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Gilmore Girls: A Year In The Life - Roundtable Review: "Full Circle"

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This was such a momentous event for so many of us here at SpoilerTV that we felt the only way we could truly do justice to this revival was to deliver unto you multiple opinions. As such, we present to you this epic roundtable event for your enjoyment.

What were your overall impressions of the revival? Did it live up to all the hype and expectations?

Aimee Hicks: I was impressed with how seamlessly they picked up with the same tone and feel of the original series. It almost felt as if the show had never stopped, but had instead just been on a very long hiatus. I think it did live up to the hype and even my expectations, but I think it lacked in a few areas. While I loved all the guest casting I think they were trying so hard to cram in a cameo by half of Hollywood that they lost track of the story at certain points. Some cameos were so quick that if you weren’t looking for a specific person to show up you might have missed them.

Francesco Bacci: It definitely lived up to my expectations. Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life is a solid return for Lorelai and Rory. Almost 10 years after the series finale, we have to chance to have a look at how these characters changed in all these years. I loved how the original vibe is still there, the crazy fast dialogues, the magic that surrounds Star Hollow. Everything is in the right place.

Aashay Dalvi: The revival delivered. Of the recent reboots/revivals that have lately been developed, this one most certainly lived up to the expectations and the hype. This is MATURE Gilmore Girls.

Saloni Gajjar: I fully loved the revival. It did live up to my expectations. I expected lots of laughs, cries, and feelings to bubble up. There was nostalgia and character growth (for almost everyone) and romance and drama, so everything that makes Gilmore Girls such a delight to watch.

Doug Greer: I feel mixed. I was not the biggest fan of the first three movies. They felt a little disjointed and some of the jokes were trying too hard (I’m lookin’ at you unemployed 30 somethings). At the same time, all of these characters are at really low points in their lives between Richard’s death, Rory’s professional unhappiness, etc, so it would make total sense that things would feel off. This also helped them stick the landing with “Fall” as the characters began to move forward and take control of their lives. So it was definitely not what I was expecting, but that doesn’t mean it was bad.

Marko Pekic: I loved it. It wasn’t perfect but it gave me everything I wanted to see and feel. It just felt right, I felt like I traveled back to my Stars hollow. Amy and Daniel did a phenomenal job in recreating their initial magic and keep me engaged throughout the 4 episodes. Some parts of the story where a drag and could’ve been executed better but still overall I’m pleased with it what we got.

Which of the four episodes was your favorite? Why?

AH: Fall. It was the point where everything started to come together. All the lingering storylines from the original series and the three preceding episodes in the revival began to flow to a nice natural conclusion. This episode also contained my favorite scene of the revival. There were powerful moments and intense emotions that gave this particular episode so much heart and meaning that it stood out above the rest.

FB: My favorite episode is Fall because it was an emotional hour and a half and it gave a closure to various storylines. The best moment of the episode is the heartbreaking flashbacks moments. We followed these characters’ path for so many years, that we are part of their lives.

AD: Spring. It had Rory and Paris being Rory and Paris again and in Chilton no less. The alma mater that gave us some of the best Rory/Paris repartee of the series. The episode also shows us what happens when you pair the brilliant persona of Alex Kingston with the singularity of Amy & Dan Palladino.

SG: It’s a solid toss-up between Winter and Fall. There were such standout moments in all of them. I have to go with Fall, though. There was so much happening, and I enjoyed every bit of it, down to the final four words!

DG: Definitely Fall. After watching all the characters I love be at such low points, seeing them rise above their challenges was so wonderful and emotional.

MP: Winter. I would say Fall was the most emotional outing but quite cramped up, so Winter was overall my favorite. The pacing, the jokes, the progression of the story, the dramatic moments and the visuals were completely on point. I loved how sparkly white-blue Stars Hollow looked.

Of all the surprise guest stars who’s casting and/or character surprised you the most? Why?

AH: Peter Krause as the Park Ranger. I was extremely impressed they managed to use him and Jason Ritter without word leaking. Given their real life relationship, I found the dialogue between their characters hilarious. He has a very distinctive voice, but I was so caught off guard I didn’t realize it was him at first. It was a very smart choice to keep his casting a massive secret because it made the interaction all the more enjoyable to watch.

FB: Michael Ausiello and Peter Krause. The former was totally unexpected but enjoyable. He is such a fan of the original TV show, that he deserved to be part of the revival with a cameo. Krause’s appearance reminded me how much I loved Parenthood.

