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Best TV Moments of 2016 - SpoilerTV Readers + POLL

The order of all these top readers' choices is alphabetical.

BATES MOTEL - "Forever" - Norma's death
Missions: This episode was majorly hyped, everyone kept telling me that it was huge. I believed them because Bates Motel never disappoints. But I could have never imagined that THIS would happen. The entire scene leading up to her death was outstanding. The music, the camera shots, the cinematography, WOW! I had no idea what the hell was happening and that's what I call art. By the time I had realized what had happened, Romero was holding Norma in his hands and was crying like he had never before. Excellent acting by the entire cast! It was the most tragic and definitely most shocking scene of the show. Seeing Norma Bates, the heart of the show, die was tough for us viewers. She will be remembered as one of the most unique characters on television that had a horrible life. RIP Norma! BTW, this once again shows that this show is criminally underrated.
Joy: Romero finds Norma's lifeless body lying on the floor besides Norman. His crying will haunt me forever. Such an underrated gem! It was such a profound loss for the show. Nothing will be the same from here on out. Game-changing moment.

CHICAGO FIRE - "One Hundred" - The Wedding
Shelley: Matt and Gabby get married, it was a long time coming. The long awaited wedding was well worth the wait and for it to be on the 100th episode made it equally special.
Joy: Casey & Gabby get married in the courthouse and all of the their firehouse members cheer them on. It was such a beautiful scene and a long time coming. It was brief yet poignant.

DAREDEVIL - "Penny and Dime" - Frank's story about his family
Paola: The Punisher tells his story to Daredevil. One batch, two batch, penny and dime...who knew that words that meant nothing to me could touch me so deeply. It's been almost a year since the episode came out and I watched it and to this day I can still remember how sad it made me and how much I cried. It was a very raw and real moment, and one could feel Frank's pain.
Plactus: Daredevil reduces the Punisher's origin story to a monologue about coming home from war. A risky move, but Jon Bernthal's performance sells how utterly tired he was, and is.

GAME OF THRONES - "The Winds of Winter" - Cersei burns the Sept of Baelor
Missions: This is probably the most masterfully executed and written scene of not only the entire year but perhaps of the show itself, which is really saying something considering this is the show that brought us the Red Wedding and the Battle of the Bastards. The music, the cinematography, the tension, the acting, the visual effects, everything was absolutely top notch! I had no idea what in the hell was happening because we first had 10 minutes of everyone getting ready for the trial, then everyone gathering, and Cersei staying behind. Magnificent scene! It's a big reason as to why "The Winds of Winter" is probably their best episode to date, at least in my opinion.
Joy: Cersei burns the entire sept with everyone in it. This was such a huge move for Cersei.. that final step she needed to take to eliminate all of her enemies in her goal to sit on that Iron Throne.

GAME OF THRONES - "The Winds of Winter" - Jon's mother is revealed
SweetyK: When we learned Lyanna Stark is Jon Snow's mother because this is the biggest mistery of the books and the show and after 20 years of speculation, it was amazing to realize that the fans were right about it.
supernana494: The L+R = J reveal! The music, the flashback, then the shift to Jon's face was perfect.

HOW TO GET AWAY WITH MURDER - "Who's Dead?" - Wes is revealed to be dead
Missions: So, this had to deliver, it HAD to. The creative team of HTGAWM had been promising us a major twist since the beginning of the season, where in a flash-forward we see Annalise screaming in front of her burning house after she saw a body under the sheet! And boy, did they deliver! In the end, we knew that it was going to be either Nate or Wes that was going to die, and I don't think many of us could have even guessed that they would be bold enough to kill off Wes. The music was excellent, making everything even more intense than it was. The structure of that entire scene was brilliant and Viola Davis' scream still haunts me until today! Kudos to everyone involved, it was the most shocking moment in a while for me and the aftermath will be very interesting as it will have an effect on everyone!
Jon: The reveal that Wes is under the sheet. Although predictable, it's a game-changing twist that will affect all the characters and propel the show in a new direction. Also, great use of music in that final scene.

LUCIFER - "Quid Pro Ho" - Chloe and Lucifer almost kiss
Avrora: Lucifer and Chloe date and almost kiss! It was awesome and beautiful, we've been waiting for this too long! And of course big reveal of the mystery of Chloe's origin.
Ash2636: Chloe and Lucifer share an emotional moment. They help each other out and have amazing chemistry.

