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Best TV Moments of 2016 - SpoilerTV Team

Note: The moments 3-6 had the same number of votes and their order is alphabetical. Also true for moments 7-15.

15. WESTWORLD - "The Adversary" - Maeve takes a tour of the Delos facility
Darth Locke: Maeve is led through technological departments of Delos by Felix. - Thandie Newton really had a lot of amazing moments during this wonderful first season, but this scene, a montage full of powerful score, as she walks through it all, was powerful and just stood with me.
Nirat: Maeve walks the floors of the Delos Facility watching hosts be assembled, slaughtered and raised as if walking from hell into a sort of false heaven only to have the cycle repeat for man's pleasure. Thandie Newton's performance as always was incredible, along with the score, it was a living masterpiece. To walk through the gates of Heaven and Hell unshaken, so to speak, and with an ever ready determination to be free was something so stunning. I'm so grateful to have been blessed with this show, it makes you think beyond the limitations of mind and body, HBO must be incredibly proud.

14. WESTWORLD - "The Bicameral Mind" - Dolores kills Ford
DarkUFO: The moment Ford has been building the whole season towards was to make the hosts self aware and hence lead them to Freedom. With Dolores killing Ford this is now complete. Hopkins stole every scene he was in during the season and will be sorely missed.
Milo: Dolores shooting Ford was a great end to the fantastic first season of the show as she killed him and all of the DELOS board members in a really emotional ending to the series, with all of the hosts emerging out of the woods, guns blazing. This was an effective end to the show and I especially loved the fantastic version of "Exit Music (for a Film)" used in this show that was played against Ford's speech as well. A true highlight.

13. THIS IS US - "Pilot" - The reveal at the end
Jessica: I loved the reveal at the end of the first episode. The fact that the show is in two different times is so different from anything on TV right now. At first I was worried that the show wouldn’t have the same quality after the twist was revealed, but it’s one of the best TV shows on the air!
Kristie: The shot towards the end of the Pilot when the camera pans across the twins and then rests on Randall. No words were spoken, but that scene spoke volumes. Suddenly, the questions I had throughout the episode were answered, and I also questioned how I didn't pick up on other things. That reveal set up what is the entire heart of and basis for the show.

12. SUPERNATURAL - "Alpha and Omega" - Mary's return
Justyna: It was easily one of the biggest surpises of the year for me. Mary's return was something that I was always hoping for, but never quite believed it would actually happen. For a show with so many seasons, such a game changer made quite a lasting impression on me. Thanks to this twist we got a chance to see Dean and Sam interact with their mom and there were many great family moments I've enjoyed since. This ending made Supernatural one of the shows I was waiting for the most in the fall.
Lisa: Dean finds Mary in the graveyard. Because who doesn't love the totally unexpected return of a character! I'm not saying it was a great way to end the season - the season ending really felt flat to me, but it did open up some interesting story possibilities. Also, I'd have to really tie this one with Chuck is confirmed as God...

11. SUPERGIRL - "Changing" - Alex comes out to Kara
Jamie: Alex comes out to Kara: This storyline has given us a lot of great moments. I could've chosen any one of them, but I decided on this one because, to me, it felt the most meaningful. Her relationship with her sister is the most important one on the show.
Sam: Alex tells Kara she's gay. Alex & Kara's sisterly bond is a major part of why I watch Supergirl & it was a really great, emotional & realistic moment that has touched many.

10. OUTLANDER - "Faith" - Claire loses her baby
Kristie: Caitriona Balfe deserves all the awards for her heart-wrenching performance. The scenes are haunting, specifically when Claire holds her lifeless daughter, cradling her and singing to her, unwilling to let her go. From the shock to the disbelief to the utter devastation, Balfe's performance cut straight to my heart. I'm still an emotional mess.
Nirat: Claire grapples with the loss of her child, Faith. Caitriona Balfe and her abundance of talent shone in this scene as she always does but her retelling Jamie of the moments when she grasped at the child's lifeless body was harrowing. The dialogue and the pain in her voice as she uttered the words had such weight and you could feel it so evidently. The scene where we see her singing a lullaby to the child, the way time had etched itself on her was unbearably painful to watch. I'm so proud of what Caitriona and the Outlander team were able to accomplish with that entire episode, let alone this scene.