AD: Bunheads actors! Having so many people Bunheads really surprised me. But in retrospect, it makes sense.

SG: I think what was truly surprising was the chefs at Dragonfly Inn — Rachael Ray, Roy Choi etc. What a fun way to show how they’re managing the cooking in Sookie’s absence.

DG: Kerry Butler as Claudia, the therapist. I’ve always been a big fan of her work in theater, so I loved seeing her pop up not only as Emily and Lorelei’s therapist but also as the understudy to Sutton Foster’s Violet (which also was a nice shout out to one of Sutton’s recent Broadway roles in Violet).

MP: Peter Krause, Lauren Graham’s husband/partner, playing the 2nd Park Ranger. I didn’t see him coming at all, can’t imagine how weird it was for them to shot it.

Was there any character from the original series that didn’t make an appearance that you wish had?

AH: Mia. I know she was mentioned in the news article, but it wasn’t the same. She was such an important person in Lorelai and Rory’s lives that I was really hoping they would have her somehow incorporated more than as just a name in a news article.

FB: Maybe Max, but he would be really difficult to add him to the mix.

AD: Marty. The naked college dorm guy from season 4. I really wanted Marty to make an appearance. An appearance by Krysten Ritter would’ve been a longshot.

SG: Max Medina (Scott Cohen). I really liked his character, would’ve been nice to catch up with him, maybe at the Chilton visit in Spring? And also, Liz Danes! Side note: I wish Chad Michael Murray had returned as Tristin DuGrey!

DG: TJ and Liz! It was great that their wacky antics were referenced throughout, but I would’ve loved to see them.

MP: All the big ones did appear, I was a tidbit sad Krysten Ritter was a no-show, though. I really loved her dynamic with Rory back in season 7 and I’m sure Amy and Daniel would introduce some hilarious Jessica Jones puns.

What were your thoughts regarding the musical? Did you enjoy it or do you wish that time had been spent on something else?

AH: My feelings regarding the musical are very torn. I absolutely adore Sutton Foster so I was ecstatic to see her have a role bigger than just a quick cameo. It also gave her a chance to show off her amazing theater skills. However, I think the entire musical number went on far too long. There was no reason they needed to show the mass majority of the musical. It would have been great had they shown the start, a bit of the middle with Lorelai scribbling down her notes, then the final reactions. I think it had a purpose in the story, but I also think they could have cut this down significantly.

FB: Maybe it was a bit too long, but it was funny, witty and emotional. I loved the final part with the “I am not unbreakable” moment. Amy Shermann-Palladino is a classy writer.

AD: The musical was enjoyable, but was very VERY long. I most certainly wish that time could have been spent on something else.

SG: It seemed fun when the whole performance started and Sutton Foster was great but it went on forever. I kept waiting for Lorelei to shut them up. I think it was the most boring aspect of the revival.

DG: It started out great and then dragged on for waaaaaaaaay too long. They were trying to recapture the quirky magic of town-wide events but it just didn’t land for me.

MP: That was a nightmare. Really not sure why they gave it so much time and space. Sutton Foster was exceptional, no question there but making it more personal to the girls and their current predicaments would’ve make it more memorable. I did enjoy the Lorelai-Violet scene post musical so funny. Another thing is the timing of the musical Summer should’ve done a much better job in setting up the final chapter and the musical stole time from the built up.

In the original series, Rory had a habit of getting involved with men who weren’t in a place to commit to her. That trend continued on into the revival. Did you expect Rory to have grown out of that unfortunate habit or was her involvement with the engaged Logan, not a surprise?

AH: No, this fits in perfectly with who she is as a character. When we last left her she was still trying to figure out her journey. As most of us in our thirties know, the twenties don’t answer all your life questions. It felt perfectly natural that at thirty-two she was still trying to figure out her life. I also wasn’t surprised that Logan was the one she chose to have a friends with benefits relationship with. It was clear even as the original series ended that these two still had unresolved feelings. Logan is Rory’s Christopher and that was even pretty clear when they were together originally. These two will likely never get their timing right, but they will always carry an immense amount of love in their hearts for each other. I can’t say if Logan will be a more active father that Christopher was for Rory, but I think that given his own issues with his dad that he will at least try to be there for her.

FB: It was not a surprise. Rory’s path has changed so much through the years, and the revival just confirmed this trend. I was hoping for a more brilliant career, that Rory definitely deserved, but I totally understand why Amy decided to follow this path. Rory’s love life has always been troubled and complex, and she is still stuck with that, but I am hoping that she will find love in the end. Jess is clearly still in love with her, and who could be more perfect for her, than him?

