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Supergirl - Season 2 - The Dominators to Return + Heroes v Aliens Crossover Interviews

While it sounds like Sara has a found new sense of acceptance, her mission is far from over. “This is, by no means, resolved in Sara’s mind,” executive producer Marc Guggenheim tells EW. “I don’t know if it ever can be. She’s not only lost her sister, but she knows that there’s circumstances or there’s realities out there that make the possibility of bringing her sister back a real thing for her. But those possibilities are blocked by other realities — the reality that you can’t change history without major repercussions.”

“She recognizes that right now there’s no way to save Laurel without doing damage to the timeline,” Guggenheim continues. “I wouldn’t even say she’s made peace with that, it’s just that she’s come to realize that much in the same way that Barry [Grant Gustin] has realized that he can’t save his mother without doing damage to the timeline.”

In the comics, the Dominators tested a sampling of 50 humans on what amounted to a gauntlet of death to see if latent abilities would arise. Among them: Lucas “Snapper” Carr, who is currently being portrayed by Ian Gomez on Supergirl, manifested abilities as a result of the test, as did half a dozen others, which worried the Dominators — thus the catalyst for the invasion. In short, while The Flash was present during Invasion in the comics, he was not the direct reason for it.

In the comics, the Dominators don’t actually fight against the humans like we see in the Arrowverse version, but enlist a coalition of other alien races, including the Thanagarians and the Daxamites, to help invade Earth.

Supergirl can now travel to Earth-1 whenever she wants.

Before Kara went back to her Earth, Cisco gifted her with a valuable tool: a device which will allow her to travel between worlds without needing to wait for them to retrieve her. That storytelling device opens doors for future crossovers…and perhaps a trip to National City next time. "They've gotten to the point where we wanted to make that a little bit easier," Kreisberg said. "The next time we do it, it means it doesn't necessarily have to be because Oliver and Barry need Kara; it could be because Kara needs them. Again, we don't have anything planned. We just barely survived this one, so we're not too concerned with what we're going to try to do next year."

Kara looks like Ray's cousin?!

With Supergirl now a part of the team, Kara/Supergirl (Melissa Benoist) finally got to share screen time with Ray/Atom [Brandon Routh]. And since Routh once played the Man of Steel (who is Kara's cousin) in the 2006 film Superman Returns, the writers couldn't resist winking to the audience. "It’s sort of like...last year on Legends we did the Prison Break [joke]," Guggenheim explained. "I said to the writers, 'If we don’t make a Prison Break joke here with Wentworth, we’re not doing our jobs.' I was like, “If we have Brandon and Melissa share the screen and we don’t make some sort of joke like that, we’re not doing our job. The truth is, that joke existed on Arrow originally and then a certain scene got cut so then I moved it over to Legends; I just kept moving it back and forth. I’m like, 'I’m getting it in one of these episodes.'”

At the end of the crossover, the heroes prevented the Dominators from dropping a bomb that would kill all metahumans on Earth-1, slaying many of the Dominators in the process, while others were able to retreat. However, when we see them next, it’ll be under different circumstances.

“I will say this is not the last you’ve seen on the Dominators,” executive producer Andrew Kreisberg says. “The Dominators will return on Supergirl later this season.”

The reveal raises a number of questions. As discovered during the crossover, Kara Danvers (Melissa Benoist) hails from Earth-38, which means the Dominators who will appear on Supergirl are likely different from the ones in the crossover, coming from space in that universe — though that’s not yet confirmed. Supergirl also probably won’t repeat history, and these Dominators will surely have a slightly different motivation.

That last race should sound familiar: Mon-El (Chris Wood) hails from Daxam. Could the reveal in the Supergirl winter finale that an unidentified alien race is hunting Mon-El be connected? Here’s a theory: That mysterious alien race could be among the coalition, who sent Mon-El ahead to Earth-38 to observe the planet before the armada arrives. After all, the Daxamites in the comics join the coalition in the first place as observers only before eventually joining the fight.

