throughout the episode it seems like Robert was desperately trying to return home, that was until a boat passed by his campsite. Instead of running to be found, Robert hid. I have a theory and I could be wrong, but someone ordered that hit on Robert. Now I don’t think Ted admitted to that or I forget. It's been a year so I don't remember exactly everything that went down last season,so feel free to correct me if I'm wrong. If I'm not though, I think that was just assumed that Ted ordered the hit. Maybe Robert ordered the hit on himself? There is obviously a lot we don’t know about him and I’m sure we’ll learn more as the season progresses.

Now onto my favorite character Princess Eleanor. For once the princess seems to be in a really good place and that has a lot to do with Jasper. She is slowly letting him in and by the end of the episode she forgives him. In true Eleanor fashion, she tells Jasper “To come back later and ask her on a date”. He does and she says, “She’s busy painting her room”. Jasper understands and Eleanor tells him “Don’t give up on me”. He’s not going and this is exactly what I’ve been waiting three seasons for! They are taking it slow and Eleanor has every right to want to. Jasper was awful to her, but there is no denying the chemistry they have. They understand each others "dark sides" and are willing to see the best in each other. Throughout the season we are going to slowly watch Eleanor let Jasper in and I can’t wait to finally see their romantic journey begin.

Side Notes:
-How funny was the Huge Grant reference?
-I love how it alluded to Hurley’s real life romance with Hugh Grant.
-It was so cute when Jasper went down to the tunnels to celebrate Eleanor telling him to ask her on a date.
-I’m really sad to see James Hill go as Eleanor’s bodyguard, but happy he’ll be watching over the whole Royal family.
-Stuart’s dead….I mean not really much of a loss since, we didn’t get to know him.
-I could be blanking, but have we seen that blonde girl Liam was with before? I thought it could be Stuart’s daughter, but I don’t think it’s the same actress.

What did you think of the season opener? Are happy Eleanor is giving Jasper a chance? Why do you think Robert doesn’t want to be found? Any thoughts on what could happen this season? Sound off below.

Also be sure to check back for weekly reviews on The Royals.


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