AD: I was taken aback by the revelation of Logan and Rory’s relationship status. But, it also shows that Rory isn’t as perfect as she’s presumed to be. The revival portrays as an incredibly flawed character, who’s just trying to pave her way in today’s millennial world, and still try to stay true to herself. ‘Forgettable Paul’ and his presence in the show could have avoided being stretched so much.

SG: I’m so conflicted by this. In the original, I was totally #TeamLogan. Logan has his flaws but he was always there for Rory, supporting her career, and even made something of himself. They were quite good for one another. I hoped they’d still be together. Original Logan would have never treated Rory like a side piece of sorts, despite how much he respects her even now. They kind of destroyed him — how he moved away from his “dynasty” to be his own man — and now he’s marrying someone his family wants? Really? That’s why I was disappointed when he didn’t break it off with Odette in the revival. I kept expecting that to happen, especially when the Life and Death Brigade came to Sleepy Hollow. I do wish they stick to Logan’s characteristics if there ever is a renewal and not turn him into Christopher aka no help in raising the kid. That just isn’t him.

On the other hand, I loved Jess as a character and he grew so much as a person but he was a flighty boyfriend and I didn’t appreciate that. I don’t think that would be the case now. He’s helped her in so many ways, too. Is he really her Luke? Did they really destroy Logan and his relationship with Rory just to push her towards Jess?

DG: This was hands down my least favorite part of the revival. I know it may seem weird to be focusing on Paul considering we barely met him, but after everything she went through with Dean while he was married, I thought it made Rory extremely unlikeable to be cheating on Paul with someone who is in another relationship. It felt like they were trying to make “Paul, the boyfriend Rory forgets to break up with” the next great running gag, but it just made Rory look like she has not grown at all in 10+ years. I definitely expected Rory to grow out of this and was disappointed that she hadn’t.

MP: Honestly I loved what they did to Rory this season. I really enjoyed that the shipping factor wasn’t a thing at all. It was probably related to the fact that Milo and Jared weren’t fully available due to other commitments. Still, Rory’s story was all about her career and where she is in life, and not about who she will end up! Them exploring her professional desires and goals this season felt refreshing, the execution lacked a bit tidier writing and acting but I was fine with it. Using an engaged Logan as her main male connection was smart because their relationship always had that easiness to it and understanding about who they were and are today. Yes it was a dirty affair but both of them knew from the get go it wouldn’t lead to anything more than that. At the end they did let go of that unfortunate habit, it was an amazing tribute to their relationship and love towards each other.

What were your feelings regarding the final four words? Do you think this is a firm “The End” for the series or did this ending leave things open for another revival one day?

AH: I feel like the final four words would have felt out of place in the original ending of the series. I think it would have had more of an impact had Rory just been in her twenties versus her thirties, but it still had the desired impact. It brought the series full circle and still left it open ended leaving the audience wanting more. I don’t know about anyone else, but I want to see Lorelai as a grandma. I also want to see how much Logan will resemble Christopher or if he’ll step up and try to be more involved. I’m curious to see if Jess would become Rory’s Luke. Yes, I know we’ve seen all of this through the original series, but I would not object to watching a Gilmore Girls: The Next Generation revival one day. I fully expect that it could happen one day pending the stars could align perfectly again. I would hope that in that scenario it would focus more on the core characters, though. We all know Rory is going to have a daughter, so the name will continue on just like the series may one day.

FB: Even if I loved the ending, I think it can not be the perfect closure. It leaves things too much open and we need to know what happens next. Rory’s storyline has not a closure, we still have so much to know.

AD: The final four words blew my mind. But, it all makes sense now. Logan is the new Christopher and Jess is the new Luke. I am curious to know how that possibility can be explored.

SG: There is definitely room for more. Especially due to the last four words. She’s pregnant! Is it Logan’s? Will they finally get together now? Where will she raise the kid? Is Jess really her Luke? Can Emily come back and help Rory? What’s married life like for Luke and Lorelei? Stars Hollow can go on and on, in my mind, at least.

