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2 Broke Girls - And the Himmicane - Review: "Break Ups (And Rain) Are In The Air"

When Max and Caroline get paid to host a divorce party for a socialite couple, a hurricane hits New York and the girls, the couple, Han, Oleg, and Earl all get stuck in the diner/bar’s pantry. This is especially difficult for Max because she doesn’t believe her break up with Randy has actually stuck. It isn't until she finds out that Randy has blocked her number does she realize that their break up is real. Being stuck is especially difficult for Oleg as well because Sophie is back at their apartment with the manny they just hired and he is paranoid thinking that Sophie is going to cheat on him. In the end, Sophie calms Oleg’s fears, the socialite couple gets back together so the party is off, and worst of all: the dessert bar has been destroyed by the hurricane.

It’s definitely no secret that I’m a huge fan of how the writers have handled the Max and Randy relationship and this installment of the saga was no exception. Much like how their relationship started, their break up was extremely unclear, which is totally in line with Max’s character. She tends to not like to engage with real emotion too often and uses humor as a defense mechanism sometimes, so it made total sense that she would be in denial about the fact that she and Randy actually broke up. Seeing her actually realize that they had broken up after spending the whole episode delusional about it was pretty heartbreaking and added even more depth to Max’s character as well. I don’t know how much longer I think the Max and Randy saga should go on for, but I really appreciate the character development that has come out of it for Max.

Now let’s move on to Sophie and Oleg. Similarly to the previous episode, this episode wasn’t directly about Barbara, but was still a step in the right direction. Much like with buying the car, the decision to hire a manny shows how Sophie and Oleg are trying to make adult decisions that will benefit Barbara. Because Sophie and Oleg are kind of children themselves, I do enjoy seeing them navigate through something as adult as beings parents and the manny was a perfect storyline to showcase that. I especially liked the manny storyline because it tested their relationship, but ultimately made them stronger. I hope their next parenting test comes in the form of something that Barbara is doing, like non stop crying. So far, Barbara has been a pretty well behaved baby so we haven’t seen Sophie and Oleg freak out too much yet, but I feel like it would be hilarious to see Sophie and Barbara in a crying match.

Above all, the main reason I liked this episode so much was because it spent so much time setting the stage for the second half of the season. Back when I read that [SPOILER ALERT] Max and Caroline would be going on a road trip to win back Randy, my first thought was "they're just going to leave the dessert bar?" I was pretty frustrated at the thought that they would just up and leave right when they were trying to get their business off the ground. It just felt so immature. This episode was awesome though because it continued the well written Max and Randy relationship saga and gave us a really good reason for why the girls wouldn't be in the dessert bar: it's being fixed. Two birds, one stone. Not only that, but this is just another hiccup in their professional journey that will make their eventual success even sweeter. Three birds, one stone. Additionally, there were at least 3 or 4 jokes about how long it's been since Caroline has been in a relationship, setting up for the audience that it's something that she's looking for. So strike all that. Four birds. One. Freakin'. Stone. I'm so glad the writers took the time to set up the second half of the season. This season has been not only funny, but so well written in terms of pacing and storylines.

Overall Grade:
A-. A strong episode that set the stage for the second half of the season!

Favorite Quotes:
Oleg: He’s not good looking. His eyebrows don’t even meet in the middle!

Winona: This place is so cute. Almost as cute as the mud hut in Bornia where I realized I didn’t love you.
Jason: That was 5 years ago.

The whole break up speech Han gave Caroline - absolutely hilarious!

What were your thoughts on this episode of 2 Broke Girls? Let me know in the comments!

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