However, a potential return doesn’t mean the world at large on Earth-1 knows what happened with the Dominators — note that the ceremony with the president was secret. “We had a line that we cut for time and just re-watching it, I was like, ‘Oh, I really wished we’d found the time another way,’ Guggenheim says. “There was a line where the character Glasses — we call him Glasses because we’re so original — basically says, ‘Cover up what? A dozen weather satellites falling out of orbit?’ Because people see the ships, but no one ever really saw the Dominators. The way we’re playing it going forward is that Glasses is good at his job, and when he says he’s going to cover it up, he’s going to cover it up.”

Below, Kreisberg and fellow EP Marc Guggenheim reveal what else could’ve happened in the epic team-up:

An Alex/Sara romance that never was: “There was a little exchange between Sara [Caity Lotz] and Kara [Melissa Benoist] that I really liked — I don’t think we even filmed it — where Sara says, ‘Hey, do you want to get a drink when this is all over?’” Kreisberg reveals, “and Kara says, ‘I think you wanna meet my sister.’ Just the idea of starting the Sara/Alex [Chyler Leigh] shippers going…”

Familiar faces: “There were moments with Colton [Haynes] and Colin [Donnell] in Arrow that were scripted that we obviously just couldn’t do because of Colin and Colton’s availabilities,” Guggenheim says. “For example, Roy was going to be Thea’s [Willa Holland] boyfriend, that hadn’t changed, and they met when he stole her purse, and that also hadn’t changed. I just thought that would have been fun and nice to see.”

The invasion was all Barry’s fault, but the repercussions of Flashpoint are not over just yet. According to executive producer Andrew Kreisberg, Iris’ (Candice Patton) byline no longer being on the future newspaper will have “further complications” down the line, and there’s also the impending arrival of another husk villain, who was created by Alchemy, that the heroes will have to deal with.

When asked directly whether we’ll find out that other characters on other shows, besides Arrow’s John Diggle (David Ramsey), have been affected by Flashpoint, Kreisberg declines to answer. But executive producer Marc Guggenheim teases that we’ll get a taste of Flashpoint during Arrow’s winter finale. “There’s a fair amount of discussion about Flashpoint, given the fact that essentially the crossover outed Flashpoint to the Arrow characters who weren’t Felicity [Emily Bett Rickards],” Guggenheim says. “And they deal with — I think in some humorous ways, actually — some of the ramifications. For example, I think Curtis [Echo Kellum] is concerned that maybe he was straight originally, as one example.”

As for why The Flash spent so little time in the Flashpoint universe, which was only featured in the season 3 premiere, Kreisberg says there was initially discussion about spending more time there. “We talked about never going back, we talked about it being two episodes, we talked about it being five episodes,” Kreisberg says. “There was some input from the studio and the network wanting to make sure that we weren’t upending our show in a jump-the-shark kind of way. Ultimately for us as storytellers, it was the right decision to have that one episode be It’s a Wonderful Life, but then I think people thought that, ‘Oh, it’s over with,’ and yet obviously the ramifications of him having done it will reverberate throughout not just Flash, but the other series forever. Dig has a son now. Sara’s gone.”

Would you consider this the button on Flashpoint, or will there continue to be more ramifications going forward?

Kreisberg: There’s a villain coming up that’s another one of those husk villains created by Alchemy, so there’s that to deal with. The mid-season finale, episode 9, kinda creates a new problem for our heroes that they weren’t anticipating — something that they’ve never faced before. Flashpoint won’t loom as large as the challenge that presents itself in episode 9.

Guggenheim: “Arrow’s” mid-season finale has a fair amount of discussion about Flashpoint given the fact that the crossover outed it to the “Arrow” characters that weren’t Felicity (Emily Bett Rickards). They deal with it in some humorous ways actually, for example Curtis (Echo Kellum) is concerned that maybe he was straight originally.

With Stein and Jax (Franz Drameh) keeping Stein’s daughter a secret cause strife within the group?

Guggenheim: “Legends” operates different than “Arrow,” which is all about people keeping secrets and secrets coming out, but I will say that we’re setting up “Legends'” mid-season finale where the ramifications of that secret do come into play.