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Younger - What's Up, Dock? - Review

How is it possible that Younger keeps getting better and better? With each passing episode I find myself laughing and thinking there’s no way the next episode will top this week's. Well, I’m consistently wrong on that front. ‘What’s Up, Dock?’ the most recent episode of Younger was the best one yet! An accident causes the almost collision of Liza’s two worlds.

This show usually has me laughing out loud but this episode had me in stitches. I can’t get enough of Diana! Her attempt to impress a man by riding the bike and her gabbing about her possible date with Liza was beyond amusing. No matter what scene Diana is in I find she steals the attention with her outrageous comments. Most of the time it’s the subtle things that she does that are the most hilarious. For example: when she’s received the text about the bike being in an accident. Before she leaves she just has to take another sip of her wine, or when she dumps the bike once learning the man was married. She’s always entertaining but in this episode she was in a league of her own.

The best part of the episode was the whole hospital scene. I have to say Josh was amazing with Liza and he really won me over, especially when you compare him to David. Can’t say I can understand how Liza ended up with David in the first place but it’s easy to see that he’s not even a contender anymore, even though he’s not aware of it. I wonder if he’s going to cause any problems for Liza now that he’s ripped up the divorce papers. I could picture him being someone vindictive enough to out Liza if and when he finds out her secret.

Charles visiting Liza in the hospital while she's not really coherent as she was on pain meds was the funniest thing ever. Her “My piggys are out” while wiggling her toes was beyond super cute. I do have to wonder if Charles realized that she was high from the pain meds. When he approached her in the office he seemed slightly disappointed that she didn’t remember the piggys thing. Liza came really close to confiding to Charles that their kiss did mean something, it’s just unfortunate that it was David that she spoke those words to. The closer we are getting the to season finale the more intense Liza’s and Charles interactions are, and I’m excited to see what happens. I’m also beyond elated that Charles ended things with Radha. I know many people who were just as happy as I was, including Diana. Lets just hope she doesn’t come back.

Kelsey and Colin was a cute story. After all the ups and downs she's been going through trying to move on it’s nice to see her with someone that has potential. Though it was worrisome when he asked her to read his book. I definitely thought that was a horrible thing to do, making us wonder what his true motivation for dating her was.

Favourite Scenes:
Liza and Charles in the hospital
Diana riding the bike
Diana’s apology to Liza

Favourite lines:
Liza: “My piggys are out.”
Charles: “Those piggys get some good rest?”
Diana: “Is it her head? Does she recognize me?”
Liza: “Whatever they gave me is wearing off. I don't think they accounted for my height.”

What did you think about this episode? Anyone have any predictions about how this season will end?
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