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Speechless - S-L-E-SLED HOCKEY - Review: Let Him Go

Week after week Speechless goes to places where rarely a show dares to go. Speechless tackles daring and questionable topics, that other shows don't even think to bring up. This week we saw Jimmy harboring with the fact that his kid could get hurt, while Ray and Dylan were struggling with their private space and Maya had to be nice to Kenneth.

The issues of disabled persons vary and each of them struggle with different stuff, but an overall issue all of them have while trying to live a life as normal as possible is the constant feeling of being patronized. Last Wednesday Speechless tackled this topic and shed a new light on the struggle not only of the disabled but also the struggle of the parents who don't want to see their children hurt. Jimmy not allowing JJ to play sled hockey and the struggle both of them felt nicely transferred to the screen and kept me invested into the story. The other DiMeos not being on Jimmy's side was a nice twist to the story and making it a more personal issue for Jimmy. Another very welcome twist was the change both of them experienced after their first practice. JJ's decision to quit just cause he lost a tooth was a very human response and Micah's body language and expression was very much on point. John Ross Bowie delivered an extraordinary performance and Jimmy's inspirational speech where he admitted how wrong he was and how JJ didn't get hurt cause of his disability but because he dared to play the game was truly inspiring and beautiful. The joy both of them felt while playing and the actual game was a wonderful moment filled with sincere joy.

Meanwhile, we once more enjoyed the connection between Ray and Dylan as they both wanted privilege over a hidden space between the walls of their house. The writers and the kids are always on top of their game when they do this kind of stories. They use the good and the bad and resonate it through the simple life moments they face. The brother-sister relationship feels always so natural and relatable to me as someone who has a similar relationship to his brother.

Last but not any less interesting was the story between Maya and Kenneth. Their interactions are always so funny and authentic and this week they pushed the boundaries of their relationship even further. Kenneth smooth personality and happy approach to life are what Maya annoys mostly about him but that are qualities very much desired by other families who have kids with disabilities. So Maya's fear of losing Kenneth and Maya's try to smooth things over ended by being kind towards Kenneth served as a perfect platform for their hilarious face-offs. I was glad to see that they eventually came to the same page and that all their moves are just there to benefit JJ.

Favorite Quote:
Maya:I'm being ridiculous with a purpose, that is my brand.

What are your thoughts on last Wednesday's episode of Speechless? Feel free to comment down under in the comment section and share your thoughts on the episode and any other Speechless related topic.