9. ORPHAN BLACK - "From Dancing Mice to Psychopaths" - Cosima and Delphine reunite
Aimee: Cosima and Delphine finally reunite. They each thought they’d lost each other for good yet fate brought them back together and their love for one another was as strong as it was the last time they’d seen each other. This scene proved that not even near death could keep them apart. In fact, near death made their bond all that much stronger. Even while apart, Delphine continued trying to protect Cosima and her sisters while Cosima fought to discover what had happened to Delphine and bring her home. They may have been apart, but their love for one another didn’t waiver. Their reunion was beautifully executed as Cosima melted into Delphine’s embrace. Delphine fought to save Cosima and it’s evident that as long as she is alive she will never stop fighting for the woman she loves. These two are a beautiful couple who constantly face obstacles in their relationship, but always find a way to overcome them. This scene was a full season in the making and was a joyous moment for fans of this complicated couple.
Sam: Cosima & Delphine are reunited in the finale. After a year of question marks over whether Delphine was dead or alive & red herrings, Delphine was finally back. You don't watch Orphan Black & root for these two to end up together if you're not prepared to sit through a load of angst to get there, and the reunion in the finale just about made up for the really stupid decision of leaving Delphine's fate as a year long cliffhanger.

8. MARVEL'S AGENTS OF SHIELD - "Parting Shot" - The Spy's Goodbye
Justyna: Bobbi and Hunter were one of my favorite characters on the show and it hasn't been quite the same without them. In their final episode all their scenes, especially the ones during the interrogation and when they make their decision and share it with Coulson, were beautifully shot and acted by Adrianne Palicki and Nick Blood. But nothing has hit me quite as much as the final moment in the bar with the team showing up to quietly say goodbye and raise a glass for their departing friends. It was so meaningful, so heartbreaking, so wonderfully done and absolutely emotional. With breathtaking music in the background the entire moment easily became one of the most powerful and memorable in the series so far. Everyone’s reactions were brilliant and I truly loved the final shot of Bobbi and Hunter, with tears in their eyes, holding hands, trying to stay strong. I miss these two dearly and would welcome them back anytime.
Tyler: The spy's goodbye between Bobbi, Hunter and the Team at the bar. One of the most well done moments that Marvel has ever done in my opinion. The emotion was real. I had tears sitting there watching it. If only Marvel's Most Wanted got picked up because I really miss HuntingBird!

7. BATES MOTEL - "Forever" - Norma's death
Angela: Because it was beautifully, heartbreakingly handled, because I loved how the show touched on the aftermath, because I loved the way we could still sympathize with Norman even though he's the reason his mom died, and because it perfectly set us up for what to expect in season 5. Also, Norma's eyes freaked me out.
Darth Locke: Norma and Norman's murder-suicide attempt - Not only did this result in the death of the beloved character, but I chose this moment because of the way the scene itself was shot and executed as we followed vents through the house and because Alex turns up trying to save them, but failing the woman he loved.

6. iZOMBIE - "Dead Beat" - Liv tells Clive the truth
Justyna: Season two of iZombie was one of my favorite things about 2015-2016 season. There were many great moments I could mention from the show but Liv telling Clive the truth is easily the highlight as it just changes so much about the series and one of its main relationships. The entire dynamics between this crime-investigating duo will never be the same. I'm glad Clive finally knows. And more importantly that it was Liv's choice to include him in her world and not just an accidental discovery that would break their friendship without a chance to explain things. I love how unique is this show, it never works the way other shows do, always surprises the viewers and keeps things new and interesting. Things could have gone terribly wrong with these two, but Liv's choice only made her friendship with Clive stronger.
Dahne: Liv tells Clive that she is a zombie. There were a lot of moments in the last 2 episodes of iZombie that stood out, but this one had the biggest impact on the story. Finally Clive is fully in the loop and it allows him to be a huge help in fighting the zombie hordes. Still it is the acting in this scene that puts it on this list. Liv is desperate to save Major and this is the only way she can think to help him. Clive, in return, reels from the knowledge that not only do zombies exist but that he put his trust in one. It could have ruined their partnership but instead it made it stronger.
Jessica: The two hour finale of iZombie was special for so many reasons, but Liv telling Clive she’s a zombie was the best part. I had been wanting this to happen, and I’m glad the show didn’t drag the secret out.

