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Good Behavior - It Still Fits Bitch - Review + POLL

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It Still Fits Bitch was written by Dana Baratta and directed by Mark Piznarski. The 8th installment was another great one that paves the way to what seems like a really strong outing in the final two chapters.

Last week's events really left their mark on Javier. Having the episode open with a symbol of freedom, flying which then has it's neck broken is a firm reminder of how one person's actions can have serious repercussions on someone. Letty finding Javier with his hands around the neck of that bird, helpless, was a fascinating one. The way Javier had his hands grappled round the animal's neck reminded me of how he had his father's neck within his reach last week, only now, he chooses to act upon it. It also shows him testing the waters, seeing how monstrous he can/could be as well as him regaining control of his actions in, after his father robbed him of his, so to speak.

The con at the local diner was another highlight, one of the best parts of this show have to be the inventiveness of Letty's scams, of which are always perfectly portrayed by Michelle Dockery and complimented with the appropriate outfit, accent, and music.

I liked that we got to see the tables turned with Letty bailing her mom out of prison. It lead to some well-needed family growth between mother and daughter. Letty even saw a bit of herself in her mother's relationship, the way Estelle talked about Rob letting her be herself with him, was how Javier was with her, “he’s the first guy who gets me and lets me be me”.

“You never visited me in prison”

I appreciated that Letty's mom lifted the restraining order, it's a sign of the growth and progress Letty has made and how the relationship between mother and daughter has begun to mend. It's always a sign of the strong writing on the show and how there is acutal progress, we are getting answers and story is progressing without the need to stagnate certain aspects, which is great!

“I need you”
“You got me”

Javier revealing to Letty the first time he took someone's life was a strong narrative choice. It's a testament to the trust and bond these two characters share. It revealed how impressionable Javier was at 16, as most children/teenagers are. The manipulative nature of Javier's boss, taking advantage of the accidental death, which then lead of a series of unfortunate events is a stark reminder of how certain factions of our society prey on the weak to further their own agenda. Like all bad deeds, time erodes away at the casing a person builds around themselves for safety, so much so that you stop asking why and just do and therefore become numb. This characteristic is a reminder that humanity is so fragile and the show handles this quite well.

“These people are going to die one way or another, I’m just the bullet, someone else pulls the trigger”

“I don’t believe I am evil but I believed it when my father told me I was” - The way the camera zoomed up on Javier’s face so that you are able to see the tears in his eyes and the pain etched across his face as a result of a father's lack of compassion and love was agonizing. The capacity Juan Diego Botto has to capture the audience's attention through his character's pain is one of his strongest abilities as an actor. The power parents and loved ones posses is immeasurable. The last shot of Javier and Letty separated on either side of the bed, reminded me that they are both lost in their own suffering but drawn to one another in the hopes to heal their broken foundations. The cinematography and noir vibe showcased every week is fantastic.

During the car ride scene with Letty and Jacob, listening in as Letty touched upon how people keep trying until they get it right, in regards to her mother's multiple marriages, was in a sense a coded message to Jacob, that’s she’s been trying and look how far she’s come was another great emotional scene. She's trying so hard to get through to her son and it's painful to see her struggle. Jacob questioning Letty on if his father loved her was heartbreaking to watch. You could feel the sorrow from within her and the internal struggle to keep the secret from Jacob (as to why they aren't together) from simmering over was another heartache of a scene of which Michelle Dockery always delivers in.

Letty giving Rob the fancier ring for her mom's wedding was really sweet but his response, questioning its authenticity was hilarious, “but it’s yellow” but Letty reaction was perfect, “Google Canary Diamonds”. Rob’s wedding vows to Estelle were very entertaining, he's an interesting guy, “I can’t wait to marry you and do stuff with you forever" but I'm glad they are happy and I'm sure Letty is too.

