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Younger - Ladies Who Lust - Review

This week's episode of Younger yet again showcased how original and comical it is. It’s the most entertaining 30 minutes on TV. If you haven’t been watching Younger, you have been seriously missing out. In the most recent episode, entitled ‘Ladies Who Lust’ the show dived deeper in how hard it is to keep secrets, a fear of regrets, and a new world of possibilities.

What I absolutely loved about this episode was the constant struggle Kelsey, Charles and Liza were facing in order to keep the book’s ‘Me, Myself, and O’ author a secret. Could you imagine if the real world's author of such a book was someone of George R. R. Martins caliber? Who knows, maybe this is closer to reality then I realize but watching that story unfold is beyond amusing. It’s great to see the parallels of Liza’s secrets compared to the ones she’s trying to help keep hidden for Empirical. It makes me wonder if Kelsey and Charles can see the value in hiding Aubrey Alexis identity maybe when it comes to Liza’s reveal it wouldn’t be so devastating, maybe even forgivable. Though I question whether or not anyone new will discover her secret this year, it certainly seems with each passing episode Liza is going deeper into the deception.

Who’s a fan of Charles’ new girlfriend, Radha? I can’t say I am. Her personality seems very fake. I know she’s supposed to appear to be someone who is viewed as sophisticated, worldly, and perfect but the way she’s jealous of Liza is beyond childish and annoying. Speaking as a ‘Team Charles’ fan the only good aspect of having Radha around in my opinion is for Liza to realize that she has feelings for Charles. The topic of who Liza belongs with is always an interesting one. In this recent episode Josh may have sealed his relationship fate. That gift! Oh my, I can’t believe he did that! I must ask what’s your view on ‘the gift’? Personally, I think Josh may have just given Liza the chance to see what it’s like to be with Charles and that could potentially be the end of things between himself and Liza. I know his heart was in the right place but to me if you love someone you don’t give them the chance to be with someone else. If Josh knew there was something between Liza and Charles, he might not have gifted ‘the gift’. He might end up being the one with regrets!

It should come to no surprise that everything about Kelsey’s storyline reminds me of an episode of ‘Sex in the City’. If you’re a fan such as myself then you love that aspect of the show. In comparison to Carrie, Kelsey’s love life is all over the place, although it's possible her love life could be looking up. This mystery writer might be just what she was looking for, or he could also be a dud. No matter what happens there I’m sure it will be very amusing and beyond fascinating.

Each episode keeps getting stronger and more in depth. We witness the tension building between Charles and Liza, the complications of Josh and Liza’s relationship, Liza’s struggle to keep her secrets and Kelsey’s strive to move on from Thad. I’m excited to see what happens next. Is Josh’s 'gift’ a good or bad idea? Do you think Liza will use it and if so who do you think she will cash it in for? And has Kelsey found her man?

Favourite moments:

Liza’s plea to Edward, in front of Kelsey and Charles about not outing himself.

Liza doing the reading of ‘Me, Myself, and O’ and Charles’ discomfort.

Josh and the gift.

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