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Sweet/Vicious - Sucker - Review: No Salvation For A Bad Boy

"The only time that I feel like myself is when I'm wearing that black suit."


Hey, guys, I've just taken over the reviews of this show so I'm starting fro the last episode that aired last Tuesday, specially because I think it was the best one so far. Not only because of the overall greatness of the story-line, acting and character development, but also, I mean, who doesn't like a good training montage?

I looks like Ophelia thinks that because she watched a lot of Kung-Fu movies and she thinks she absorbes the knowledge Matrix-style. She quickly learns how wrong she is, but we also get to see she has some very good skills, like throwing knives without looking, but they don't really adres the why or how she learned that, I hope there is a reason for her to know those things beyond entertainment value.

Later we have an introduction to a sort of case-of-the-week where we see the aftermath of an attack on a girl called Jesse. The guy, Max Conner, is one of the names on the wall Jules proposes to investigate. They find out they met on the app Mate and they agree to investigate more later because Jules is really behind on her classes, to avoid missing any time of crime fighting Ophelia offers to help at the same time. So they go to the record store.

Over at the house, Kennedy's excited about a visit from Leslie Garner, her idol, and when she finds out Gaby and Fiona are high on mushrooms she sends them to the record store for Jules to baby-sit, so they don't ruin the day. But they want to go ahead with the investigation on Max so they dump the girls on Harris, in spite of knowing he's working on his essay. Luckily Fiona ends up helping since she's pre-law and her mom is a Federal Circuit judge, which really impresses him. I really love Brandon Mychal Smith since I saw him in You're Te Worst, he's amazing and hilarious.

The girls start digging into Max, Ophelia hacks Jesse's digital life and finds a video where she talks about what happened, about the heart-shaped birth mark he had on his collarbone and blames herself for getting in a situation like that. This really affects Jules and she start's having flashbacks of Nate on top of her so she leaves Ophelia's house and as she walks on the street upset, Tyler tries to catch her attention by touching her shoulder and she punches his throat.

Tyler: Oh, my gosh, you have incredible reflexes.
Jules: You can't compliment me. I just punched you in the throat.
Tyler: Seriously, that was as impressive a it was painful.

His reaction is so funny, this guy isn't deterred by anything! They talk for a bit until police officer Mike Veach, who I think is a family friend, walks up to them and tells him they're looking for Carter because he never showed up to make a statement about the rape accusations. After that, Jules almost literally runs away to talk to Ophelia, she's terrified that if they start looking into Carter they'll find out what truly happened.

Ophelia shows her a cage where she's keeping the phone that apparently prevents it from being located, and she can program it to say it's anywhere in the world (don't ask me how). So, they use it to text Tyler and tell him he went snowboarding in Canada, which was apparently a normal thing for him. Then Ophelia sees Max liked one of the fake profiles she'd created and they arrange a meet in a dark place.

Leslie Garner changes plans with Kennedy, from dinner to lunch the next day, this interferes with Nate's plan, since he had a football lunch he wanted her to go with him so he gets mad. She says this is important for her future and she can't set it aside for an event of his, he shows he just cares about how it will look like if she's not with him and she goes to see Jules to vent, who she finds with the Find My Friends app (which she forgot to turn off). So Jules goes to distract Kennedy and tells Ophelia to stay put, but when Max shows up she tried to take him down on her own. Luckily she checks for the birth mark and realizes he's not the guy, so she makes it look like a mugging and leaves.

They learn Jesse was actually catfished by a pretty digitally savvy guy called Darren Ford, they decide to follow him to a cafe and hack is phone in person with a distraction from Jules. Once it's done Ophelia texts him with a virus to prove she's the better hacker. This makes him aware that it's not an innocent meet and he brings a bat, he puts up a fight but they still kick his ass. After which we hear clearly a fragment of Natalia Kills' "Problem".

We're hell raising
And we don't need saving
'Cause there's no salvation for a bad girl

Next morning Kennedy goes to Jules' bed to talk about how she's feeling, she tells her her mom had a full career before she met her father but because he was a traditional guy, she dropped everything to raise her and her sister and now they're both going to be a way and she has nothing. She says she never wanted to be that way herself and she thought Nate understood that. I'm glad we get a little character development for Kennedy, I really love Aisha Dee since se was on Chasing Life.

In that moment Nate opens the bedroom door and says he's there to apologize, Jules looks terrified and tried to leave but Kennedy asks her to stay, she looks terrified of having him so close to her bed. He says he loves her big ambitions and that he's scare one day she'll realize he's not good enough for her (which he isn't), that he heard her talking about her future and he freaked out because without football he has nothing to offer. She tells him she loves him in spite of football, not because of it, and while she says he's sweet, and funny, and all the reasons why she loves him, we see Jules' face in utter pain and disbelief. Once Kennedy gets up and takes him to her room to make up, Jules finally releases her repressed anguish and it's heartbreaking. Eliza Bennet was completely amazing in this scene, I hope eventually they give a good reason why she never told Kennedy what happened, instead of letting her fall in love with a rapist. I also wonder how much of the situation Ophelia understands.

We see Jules in her rape survivors group and she's watching Jesse talk about how she gets a panic attack every time she walks across campus and how unfair it is her attacker gets to just live his life. So Jules goes straight to Ophelia, she's mad because the whole point of what they do is that girls can feel safe, and that can't happen if they never find out. She confesses she knows this because she knew Jesse al along and Ophelia says she has to open up to her, that she's on her side. Jules says she's right and they talk about their day, Ophelia tells her Harris fired her for being bad employee and a worse friend, that she'd being caught up in the whole crime fighting stuff and let him down. And Jules tells her she had a nice moment with Tyler but when he put his hand on her knee she freaked out, she says she feels broken.

Jules: I don't sleep, and when I do, I have horrible nightmares. And I can barely be touched without jumping out of my skin, and the only time I feel like myself is when i'm wearing that black suit. You know, I can barely remember the girl I was before I got raped, and I just know that I miss her.

Ophelia tells her if she feels attracted to him maybe she's not as messed up as she thinks, and that maybe she just has to take things slow. Then they come up with a plan to help Jesse, they text her to look at the Quad so she can see Darren walking by, broken and afraid to even look her in the eyes. Later, Jules meets with Tyler and tells him that she likes him but she needs to take things very, very slow, and he could't be more okay with that, so they kiss very sweetly.

Ophelia goes to apply for her job again and apologizes to Harris, saying she'd been selfish and that she's do better, as a friend and an employee. He accepts, but when she proposes to have dinner, he says he's going out with Fiona to celebrate his acceptance to the law journal, thanks to her help. Ophelia watches them walk away shocked that Fiona is actually literate.

Mike tells Tyler that now there' a warrant for Carter's arrest, so he goes to check out his apartment and finds his snowboard which makes him very suspicious of his disappearance.

What did you guys think of this episode? Do you think it will take too long for Kennedy to learn the truth? I'd love to red your thoughts.

Note: English is not my first language so I apologize for any mistakes.