During the dance, Letty taking a moment to share with Javier her first time was also appreciable. Javier being brave enough to express his most private struggles to Letty and her doing the same was really lovely. Letty sharing how not getting caught at 7 for stealing her mother's broach was a thrill she never wanted to live down shows her trust in him. The growth in their relationship, from being strangers to lovers, is bound in their trust and respect for one another and I admire it so much. I loved Javier’s examination of Mike and Ike’s, his reactions to American things are wonderful.

Happy to see progress with Tiffany and Kyle’s storyline. I'm impressed with the writers that storylines aren't being left hanging and are being resolved well. I'm glad there aren't any secrets between the two and that Letty wasn't forced to tell her and choose sides, it's one of the nice things about the friendship between Letty and Tiffany, it's free from picking and choosing and grudges.

Jacob's birth father entering the wedding venue was unquestionably a major surprise, especially the way the way the scene was filmed, no music whatsoever, just this intense score as Letty frantically tries to follow him around the room. I didn’t expect Jacob to greet him with “Hi, Dad”. What an outstanding twist! I didn’t see that coming but if I think about it, all of Jacob's interrogating towards Letty in regards to his birth dad was a con, he was testing her because he had known for a while. It's funny how children mirror their parents.

Javier moving in and pinning Sean against the pillar was another unexpected move and you could tell Letty was a bit nervous. The way the scene was framed, the look in Javier’s eyes seemed deadly, Juan Diego Botto's intense and isolated moments like this have been done perfectly throughout the episode and show, from his isolated nature in the beginning to this instant. It was this fascinating power struggle between the two men and even when Javier let go of Sean at the end, there was a quick moment where Sean adjusts himself, holding back his anger.

“You ruined me”

Hearing Letty speak of Sean’s past indiscretions was gut-wrenching, you could sense that the way she felt when she was younger and scared extending through her, the way Michelle Dockery handled this was nothing short of brilliance. When Sean spoke of Jacob finding him, that Jacob felt alone as he was the only African-American kid, and that they had been FaceTiming for 2 weeks now was a gun to Letty's head. What was worse was Jacob wanting to leave with Sean, no mother wants to hear such a thing, notably one who's fought so hard to get where she is now. The entire alleyway scene was exceptional, the intensity in it echoed as we watched but left us helpless wen he couldn't fight back to help as she wept in her plight.

I’m very concerned about Jacob’s father getting custody over him. Letty pleading to Jacob, “he’s not your dad, not in the way that matters” shattered my heart in pieces. There's this innate need to know where you come from that disregards all previous ideologies in its quest for family, and in Jacob's regard, his father, and because it makes you so blind to what is so clearly in front of you, makes us viewers wish he'd be content with Letty. Michelle Dockery looking into Jacob’s eyes was very excruciating, she's come so far but she could feel she was losing Jacob like sand falling through her fingers. Seeing Letty then cry to her mother, like a helpless child, was another powerful moment, “he can’t take him, mom, he can’t”. It's so cruel of the universe to give and then take all to quickly.

To close the episode, we are treated with this superbly freeing scene, as Javier and Letty’s motorbike ride unfolds in a beautifully shot manner. Letty being able to clear her mind was breathtaking. She needed this, to contemplate what her next move would be. Even if Sean changed, which I think is a possibility, a child would likely push such an alteration and the theme of the show is changing for the better, being good it's going to hurt someone. The final words, what a bold way to close the episode, leaves you with so many questions but one clear answer, Jacob would never forgive Letty and I hope she thinks about this, he did see Javier threaten Sean and it's not hard for a smart kid to put two acts together.

“I need you to kill Sean”

This was great episode that lays the groundwork for the final 2 chapters of which I know will be exceptional. This show hasn't let me down one bit, every week has been such a worthwhile ride, so few shows can say that. Don't forget to tune in next Tuesday at 9|8c on TNT for another new episode of Good Behavior. Spread the word to your friends, family and anyone with a Nielsen box, we really need those ratings to go up, as many of us want a 2nd season. I truly appreciate all your kind words and feedback on my reviews, especially that you take the time to read them, so please take to the comments once more to discuss, it's always a pleasure to chat with you all.

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