LUCIFER - "Monster" - Lucifer shows his real face to dr. Linda
Canadagraphs: Lucifer shows the real him to Dr. Linda Martin - for so long Linda felt Lucifer was talking about his life as a metaphor, and forced him to reveal his true self, with the encouragement of Linda, and when she finally saw what he truly was, neither of them got what they expected as the reality and shock set in on Linda & the fear & worry set in on Lucifer. IMO, 1 of the best acted scenes on any show this year, and the writing on it was exceptional.
Shelley: The look of pure horror on Linda's face when he showed her his true self was simply outstanding. There are so many reasons why I like this scene but mainly it was the great acting.

MARVEL'S AGENTS OF SHIELD - "The Singularity" - Leo and Jemma "cross the event horizon"
ClearAsCountryAir: The moment when Fitz and Simmons cross the event horizon. It was an incredibly romantic moment in which two characters slept together not in a fit of passion, but because of the mutual recognition that it was time to take the next step in their relationship.
Charlotte: Fitz and Simmons 'Crossing the event horizon'. Because honestly, who HASN'T been rooting for these two since season 1?

MARVEL'S AGENTS OF SHIELD - "Parting Shot" - Spy's goodbye
Bwhit: The spy's goodbye. No words.... just everyone saying goodbye to Bobbi and Hunter the only way they could, I was in tears. So perfect.
Swanpride: Bobby and Hunter are send off the show. It was such beautifully done scene, a real tear-jerker. The music, the time they took for it, it was just perfect.

MARVEL'S AGENTS OF SHIELD - "The Ghost" - The Ghost Rider's first transformation
Caroll Gao: The first time we see Ghost Rider transform. The VFX are incredible, almost cinematic level and it marks the beginning of a brand new story line. Also a great moment because of Ghost Rider's pre existing story from the comics and movies and now we get to see it realized on the small screen.
Noor: It was an awesome moment visually and a great start for the season, but it was made much better by the worldwide reaction and seeing my favorite show get the credit it deserves for the first time.

PERSON OF INTEREST - "6,741" - "You were my safe place"
a-v: "You were my safe place." It was significant to see Shaw, who has a personality disorder that results in her feelings being muted, admit that Root is her safe place, her anchor to reality and by extension, the person keeping her sane as she is psychologically tortured by Samaritan. Shaw's unwavering devotion to Root, in combination with her personal fortitude, is the reason why Shaw never betrayed her friends despite Samaritan's 7053 attempts.
May: Shaw has an Axis II personality disorder, which means technically, she’s a sociopath, incapable of caring for others. It also means she would never say "I love you" to others. And this is what she says, the way she says I love you.

SHADOWHUNTERS - "Malec" - Alec and Magnus kiss
Angie: Malec kiss no doubt!
irem: Magnus and Alec's first kiss.

SUPERGIRL - "Medusa" - Alex and Maggie get together
jacage: Maggie opens up to Alex and kisses her. Honestly, it's such a beautiful scene. The acting is amazing and all the emotions are here. Maggie was so nervous and honest and just... So raw. It's just an amazing scene and it deserves recognition.
Nardragon: It's a touching climax to a several episode build up to Alex's and Maggie's relationship. The actresses' chemistry is through the roof and the moment marks a step towards better queer representation in TV.

SUPERGIRL - "Crossfire" - Alex comes out
Zandarl: Alex coming out, this for was the most truthful and real journey I have seen portrayed. So many young women felt the courage to express their own story after watching, by recognising their own feelings in the character's portrayal.
Marbs84: When Alex finally said out loud and accepted that she is gay. And that she is happy to finally know who she is.
ChylersVictory: Alex coming out. It really hit home with me, as a closeted lesbian and it gave me the courage to tell my little sister.

SUPERNATURAL - "Don't Call Me Shurley" - Chuck reveals himself as God
JuTereno: As a huge Supernatural fan, I’ve been waiting for too many seasons for them to confirm Chuck actually is God, and this episode was all I was expecting. The moment when he plays that song to Metatron, who is learning what’s Chuck/God’s real plan and, in parallel, Sam and Dean are seeing the amulet glowing and walk around town, seeing everyone is safe and ending up face to face with Chuck/God was really how I wanted to see. Can’t think of a better way for those characters to meet again.
Swanpride: Chuck reveals himself as God to Sam and Dean. The whole episode is a great built-up to this moment which confirmed a very old fan theory. Also, the song in the scene is perfect.
Ivan: This theory had been running around for years with millions of fans divided among it that to see it finally confirmed was incredible and it didn't come out of nowhere either.

