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Younger - P Is for Pancake - Review

If you by chance read my Younger review from last week you know that I wasn’t overly impressed by that episode. It was the first time in this show’s history that I didn’t thoroughly enjoy Younger but this week, the writers absolutely redeemed themselves. "P is for Pancake" was beautifully written and executed brilliantly! Five episodes into the third season and I’m already sad that we're almost halfway done this season. When amazing shows like Younger come along you can’t help but wish there was more to come.

I’ve never heard of this "Bad Pancake" theory before but I loved it! For those of you who either don’t know the theory or don’t remember it, the “Bad Pancake" theory is that you always burn the first pancake in the batch so therefore it's no good. When you apply that to relationships, the first one you have after a major breakup is in theory a bad relationship. In Kelsey’s quest to move on she starts dating a guy that she meets on HandleBar. Once she tells Lauren about the guy she's adamant that Kelsey can’t handle that relationship right now because he wouldn’t be the bad pancake. The whole storyline with the "Bad Pancake" was great! Very entertaining and just when you start to believe things are looking up for Kelsey, she learns that her dream guy isn’t actually, simply because of where he lives. It’s a shame for Kelsey that it didn’t work out but on the other hand it was much more amusing to watch! I hope Lauren has more dating theories for Kelsey in the future.

Miriam Shor aka Diana is killing it this season. In the past I always viewed her as a great character but this season she’s really adding something special to an already amazing show. I loved the scenes of Diana and Liza discussing trends in order for Diana to be relaxed and hip. Even funnier was the scenes of Diana and Bryce having it out. I don’t know how many times she's had to say "P is for Pigeon" but it just became even more hilarious as the episode went on.

Ever since Bryce was introduced in the show I’ve been waiting for Charles to put his foot down and stick up for the company. How many ridiculous ideas was he going to entertain from him? Like I mentioned last review the whole "Stoopid Girls" was pushing my buttons. So I was extremely relieved when at the end of this episode Charles stood his ground and basically told Bryce to get lost. Of course he did it in a much more sophisticated way but it was incredible! If you're a team Charles fan then you must have loved that ending. Liza showing her support for his brave stance on what's right for Empirical, and if you read between the lines, it was a very sweet moment between those two.

Things between Josh and Liza on the outside seem to be going great but then you have Josh heavily involved in a discussion about whether women in their forties can get pregnant. That leaves Liza and the viewers wondering what prompted that? Is Josh hoping to have a family with Liza? When she questioned Josh about it she seemed adamant that she didn’t want any more kids. So where does this leave them? Is this going to be a problem for Josh and Liza? Similar to some moments in last week's episode, theres some signs in their relationship that shows those two are very different from each other. Whether they love each other or not, sometimes love isn’t always enough. What do you think? Is the kids thing going to create another crack in there already fractured relationship? Or maybe Josh is the "Bad Pancake"?

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