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Secrets and Lies - The Statement / The Racket - Double Review

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The Statement

Wow! This episode of Secrets and Lies changed everything! There were so many surprises, namely about Patrick and his schemes, but we still don't know who the murderer is. Of course we don't. It wouldn't be fun if we knew. But we do have more information about some key characters.

Last week we learned that Patrick opened an account at Tri Coast Bank and leveraged $12 million against the firm. When Eric confronts him, Patrick said it was for real estate. He presented the idea to their dad, but he shot it down. Patrick was convinced their father just didn't like it because it came from him and went to the bank anyway. Hey, Patrick, that's a crime. And, to make things worse, the real estate offer was a scam. Every company that invested went under. Fantastic. Kate found out and wanted to help Patrick, but he said he had a friend that was renting out the house. Danny and Eric take a visit to that house, and it turns out to be a brothel. That's interesting. More on that in a minute.

"The Statement" also focused on Melanie and her lies. Cornell knows that she erased the footage from the night of Kate's death. She said she had her reasons for erasing it. Maybe she does, but she looks incredibly guilty now. She looks even worse at the end of the episode when it turns out that Melanie is in charge of that house that Danny and Eric visited earlier. Yep. Melanie is running a prostitution ring. She may not have killed Kate, but she is definitely in trouble with the law.

Another secret revealed is that Neil is actually in love with Amanda and he wanted a relationship since she is getting a divorce. But Amanda doesn't feel the same way. This is a really random couple, but honestly I don't think it really has anything to do with who killed Kate. But then again I've always been suspicious of Amanda so maybe she has an ulterior motive.

And then there's John. Eric has his phone and gets worried when St. Mary's Cancer Center calls. Amanda and Eric are scared, but John tells them that the phone isn't his. He found it and is holding on to it until the owner is found, and he isn't sick. But when Eric asks May about it, she has no idea what he's talking about. So does he have cancer? Or is there another reason St. Mary's has been calling him?

So, to sum up the episode, everyone is lying. But the one part of the episode that didn't focus on lies was the relationship between Cornell and her daughter. I mentioned in another review how much I liked learning about Cornell's personal life, and I'm glad we got to see more of it. It's obvious that Cornell cares about her daughter very much. It was a nice addition to the show.

The Racket

This episode was all about Patrick and Melanie. All of their lies and schemes were exposed, and everyone had to deal with the consequences. Did either one of them kill Kate? That's still to be decided.

Eric and John meet with SEG counsel about what to do about the firm. Eric demands answers from Neil, and Neil tells them about meeting Carly on the website. He liked her, and he didn't find out that Melanie was her boss until the party. We see a flashback of this. I do believe Neil is telling the truth. He may not be the sharpest tool in the shed, but I don't think he wanted to hurt the firm.

Eric fires Patrick, but the lawyers don't think it will be enough. SEG could be accused of sex trafficking, and they could all face prison time. Eric asks the attorney what he should do. Eric marches down to Cornell's office and turns in all documents regarding the bank fraud.

"Who'd he throw under the bus?"
"His brother."

Cornell arrests Patrick, and John and Amanda are absolutely furious with Eric. John cannot believe that his son murdered Kate. Eric then asks his father if he thinks Patrick could have been the blackmailer. John gets very weak and loses his balance, and his reaction makes be believe he's the blackmailer and could be the killer, too. I think he found out that Kate knew about Patrick's deal and wanted to protect his son and the firm. The firm is his after all.

Cornell interrogates Patrick in prison, and then informs him that Melanie was a hooker- that's how she knew how to run a whore house. She shows him Melanie's mug shot, but he doesn't believe her. She then shows him pictures of Melanie with their attorney. The attorney was way out of their price range so Melanie made him a deal. Wow. His day just keeps getting worse.

Patrick then gets a visit from his brother in jail, and he swears he didn't murder Kate. He gets very emotional and tells Eric that he just wanted to fit in with the family. He wanted to be just like him. But he hates finance and is looking forward to finally figuring out who he is. I think this scene was Charlie Barnett's best work this season. He made me feel sympathy towards Patrick. I wanted to reach through the screen and give him a hug. I also thought Barnett's acting was great when Patrick visited his mom in the hospital. I hope that Charlie Barnett becomes a regular on another show next season.

Melanie is arrested (I loved that it was at yoga when she was in the downward dog position. Awkward.) and is shown footage of Patrick turning on her. He told Cornell how the plan all started, and Patrick informing Melanie of the failed real estate plan. She does seem shocked that Patrick turned on her. Melanie then says that she didn't kill Kate, but she knows who did. Does she really know? Or was she just saying that to get suspicion off of herself?

At the end of the episode, Eric's GPS tracker goes off, and Eric and Danny jump in the car to see what's going on. They wait, and then they see John drive by. I knew John was up to something! I guess we'll find out what next episode. ABC is airing the final two episodes on Sunday, December 4, starting at 9 p.m. eastern time! Don't forget to tune in! We will finally learn who Kate's killer is and hopefully all of the Warner's secrets. I can't wait!

What did you think about these two episodes? Do you think John is the killer? Do you think Melanie and Patrick will both stay in jail? Let me know in the comments!

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