DG: At first I was pretty livid, not going to lie. But then when I thought about it, I realized that on any other show, an “I’m pregnant” cliffhanger would’ve have been a horrendous note to end the series on, but Gilmore Girls is a little different. I fell in love with the show because it was an empowering story of how teenage pregnancy led Lorelei to her new family: Stars Hollow and Rory. It made her strong, go after her dreams and, of course, brought Rory into this world. An unexpected child was a blessing for Lorelei and I believe it will also be a blessing for Rory. I wouldn’t say this development was necessary, but when I thought more about it, I thought it was pretty beautiful. This makes me think that this means “The End”, especially considering ASP has always called them “The Final Four Words.” At the same time, it’s always possible that there is more. To quote Tina Fey’s 2014 Golden Globes joke: “This is Hollywood, and if something kind of works, they’ll just keep doing it until everybody hates it.”

MP: I expected it to be the other way around, to be honest. If this were the final 4 words nine years ago, I think they would’ve been a perfect ending but at this point, I’m just greedy for more. Depending on numbers I wouldn’t be surprised if we hear renewal news by the end of March 2017. Them choosing Rory to be pregnant at this point was simply a brilliant decision, she lived, she traveled, she was reckless, she got to do all the things Lorelai couldn’t. The conversation with Christopher felt so redundant until the reveal of her pregnancy loved all those little Easter eggs throughout Fall.

Throughout the four episodes, there was a very big theme of everything coming full circle. Do you feel satisfied with how each storyline concluded? Is there anything you wish had been done differently?

AH: I loved the full circle theme that tied the whole revival together. From the moment Lorelai made her full circle comment in Winter it was clear that this was meant to be the theme. By the end of Fall, everything had come full circle thanks to a series of random events. Each character got some element of closure while still leaving us hanging knowing that even while we can’t watch on that these characters are continuing to live their lives. The only thing I would change is I wish that they had somehow been able to incorporate Emily into Lorelai’s wedding to Luke. I know it was spur of the moment, but I did feel like she was missed in that moment. That would have been a nice way to end Emily’s story in the revival for her to have been with her daughter on a day she and Richard had long hoped for but had also long ago given up on. Overall I was very happy with how they tied up all the stories.

FB: I loved almost every coming full circle’s storylines. Emily’s closure was perfectly penned, I liked Lorelai’s journey as well. I didn’t enjoy Rory’s path because I think she deserves to have the job she dreamed and to be happy with her love life. (#teamJess!)

AD: I would’ve appreciated if we could find out who write the mysterious letter that led to Emily being so mad at Lorelai, but that aside, I’m pretty satisfied with how the series ended. I wish Lane had more scenes with Rory, I wanted to know what music would they talk to each other about! And, of course, I wish Rory would’ve ended up with Jess in the first place. #TeamJess

SG: I’m very happy about how it all turned out, especially for Emily and Lorelei. Such wonderful developments for the two of them. Emily figuring her life out after Richard + Lorelei doing Wild and the wedding was all amazing and satisfying. Rory seems to be most out of place in life but I think it’s full circle, too. I’m glad she had this adventurous life and is pregnant at 32 instead of when the show ended in 2007. I just wish she hadn’t taken a few steps backward in life — dump Paul! — and the whole cheating with Logan thing. The best thing to come out of her “vagabond existence” was her writing the book. (Thank you, Jess!!)

DG: I feel pretty satisfied! I don’t think these are the endings I would’ve picked for the characters, but that doesn’t mean I’m not satisfied by where they all ended up. I’m definitely not throwing my remote at the TV cursing the day I purchased Gilmore Girls season 1 at Best Buy. The only thing I really didn’t like is that after 16 years of Emily wanting Lorelei to find the love of her life and get married, she wasn’t there for the actual wedding. That was immensely frustrating especially considering how far those two have come in their relationship.

MP: Emily’s story was simple and perfect, from writing to acting. I liked how they’ve remembered her being a History major and gave her a purpose and dropped the other guy. Rory’s story was quite messy, though. I like the decision to focus on her career and the end destination but wasn’t really happy with the way we got there. As for Lorelai, I wished they would’ve focused more on the mortality struggle they mentioned and for the build up towards her fight with Luke to be stronger. Besides that Lorelai’s journey was really great, especially the start and finish.

Rapid Fire Questions:

Favorite line?

AH: “Full freakin’ circle.” - Lorelai

FB: “It’s never, or now” - Lorelai

AD: (text)” IT’S PERFECT!!!” - Lorelai (to Kirk)

SG: I’m picking three, sorry! But they’re just that good.

