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Empire & Star - Loose Crossover Sneak Peek *No Plans for an Official Crossover Yet*

Update from Deadline: Empire’ & ‘Star’ Sit-Down Clip: No Crossover Coming Yet For Fox Series

It’s not the first time that Terrence Howard and Lenny Kravitz have been in the same project, however the clip that Fox released today of the Empire star and the Star regular doesn’t mean a crossover is in the works for the Lee Daniels co-created series. The sit-down between the two The Butler alums is set to appear tonight in Empire‘s Season 3 midseason finale – see the clip above.

Despite the melding of the two worlds in the scene, I’ve learned that there are no plans to have a full blown crossover between the two shows. There were preliminary discussions at one point of a more significant overlap, but schedules did not work out between the two shows which are shot in Chicago (Empire) and Atlanta (Star).

Original: It's Official: Lee Daniels' 'Empire' and 'Star' Will Crossover

Ahead of Wednesday's fall finale of Empire, which will be followed by the series premiere of Star, Fox confirmed that the two series will crossover.

The network made it official by releasing a scene online from Star that will air as part of Empire's fall finale. The clip features Empire's Lucious (Terrence Howard) meeting with Star's Roland (Lenny Kravitz). In the scene, Lucious tries to convince Roland to sign his daughter, Alexandra (Ryan Destiny) and mentions that she's written him letters about the girl group she's formed in Atlanta. Star centers on a three-person girl group trying to make it big in Atlanta, one of which is Alexandra, the daughter of successful rocker desperate to move out of her father's shadow.