5. GAME OF THRONES - "Battle of the Bastards" - The Battle of Winterfell
Luana: Everything that took place over the course of this magnificent season was leading up to this moment, even if we know we have some great battles ahead, this was in my opinion the best one we've seen so far. Beyond the story, and the people we want to succeed, and the wish for one of the greatest villains to die (I can never leave unmentioned the brilliant acting of Iwan Rheon as Ramsay Bolton), the thing that made this scene so special was the way I think we all felt, as we were in awe of how real what we were seeing looked, how we couldn't turn our gaze away, no matter the violence. An unforgiving start, as we saw our hero watch his little brother die, seconds away from being able to save him, a reminder of just how disgusting our villain was (and saying "was" reminds me of a beautiful feast of hungry dogs). A second moment of helplessness, as we knew Jon would not die again so soon but we couldn't help holding our hearts in our throats. How chaotic everything felt afterwards, how random the deaths, how cruel and ruthless war itself. And no matter how sure I was this moment would get a nomination without my help, nothing came to mind as quickly as this battle, when I thought of this year on TV. This is the perfect example of why this show is so huge, and why we'll remember it long after its last episode airs.
Nirat: By far the most visually tense and brilliant scene I saw this year. It was highly visceral and raw, the way the horses were running by, the claustrophobic atmosphere, the moments of hope and the moments of dread, it was marvelous. You could feel the weight of the battle through your screen, there was never a moment where you weren’t in awe of what the cast and crew were able to accomplish. Miguel Sapochnik is a true artist. The scene was a true mark of cinematic excellence.
Lisa: Almost impossible to choose just one moment from the show, but I'll choose the Battle of the Bastards because it was beautifully shot and the most epic battle sequence yet in the show and such a great payoff of so much that has come and is a real turning point.

4. GAME OF THRONES - "The Door" - Hodor's death
Justyna: In a series with so many brutal, emotional, shocking and heartbreaking deaths this might just be one of the most tragic, heroic and powerful scenes the show has ever done. I was considering choosing a different moment from Game of Thrones, as there were so many great ones this year, but this one kept coming back to me the most. It came out of nowhere and the entire reveal of what happened to young Wyllis when Bran took over Hodor's mind, was done in an exceptional way. As the words "hold the door, hold the door, hold door, Hodor" echo in the past, it's heartbreaking to see Bran's painful reaction and to witness Hodor's (and Wyllis) final moments. He held the door... The realization of the close and strong connection between past and present and how they still impact each other is powerful enough but the emotional goodbye to such a genuinely good character makes this scene especially memorable.
Darth Locke: Not only did we lose another great character, but it came in the form of a conscious time travel paradox, caused by Bran's ability, that also birthed Hodor's speech disability in the past. It was a shock, upped the mythology, and was just completely heartbreaking.
Sean: Game of Thrones is a show that tells a story on such a massive scale that it's easy to get frustrated with it. But the benefits of telling such a large story include the potential for huge payoffs, and Hodor's death was one of them. Coming from out of nowhere, the final moments of "The Door" managed to both make the world of Game of Thrones feel so much bigger than it already was, and provide a powerful send-off to a fairly minor supporting character. Just incredible TV.

3. GAME OF THRONES - "The Winds of Winter" - Cersei burns the Sept
Bradley: This was, without doubt, the single greatest sequence that Game of Thrones has done, and probably the best of the year in general. Meticulous in its build-up, the sequence was a masterclass in how to create suspense and how to be immensely satisfying. Miguel Sapochnik's direction was fantastic, slowly revealing more and more of the show's hand with each passing shot: the glimpse of green in the background just after Lancel was stabbed was excellently placed. Accompanied by some stunning music from Ramin Djawadi, Cersei's revenge was a real highlight of 2016.
Sal: The whole finale was a masterpiece, in my opinion. But if I had to pick one moment, it would be Cersei burning down the Sept of Baelor. The whole sequence of the trial, Margaery realizing something is very wrong, Lancel by the wildfire, and of course, the whole thing just blowing up. Insane! And unexpected. The finale's other stand out moments: Arya killing Walder Frey, Jon Snow's parentage revelation, "King in the North"!
Wilson: The muted scene depicted each of the characters donning their clothes for their place in the trial against Ser Loras and Cersei. From disparate character shots to the thin, string-based soundtrack, it started quietly, but ended in one of the most chilling moments I've ever seen in tv or cinema. As a viewer, I felt dread slowly take hold as the scope of what might be about to happen hit me. After the blast, I was completely shocked. After the bombast of "The Battle of the Bastards" failed to wow me, I was completely taken by surprise by this. It's my favorite scene in the entire series, and I don't know that they'll ever improve upon it.