“The only way out is in a body bag.” -Luke
“And now we don’t have to write our wedding vows.” - Lorelai

“It’s kill or be killed. I’m not talking about The Art of War. No, that’s a tiptoe through the tulips compared to what you’ll find beyond these walls. Betrayal, deception… and that’s just in the bedroom!" - Paris

“Why aren’t you on Xanax? It was invented for you.” - Michel (to Lorelai)

DG: “Just one note. Drop the “the.” Just “Gilmore Girls.” It’s cleaner.” - Lorelai

MP: “Nobody gets to have everything they want in life all in all I think I did pretty good.” - Luke

Favorite scene?

AH: The moment in Fall when Lorelai calls her mom and confesses about the time she skipped school only to be discovered at the mall by her dad. I rarely get emotional watching television. I can feel the emotions that the performer is trying to illicit but rarely do I actually ever get emotional watching something. Yet Lauren Graham’s performance snuck past all my usual guards and slammed right into my heart. I found myself having to blink back tears as Lorelai allowed that story to flow out in honor of her late father. It was just so poignant that I think it’s impossible to not get emotional watching it. The performance was perfection as was the writing of the scene. Hands down my favorite scene in the entire revival.

FB: When Rory decides to write her book in Richard’s study. Such an emotional scene.

AD: LOVED the scene with Rory and Dean. It was definitely my favorite scene in the revival. The conversation that transpires between Rory and Dean manages to reflect the reasons why the two of them were together and why then they weren’t, yet manage to give a nostalgia-induced nod to the original series.

SG: Wow. To pick just one is insane. This is just one of the many I loved: Luke and Lorelei’s conversation once she gets back from her trip. Luke assumes she is going to break up with him and goes on and on about why she shouldn’t, not after everything they have been through. And then, Lorelei tells him about her self-discovery on this journey and the two realize they need to be married, and Luke already has a ring! Beautiful. Their relationship and their journey have truly been a long ride. I’m glad they got their happy, fairytale moment.
HM: The horrible and emotional fight between Lorelei and Emily after Richard’s funeral. Heartbreaking and such brilliant acting by the two ladies.

DG: Emily’s DAR bull**** scene stole it for me. Although I loved Lorelei’s phone call to Emily about Richard, it was so rewarding to see Emily push back against the fake high society mindset and make strides towards being her own person.

MP: The fight between Emily and Lorelai. The scene broke my heart into million pieces but it made me remember why I was so emotionally attached to the show. Emily and Lorelai’s relationship was always the core of the show for me and Kelly and Lauren have outdone themselves in this revival. The complexity of their relationship once again peaked in this scene and the pain, anger, devastation and tears felt like raiser blades making impressions on my skin.

Favorite Gilmore Girl?

AH: Lorelai. She’s not perfect and has never tried to be. Lauren Graham always had a perfect grasp on this character and gave her beautifully vivid life.

FB: Emily was the perfect character.

AD: Lorelai Gilmore

SG: Lorelai. I always feel most connected to her. I loved everything that happened to her this season.

DG: Emily Gilmore! Forever and always.

MP: Emily, Kelly is a force of nature.

Favorite guy in the lives of the Gilmore Girls?

AH: Jess. I know there are mixed feelings about him in the fandom, but he’s always been completely honest about everything. He is Rory’s Luke.

FB: Jess. He always has the right answer for Rory and he is the character who changed the most for the better.

AD: Luke

SG: Luke Danes. Always the dream guy. He was blowing on Paul Anka’s food, you guys! He printed Rory’s article on the menu! Too perfect.

DG: Jess. I was never #TeamJess in the original series, but now that he has matured, I think he is perfect for Rory and just an overall wonderful guy.

MP: Paul Anka

Favorite friend in the lives of the Gilmore Girls?

AH: Paris. She’s wild, she’s a little crazy, but she is that way because she really cares. Plus, come on, Liza Weil is a masterful genius in this role.

FB: Paris was hilarious. Her scenes are unforgettable.

AD: Kirk

SG: Paris Geller. She was, to be honest, the best and funniest part of this revival. Liza Weil is such a gem.

DG: Paris. Freakin’. Gellar. She made “Winter” for me. She was just as hilarious and blunt as always and reminded me why I loved all of Rory’s school storylines in the original series.

MP: Paris Geller, Liza Weil was so hilarious. I loved Paris earlier but this was just comedic treasure.

Favorite secondary character?

AH: Kirk. Seriously, it’s impossible to not love Kirk. I remember watching the series originally trying to anticipate what his profession would be.

FB: Michel is still a joy to watch.

AD: Sookie

SG: Michel Gerard. So glad he got such good focus this time around. He’s married! He may get a kid! He was a big support to Lorelei over the years. I love how he was at the wedding. HM: Lane Kim.