TEEN WOLF - "Memory Lost" - "Remember I Love You"
sterolinelove: The Stiles and Lydia "Remember I love you" scene because they have been my OTP since 1x05 and they are finally becoming canon. Also, they are sooo cute.
Kaitlyn: When Stiles said he loved Lydia because we've waited 6 years for this beautiful couple to finally declare their love for each other.

THE ORIGINALS - "No More Heartbreaks" - Cami's death
Fandomking1: Cami's death. After Cami's transition into a vampire, no one thought she would die in the same season but that's exactly what happened. While not as shocking as her human death, the emotional impact this death had on the other characters more than made up for that.
sotinha: Camille's final moment with Klaus, the song and her last words.

THE VAMPIRE DIARIES - "Today Will Be Different" - The Proposal
Illamonda: Stefan and Caroline get engaged. After rooting for this couple for so long it was great to see them take this step in their relationship. Both of them have had their hearts broken before and it's nice to see them happy again and with someone they deserve. Now we are just waiting for the wedding!
sterolinelove: The Stefan and Caroline Proposal because it was so simple yet so perfect. He proposed to her in the room he was making for her kids - a huge commitment. It showed their friendship - the basis of their relationship. It showed the love and happiness in their relationship. Stefan didn't propose to anyone in 170+ years on Earth but he did to her because he loves her so much, she's his "something even better". "I want you to marry me" and "you're my family now" were such beautiful lines. It was a beautiful scene and I can't wait for them to get their June Wedding and their happy ending.

THE VAMPIRE DIARIES - "Moonlight on the Bayou" - The phone call between Caroline and Klaus
Syd: The Klaroline phone call in 7x14. It's been awhile, to say it nicely, since Klaroline fans have seen Klaus and Caroline on screen together. It was a lovely conversation that reminded us why we fell in love with this pairing in the first place and the reassurance of the love Klaus still has for Caroline in his heart and their undeniable connection. I enjoyed it very much as did many of the other fans and we just hope to see more of them before the show ends.
Logan27: Because those characters, who are on two different shows, have more chemistry and emotion together than whomever else they have ever been paired with. So few scenes together anymore but it's still amazing. Wish the showrunners would take advantage of that.

THE WALKING DEAD - "The Day Will Come When You Won't Be" - The death of Glenn and Abraham
Klaromystique: Glenn's death. When your favorite character on the show is dead, you are having the worst day of your life. Especially since he is such a strong character on the show & a caring man to his wife. He was everything nice & a great guy.
Ally: Abraham AND Glenn get killed & it was gut wrenching.

WESTWORLD - "Trompe L'Oeil" - Bernard is revealed to be a Host
Jon: Bernard is revealed to be a host, because it made us re-think everything we thought was established concerning the characters. Who else is a host? How did no one see it before? And it was just a great reveal. "They don't look like anything to me."
Robert: Bernard is revealed to be a Host. Multiple shows know about bringing twists but no one really saw coming this comment about revealing Bernard as a Host and then him being forced to kill Theresa without remorse. Truly impressive.

Honorable mentions for the following shows:
12 Monkeys, Agent Carter, American Horror Story: Roanoke, Arrow, Bates Motel, Black Mirror, Black Sails, Bones, Braindead, Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Castle, Containment, Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, Criminal Minds, Devious Maids, From Dusk Till Dawn, Galavant, Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life, Girl Meets World, Goliath, Gotham, Grey's Anatomy, Halt and Catch Fire, iZombie, Legends of Tomorrow, Limitless, Luke Cage, MacGyver, Major Crimes, Modern Family, Mr Robot, Nashville, NCIS, NCIS: Los Angeles, Notorious, Once upon a time, Orange is The New Black, Orphan Black, Outlander, Penny Dreadful, Poldark, Pretty little liars, Quantico, Saturday Night Live, Scorpion, Scream, Shameless, Sherlock, Stranger Things, Sweet/Vicious, The 100, The Americans, The Big Bang Theory, The Blacklist, The Fall, The Family, The Flash, The Good Place, The Great British Bake Off, The Librarians, The Vikings, The X Files, This Is Us, Timeless, Veep, Wynonna Earp, You're the Worst.

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