2. HOW TO GET AWAY WITH MURDER - "Who's Dead?" - Wes is revealed to be dead
Laura: This season so far has been a mixed bag for me. It started off immensely strong but started to dwindle in quality severely for me. However, this mid-season finale attempted to bring some of that quality back, which I greatly appreciated. Although I spoiled the reveal for myself, it still didn't make it easier for me to watch. Wes is truly the heart of the show and his character connects with EVERYONE in some way. I hope the writers know what they are doing because this is a huge risk. I can't wait to see where they go from here, but I would lying if I said I wasn't nervous about it. Regardless of this, the performances all throughout the episode were magnificent, and I know this isn't the last we will be seeing Alfred Enoch.
Angela: Wes' death. Shocked the hell out of me, and broke my heart. The poor guy's been through so much, and I loved seeing him so happy with Laurel and trying to get himself together. I'm going to miss him, but I will be very interested to see how the show handles the aftermath of such a big loss.
Jessica: When the show revealed that Wes was the one who died, I was shocked. I never thought that he would be the one to die. This will completely change the show. While I’m sad that he’s dead, I give the writers credit for doing something so drastic.

1. PERSON OF INTEREST - "return 0" - Reese's sacrifice
Justyna: John Reese died as a hero, in such a true definition of the word. He gives up his life to save his best friend, the man who gave him a beautiful purpose, a chance to save lives, a few more years he never expected to have. And when the moment comes, he's ready to go. The goodbye is such a powerful scene, beautifully acted by both Michael Emerson and Jim Caviezel. Both men trying to save each other, with one finally accepting the other's sacrifice. The music and the acting alone would be enough to make this moment special but the Machine's words, the story about how she finally understood why people die thanks to the beautiful speech of one policeman years ago, hit me the most. "Everyone dies alone. But if you mean something to someone, if you help someone, or love someone. If even a single person remembers you. Then maybe, you never really die at all.” Echoing the Machine saying that "the moment that often mattered the most, the moment when you truly found out who they were, was often their last one”, this incredible sacrifice, the ultimate proof of true friendship tells us everything we need to know about the amazing character of John Reese. His relationship with Harold is what started the show and made it great in the first place, so it felt absolutely fitting for the series to end there as well.
Bradley: Reese's death was an inevitable thing, but the way that the Person of Interest series finale handled it was wonderful. Having Reese sacrifice himself to save Finch was perfect for his character, and the scene itself made for a highly emotional goodbye. Jim Caviezel was given a great platform to make his final moments both inspiring and heartbreaking, and he did just that; the smile he gave as he saw Finch leaving the rooftop was a real tear-jerker. And let's not forget the accompaniment of Philip Glass' "Metamorphosis One", the sombre tone of which only further elevated Reese's final bow.
Jessica: It was absolutely heartbreaking, but Reese died a hero. He sacrificed himself so that Finch and the rest of the team could live and have a normal life. It was a fitting end for our beloved Reese.
Milo: Reese's death at the end of the series with him making a deal with the Machine to save Finch was an excellent sendoff to his character. The music made the scene all the more emotional with an excellent final stand that really worked, especially with the montage that followed.
Sean: John Reese's death, from the series finale "return 0". Person of Interest was a very thought-provoking, high-concept show, and so it was a little surprising that it ended with such a quiet and emotional finale. And by far the most powerful moment from that episode was Reese's sacrifice. A beautifully shot and acted conclusion to a character arc, and a wonderful summation of the show's themes.

Honorable mentions for the following shows:
12 Monkeys, American Crime, Atlanta, Baby Daddy, Banshee, Better Call Saul, Black Mirror, Black Sails, Braindead, Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Chicago Fire, Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, Criminal Minds, Daredevil, Frequency, Gilmore Girls: A Year In The Life, Grey's Anatomy, Halt and Catch Fire, House of Cards, Jane the Virgin, Limitless, Lucifer, Man in the High Castle, Mr Robot, NCIS, NCIS: Los Angeles, Once Upon a Time, Quarry, Rectify, Sleepy Hollow, Speechless, Stranger Things, Sweet/Vicious, The 100, The Americans, The Blacklist, The Flash, The Good Wife, The Vampire Diaries, The Walking Dead, The X-Files, UnREAL, Veep, Wynonna Earp, You're The Worst

These are our picks. Come back tomorrow to read SpoilerTV Readers' choices for Best TV Moments of 2016! And share your thoughts in the comments below.

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