DG: Definitely Mrs. Kim. Although Lorelai and Rory were the main Mother/Daughter relationship, Mrs. Kim, and Lane’s stories were always compelling. Lane’s wedding episode remains one of my favorites because of their relationship.

MP: Taylor, Stars Hollow wouldn’t be the same without him.

Favorite season of the original series?

AH: Season 3. This season held some of my favorite episodes and ended beautifully with Rory’s graduation. It felt like an ending and a new beginning. Just the way graduation is supposed to.

FB: The first three seasons are still in my heart. Maybe my favorite is the first.

AD: Season 3.

SG: Hard to pick. I think season 2, 3, and 5.

DG: Season 3. I loved everything about Rory’s college application process that culminated in her speech at graduation as well as Lorelei and Sookie working towards opening the Dragonfly.

MP: A tie between 3 and 5, leaning more towards 3.

In Conclusion:

Final thoughts on the series as a whole, what will you remember most fondly about the series from the start until now?

AH: I will always remember the heartfelt moments. Television had then and still has today a serious lack of good mother and daughter relationships. These women had their ups and downs, but no matter what they always found their way back together. This was always a story about a unique family navigating unusual circumstances to create a great ending.

FB: Gilmore Girls will always be in my heart. It was such an incredible ride. I love its funny side, but I also enjoy the more mature and thought-provoking moments. Its force stays in the genuine and relatable characters. Lorelai is the perfect protagonist: she is not literally perfect, but you can not help but love her, so much.

AD: The dialogue. Definitely the dialogue. The conversations between the characters make me want to watch the series time after time.

SG: It’s funny but I can relate to all three ladies in one way or the other. I will always remember that. They town seems too good/weird to be true but the characters just don’t. There’s something in each of them to totally adore. Unlike most dramas, this one didn’t exceed based on crazy twists or deaths, it relied on their life journey — ones that we can mostly connect with — and that’s why we feel strongly about these characters. That’s a solid takeaway!

DG: I think I will always remember how Gilmore Girls always portrayed real and wonderful relationships. Whether it’s mother/daughter, school friends, or romantic relationships, the cast and crew knew exactly how to show every aspect of a relationship.

MP: It is certainly one of my all time favorites. The show’s touch of reality is something that I will always remember. Plenty shows would wrap up the issues between Lorelai and her parents and play it safe later on. The writers were smart enough to keep exploring it and don’t let the stuff they went through be forgotten, the scars and consequences won’t go away and that is what always drew me to the show. Also, the love that connected all the characters, despite all the issues and flawed characters they introduced to us.

What do you think has allowed Gilmore Girls to still be as relevant today as it was sixteen years ago when it first premiered?

AH: They based the series on a very real concept of a teen mom trying to do right by her daughter. The series always had a whimsical tone to it which made it fun to watch, but it was its connection to reality that made it really stand out. Anyone who lived through those years can look back and reminisce while those who didn’t (and I feel super old saying that) will still be able to enjoy the show because the topics they covered are as true today as they were back in 2000. This is a show that will continue to enthrall current and future generations.

FB: The TV show is still so relevant because it tells gripping stories with such an incredible sense of humor that connects the pop culture references with powerful stories and characters.

AD: Human beings are flawed, no one is perfect. And, it’s OK to have flaws. And, that is reflected in the story, the characters, the writing. And, I feel those thoughts of self-doubt still resonate with the viewers who watched the series then, and who devoured the revival now.

SG: As I mentioned above, at its core, the show is about these three women discovering and expanding on their relationship and themselves. That didn’t change in the revival. Their lives are so easy to connect to, and that’s why Gilmore Girls will always be relevant. The idyllic Stars Hollow, the quirky and lovable residents, the funny/dramatic Gilmore clan. No way this show gets old…no matter how old it gets.

DG: Much like Stars Hollow, It’s just so magical and unique. It’s a lighthearted show that knows how to get real and has its own language. That’s pretty hard to come by. Also Netflix. That definitely helped :P.

MP: Creating stories, characters, and a town people can relate to. Gilmore Girl’s was never about shocking people, like most of today’s dramas. The core of their storytelling was trying to be as realistically possible and not forcing solutions into the story just to please the audience.

Thank you to everyone for joining us for this special look at the Gilmore Girls: A Year In The Life revival. Please leave your own thoughts down in the comments section. We are eager to read what everyone else thinks about everything that happened.

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