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2 Broke Girls - And the Planes, Fingers, and Automobiles - Review - "Biggest Boobus!"

Hey Everyone! I apologize for how late this review is coming to you all - the holidays were crazy busy this year. Let’s not waste any more time and jump right in! “And the Planes, Fingers, and Automobiles“ takes the girls on the road as Max decides that while the bar is being fixed, she is going to go to LA to win back Randy but because there are no flights or rental cars available, she decides to drive. Caroline jumps at the chance to join her, but because neither Caroline nor Max have a car, Han ends up driving them, leaving Oleg and Earl to run the diner and Sophie to wait tables. The car then breaks down right as Max discovers a woman’s hand in Randy’s snapchat story and obsesses over finding out who she is. The girls then jump from car to truck to plane to make progress on their trip and Max discovers in the end that the woman’s hand is Randy’s mom and Randy is on location for a movie so the girls have a new destination: Texas.

Following in the footsteps of the previous seasons that tackled the girls going to LA or going to Pastry School, 2 Broke Girls began it’s “middle of the season, multi-episode” arc in the form of a road trip and I absolutely loved every second of it. Unlike the previous seasons, however, this big adventure has nothing to do with their business but rather in the name of love. If you’ve read my reviews, you know how much I love when 2 Broke Girls focuses on the business, but the Max and Randy saga needs an epic conclusion (whether they end up together or not) and this road trip is the perfect way to get there. Not only that, but I feel like I have never seen a sitcom do a multi-episode road trip like this so this whole endeavor feels fresh and exciting. I will say that all the different forms of travel the girls took were a tad bit unrealistic, but i didn’t even care because of how much I was enjoying the episode as a whole. The one thing I am still undecided on is if I want Max and Randy to actually end up together. Hopefully I get more clarity on that as the episodes go on. How about you all? Do you want to see them end up together - let me know in the comments!

Now let’s move on to the section of the review I like to call, “Meanwhile, back at the diner!” Even though this Sophie and Oleg storyline had nothing to do with Barbara as I have been praying for, Sophie as a waitress was so priceless it was worth it. The second she walked out in the uniform I just about lost it. Obviously not every episode can be about parenting and the writers definitely used their non-Barbara episode perfectly. Earl and Oleg also had a fair amount of funny moments giving this episode a very solid B-story

Sophie’s brief stint as a waitress was one of the many awesome bits throughout the episode. Another favorite of mine was Caroline taking control of each form of transportation and loving it. She’s such a delightfully neurotic character and it was hilarious to see her go from freaking out about potentially dying to getting super into taking the wheel. Also Becky! I know I don’t usually focus on the guest stars but Becky was absolutely hilarious in this episode. I love how a hook up was teased between Han and Becky and I for one would be down to see her in a recurring status as she and Han attempt a relationship. Han hasn’t had a single long term girlfriend on the show and I think Becky’s larger than life personality would be a funny foil to Han’s sometimes uptight nature.

Overall Grade:
A. My favorite episode of the season! Great blend of comedy, storyline, and use of all the regular characters.

Favorite Quotes:
Max: All of the airports are more shut down then I am emotionally.

Caroline: Oh, c’mon Max, loosen up! What’s a road trip without a sing-along?
Max: I don’t know, tolerable?

Customer: They’re not gonna have sex in a restaurant, are they?
Earl: Well it wouldn’t be the first time. (Taking out his phone to record) Hell, it wouldn’t be the 8th time.

Did you love this episode as much as I did? Let me know in the comments!